I Told You to Watch the NL

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If you tell a bunch of guys they have NO CHANCE, they'll do whatever it takes to prove you wrong.

Unless they're the Pittsburgh Pirates and Houston Astros apparently. Those two National League teams were horrible against the American League. But, the Senior Circuit as a whole had several teams post quality records this year. They were tired of hearing they were in the weaker league. They were tired of hearing they had NO CHANCE to succeed against the "superior" American League. They came out with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove.

Look at all the NL teams who cracked he 60% barrier in IL games:

NY Mets 13-5
Atlanta 9-6
St. Louis 9-6
Milwaukee 9-6
San Diego 9-6
Colorado 9-6

That's six different teams all reaching the 60% barrier. And, many of them were cheap favorites and underdogs most of the time. St. Louis can get pricey at home, as can Colorado. Many of those teams are never pricey because they're not getting respect from oddsmakers or bettors.


  • The Mets were just dominant in IL play, trailing only the White Sox from the AL at 15-3 for the best IL record. You know how great Boston's been of late. They were 13-5 along with the Mets. When was the last time the Mets were priced like they were the Red Sox?
  • Atlanta, St. Louis, and San Diego are all either division leaders, or teams within a half game of the division through Sunday's action. In past years, the best NL teams were outclassed by the AL. They were arrogant. They were caught flat-footed. They got sick and tired of hearing about how inferior they were, and they really rose to the occasion in 2010.
  • Colorado seemingly always wins in IL play! They have a great home record because American League teams don't have any experience at altitude.
  • Milwaukee? Where did they come from? Give the Brewers credit. They had some games with the Twins and the Angels and more than held their own.

That's not one or two teams who happened to get hot, and you had no idea ahead of time that they would. That's mostly a list of contenders. The Mets and Braves have winning records within their own league, as do St. Louis and San Diego. Smart bettors found GOOD teams with a chip on their shoulder at value prices. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Interleague play may be over. But, the edge you get betting teams who hear they supposedly have "no chance" will always live on. Look for that when you study the pennant races in the second half of the season. Look for that in September when college football starts. There are a lot of big name programs who are rebuilding on one side of the ball or the other. "No chance" opponents will be ready to score upsets. You should ALWAYS be looking for ways to take advantage of this potent emotional edge.

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