Overrated College Football Teams

Handicapping Tips From Legendary High Roller TONY SALINAS!


Which college football teams are going to be the most overrated in the 2010 season? I can tell you that right now. Just walk by your local newsstand, or the magazine section in your favorite bookstore. Whoever you see a bunch of pictures of...THAT'S WHO'S GOING TO BE OVERRATED!

It happens every year. The cover boys get so much hype that it drives their Vegas lines way too high. The public loves betting on big name teams and big name players. They loved betting on Tim Tebow last season, and were lucky to go 6-6 ATS in the regular season with a couple of half-point covers.

Now, I'm not saying that every single hyped team is going to struggle against the spread this year. But, you'll be GETTING THE BEST OF IT by fading them rather than backing them. History has made that very clear.

  • Alabama is a consensus #1 because they return some talent from last year's champion. They'll be laying higher spreads this year though, and every single opponent will be gunning for them. They also have a brutal schedule that features Penn State in September, before their tough SEC slate even gets started. It will be tough for the Tide to live up to heightened expectations.
  • Ohio State is a popular choice to make a run at the title because they looked so good in the Rose Bowl last New Year's...and because their young quarterback is finally maturing. Isn't that the guy who lost to overrated USC and mediocre Purdue last year? The guy who barely beat Iowa...and barely beat Navy? Suddenly Ohio State is unbeatable?
  • Oklahoma is supposed to return to the spotlight since their quarterback got a head start on his planned career. Sure, the Sooners will probably run up the score again on a few patsies. Do you trust Bob Stoops in big games that matter?
  • Boise State? Virginia Tech will be gunning for them in their season opener. And, a soft schedule of WAC weaklings will all get sky high for their shot at the Broncos before they move to the Mountain West. Boise may have to win every game by 40 to cover their high spreads.

I could go on...but the point is the same with all the teams getting early season recognition. A few will play great, but most will be overhyped. One will go the distance and win a big trophy in January. Most contenders will disappoint. Some will fall off the map the way USC did last year.

Your "value" teams will come from those outside of the top ten...good enough to get ranked, but not good enough to get on magazine covers. Think about how made THOSE GUYS ARE about seeing the same few guys all over the newsstands. Give me the team with a chip on its shoulder...not the team that's been posing for pictures.

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