Look for Dogs in Rivalry Games

Handicapping Tips From Legendary High Roller TONY SALINAS!


I hope you took my advice earlier this week and looked at quality NL home teams against high profile AL opponents. Colorado won its series with Boston. The NY Mets won their series with Detroit. The proven strategies work!

Another proven strategy that's worked over the years is focusing on underdogs in 'rivalry' games matching teams from the same area. Now, I'm not saying underdogs will win every game. And, a team on a losing streak is somebody you should go against until they win, regardless of what other factors are in play. That being said, I expect to be shading my action toward underdogs in the following matchups this weekend:

This is always an intense series where the crowd is more like a football crowd than a baseball crowd. Nobody wants to be embarrassed with a bad weekend. That's especially true in a city with a huge local media like Chicago. You play bad in this series, and you hear about it all year!

You don't hear much about this nationally, but it's a big deal in Missouri. Kansas City can make up for a disappointing start to the 2010 season with a series win over the Cardinals. St. Louis has to avoid the tendency to let down after playing so well in recent days. I'm guessing the Royals will be more motivated for this series than the Cards will. We'll see.

The Astros looked awful last weekend at home against the Rangers. But, things picked up when they played San Francisco the past few days. You know Houston wants revenge. Texas may get complacent after scoring the sweep last time around. I might take a flyer on a big dog price deep in the heart of Texas.

Yeah, it's an ugly series. Both teams are playing very poorly. I believe one team will have a motivational edge here that will allow them to win the series at very cheap prices. I'm not going to say any more than that right now. Sometimes the best plays on the board are in games nobody's paying attention to.

Cleveland at Cincinnati is another rivalry series. Normally I'd be looking at the dog. But, I mentioned the other day that I'm focusing on quality National League teams this week in series that they care about. Cincinnati got back on the winning track in Oakland. I'll have to think seriously about whether or not I want to buck them with the slumping Indians.

Another factor I want to mention here involves totals. I've found in the rivalry games that a team's 'strength' often triggers its total results. That makes sense because they're emphasizing these games with a high priority.

*Teams that rely on their pitchers will play Unders in their IL rivalry games.

*Teams that rely on their hitters will play Overs in their IL rivalry games.

I'll be looking for situations where the weather and the umpires will line up with those tendencies. I could well have a few of my strongest totals releases all season this coming weekend because of all the factors in play.

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