The Shiny, Bald Head of Joey Crawford

Handicapping Tips From Legendary High Roller TONY SALINAS!


Not too long ago, I was complaining about how referees and umpires were ruining sports. THEN, all of this happened:

  • An oversensitive home plate umpire threw Roy Oswalt out of a game for the Houston Astros because Oswalt wasn't subtle enough in his frustrations about bad calls on pitches.
  • A seemingly BLIND first base umpire ruined a perfect game for a young pitcher having the performance of a lifetime.
  • I tune into Game One of the NBA Championships only to see Joey Crawford's shiny bald head on the big screen TV's at my favorite Vegas sportsbook. Nobody loves the limelight like Joey Crawford. You knew there would be a lot of fouls called. There were. Crawford called a double technical in the opening minutes of the game!

Think I'm exaggerating? Boston and the Lakers shot 67 free throws.

  • Game One of the Conference Finals saw only 52 (Boston/Orlando) and 54 (Lakers/Phoenix) free throw attempts.
  • The last four games played in the prior round had 57 (Lakers/Phoenix), 54 (Orlando/Boston), 52 (Lakers/Phoenix), and 65 (Orlando/Boston)
  • That 65 I just mentioned is pretty high. Guess who was a referee in THAT game matching Orlando and Boston. Yup, JOEY CRAWFORD!

They should give the guy his own reality show and keep him off the court. That way he gets all the camera time he wants, but we get to watch REAL basketball! With stars like Ray Allen playing more than 28 minutes, and Lamar Odom playing more than 22 minutes.

I can't believe I was complaining about hard-headed officials...and THEN THINGS GOT WORSE!

You may not think it matters all that much. But, the way a basketball referee calls a game can very easily favor one style of play over another, one team over another if one has depth and the other doesn't, and certainly totals bets because defense can get soft when everyone's afraid of hearing a whistle. Amazingly, Game One of Lakers/Celtics stayed Under most totals even with all the free throws.

A baseball umpire has a HUGE impact on how a game will play itself out. Either the pitchers will be in control, or the hitter's will be in control. A inch, even a half-inch can make all the difference in the world in terms of a certain pitching style finding success that day...or your Over/Under bets paying off.

In the baskets, I'm quite confident that we'll see a different style game Sunday Night than we just saw on Thursday Night. That's affected my thinking on both the side and the total. I think we're likely to see very easy covers on both. Just be careful assuming you know which way I'm going to go. Oddsmakers haven't figured out TONY SALINAS yet!

If you'd like to GET THE BEST OF IT along with me this weekend in the NBA Playoffs, the Belmont Stakes horse race, and Major League Baseball, sign up for my HIGH ROLLER service by calling 1-888-536-8880. I believe a BIG MONEY weekend is on tap because:

  • I'll know all the home plate umpires Saturday and Sunday, and weather conditions will be a factor at most stadiums.
  • I'm very confident of my choice(s) in Game Two of the Lakers/Boston series.

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I've learned over the years to put the tendencies of umpires and referees to may advantage. That's one reason TONY SALINAS GETS THE BEST OF IT!



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