Baseball Still On Fire

Handicapping Tips From Legendary High Roller TONY SALINAS!


A few weeks ago I told you about the big profit we've been earning this year in Major League baseball. Things just keep betting better and better!

This past Tuesday Night I scored a 3-0 board sweep that took me to 19-10 over the last 29 plays...and that's ON TOP of what I was already doing before then. I don't want to suggest that winning is something new to TONY SALINAS. But, we are on a record pace right now and have been for quite some time. When you've been handicapping for as long as I have, it's always hard to top your "best season ever" from a long career. Right now, 2010 is making a very strong case!

What's going so well? Frankly, I think a lot of my success this year is a result of a very bad job by the oddsmakers. I'm using time honored strategies that have proven the test of time. They're not making adjustments the way they should. Thanks guys! We love marching to the pay window every day!

The keys:

  • Oddsmakers are still trying to figure out how the lack of steroids in the game is impacting everything. They were caught by surprise at how dramatic the change has been.
  • The lack of steroids has brought the importance of my key fundamentals back into larger prominence. During the steroid era, players could still hit home runs if the wind was blowing in...or if they caught a good pitch the umpire couldn't call a strike. Now, the factors I pay the most attention to are once again having a huge impact on every game.
  • There's a growing difference between have's and have not's in recent years, which is right in the wheelhouse of my "streak" method. There are more winning streaks from good teams, and more losing streaks from bad teams because parity is dying. Back when teams were relatively even, my streak system still worked because emotions and intensity would ebb and flow. Now, that's happening in an era of sharp extremes, which is creating more and longer streaks in both directions.
  • Monitoring game day temperatures has proven extremely lucrative. Oddsmakers have gotten so lazy that they just put up a number without thinking everything through. Maybe they figure baseball isn't worth their time, and they want to get ready for baseball. Maybe they want bettors to WIN a little bit in the summer so they'll come back in the Fall for football and lose more. I don't know the reasons. I'm winning A LOT because I'm looking at all the influences that determine what's going to happen on the field. You know, it's just not that hard to check the Weather Channel!
  • I don't talk about this as much. But I'm also having success once again looking at pitcher's histories vs. each opponent. This is vital during a time of unbalanced divisional schedules. And, looking at Interleague histories also works great during June when the leagues are playing each other. I prefer NOT to discuss my edges here often because I want to protect them. The keys are harder to find (you can't turn on a Pitcher's Histories Network on cable). I'm not going to make them any easier. I will tell you that YOU should start digging through this data!

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Stop finding out about board sweeps after they happen. Start getting the plays before the games start! It's time for you to start GETTING THE BEST OF IT!


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