Don't Tell Players They Don't Matter!

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I've always told everyone, don't tell a bunch of players they have NO CHANCE, because they'll do whatever they can to prove you wrong.

You've seen this time and time again in all sports going back as long as I can remember (which is a long way!). You're even seeing this in the World Cup. New Zealand had no chance to hang with Italy. Algeria had no chance against England. The Boston Celtics heard for months they were too old to win an NBA championship, and came within one win of doing that against the Lakers last week.

You get peak motivation from teams who are being told they have no chance.

On the other end of the spectrum, you get NO motivation from players who are told they don't matter. If a baseball team is having a fire sale to prepare for the future, the players could care less. They won't play hard. If a coach starts taking all the credit in either football or basketball for recent success, the players will start to tune him out because he's been telling the media they don't matter.

Or, when a 'savior'player comes to a team…the players he's 'saving'aren't all that enthused. The new star means everything. They don't mean anything.

That's why I'm not surprised at the recent troubles of the Washington Nationals. Yes, Steven Strasburg looks like he's the real deal. The rest of the team has been playing like real duds.

Let's take a look at how it all played out:

*On a West Coast swing in late May, after it became clear that Strasburg would be joining the team in early June, the Nationals lost two out of three at San Diego, two out of three at San Francisco, and two out of three at horrible Houston. That's a 3-6 road trip.

*In the series before the big debut, Washington dropped two out of three at home to Cincinnati.

*Strasburg looked great against Pittsburgh, and Washington would go on to sweep the worst team in the league. Lucky break. The Nationals ran into the only team playing worse than they were!

*Right after the sweep of Pittsburgh, Washington lost the first two games of the Cleveland series until Strasburg came on to get another win.

*The Nationals were then swept by Detroit.

*This past weekend the Nationals were swept at home by the Chicago White Sox.

So, that's:
3-6 on the road trip
1-2 vs. Cincinnati
3-0 vs. Pittsburgh
1-8 vs. Cleveland, Detroit, and the Chicago White Sox

Add it up, and it's 8-16 in the games surrounding the arrival of the 'savior.'The record falls to 6-15 if you don't count the games where the young phenom pitched. If you throw out the Pittsburgh series, and Strasburg's games, Washington is 4-15 when playing real teams with guys NOT named 'Strasburg'on the mound for them.

And, that my friends, is the performance of a bunch of players who have been told they don't matter. Strasburg matters. He's the future of the franchise (until they trade him to the Yankees). Everybody else is just filling out a uniform so ticket buyers can see a full team take the field.

Pittsburgh was slumping so badly during their 12-game losing streak that they couldn't beat a team who was barely trying!

I'll definitely be following this story very closely. Sometimes a young phenom gets a city so excited that the rest of the team gets caught up in the hoopla. Right now, the Nationals aren't playing that way at all. It's as if the veterans resent the 'unproven'hotshot. And, we should remember that this is historically a pretty bad team anyway. It's not like they were a real contender for anything before Strasburg came up from the minors.

If you want to GET THE BEST OF IT in Las Vegas, you want to find betting strategies that will string together victories for you. That's the basis of my streak theory. That's the basis of my umpire strategy with totals (the wins just come four days apart for each guy!). That's why I look for motivated teams who are going to maintain a high level of play for awhile, or demoralized teams who are likely to have a prolonged slump.

Washington catches a break this week in that they'll be facing American League losers Kansas City and Baltimore. It gets tougher after that with Atlanta, the NY Mets, and San Diego starting off the return to play within the National League.

Getting a good read on the Nationals mindset during 'The Strasburg Experience'could yield a few dozen profitable bets between now and the end of the season.

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Even if Strasburg is destined to have a great career, his first year team may be taking the worst of it against Vegas expectations in the coming weeks. Whatever happens, I can assure you that TONY SALINAS WILL BE GETTING THE BEST OF IT!

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