Poor Pitching Invites Losing Streaks

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You can be sure the Milwaukee Brewers are glad their home series with the San Francisco Giants is over. They were consistently embarrassed in the four-game set, getting spanked like a drum every time out (including a 9-3 rout Thursday afternoon)...even though the games were at home!

Streak theory is one of the hallmarks of my handicapping approach. I've put a lot of thought and research over the years into determining what the key elements are that help teams get hot, or cause teams to go ice cold. Now, I'm going to play any streak of three or more until it finishes even without any high-tech theory getting in the way. History has shown you'll GET THE BEST OF IT with this approach. But, I will adjust the size of my bets if I believe certain key elements are in play that make a given situation even stronger.

Perhaps the most important of these for LOSING streaks is the quality of the starting rotation. Most teams have somebody they consider a "stopper"in terms of losing streaks. Houston may be bad...but Roy Oswalt gives them a chance to avoid very long losing streaks when he's healthy. Maybe I bet a little less against the Astros in a streak if Oswalt is pitching, a little more with somebody else on the mound.

The Milwaukee Brewers have that kind of staff, where Yovani Gallardo is the ace of the staff, and nobody else is any good:

Gallardo 2.58
Bush 4.23
Parra 4.45
Wolf 4.49
Narveson 6.02
Davis 7.56
Suppan 7.84

The Brewers can't find anyone they can trust outside of Gallardo, so some of those ERA's are based on a combination of starts and relief appearances. An ERA over 4.00 is pretty shaky in the National League, where there isn't a Designated Hitter, and where there are some bad offenses. Milwaukee actually has a very good offense. Imagine how bad these ERA's would be if the Brewers' pitchers had to face the Brewer's batters!

You can see why Milwaukee is having a bad season. But, you can see why Gallardo may be able to step in the way of any long losing streaks. He's terrific. Unfortunately for the Brewers, he just got hurt!

Gallardo just went on the 15-day Disabled List with a muscle strain. The Brewers are in the midst of a losing streak. Not a coincidence. They may be in real trouble until Gallardo gets healthy, unless the offense is able to have an explosion or two that gets them to the winner's circle.

Note that:

  • The Brewers can't be playing with much confidence given how bad their pitching is. Hitting often collapses when a team gives up hope.
  • The Brewers had a decent run there for awhile, moving back towards respectability. This recent slump now guarantees the team won't be in the playoff picture. That should kill their spirit for the next few months.
  • A few of the best Brewers players may become the target of trade rumors. Contending teams are always looking to vulture talent for the stretch run from non-contenders. This can be very divisive in the clubhouse of the non-contenders.

Things could get ugly quickly for Milwaukee. I'll obviously be betting against them when they're in the midst of a losing streak. I may go against them right after they win a game too just because the pitchers are so bad and the atmosphere is potentially poisoned.

We've seen a few teams struggle lately because of injuries. Philadelphia just dropped a couple of games to Atlanta they couldn't afford to lose because they were shorthanded. Boston's been RAVAGED by injuries, and just got swept at Tampa Bay. Smart bettors are always paying attention to the injury wires. And, they're always looking for the short term ramifications of injuries as well. You can string together several big bet victories in a row if you have a sharp eye. And, that's the very heart of GETTING THE BEST OF IT!

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