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It's been awhile since I gave out a BONEHEAD AWARD here on the web. The horrible performance by Stan Van Gundy, head coach of the Orlando Magic, in the NBA Eastern Championships made it clear I had to dust off the award and give it out.


Orlando was a heavy favorite to win the series. Yet, they never even looked like the better team. Much of that is because Van Gundy had them doing the wrong things on offense. The rest is because he never made any adjustments!

*Van Gundy insisted that the offense be run through big man Dwight Howard in the middle. The guy has no moves except for the dunk. Some games he is a handful and can score a lot of points. But, he's inconsistent. And, he doesn't help the TEAM score a lot of points. Orlando scored 88, 92, 71, 86 in regulation, and 84 outside of their one easy victory. You can't win a playoff series these days with so little offense. Slowing the ball down and forcing it to a guy who can only dunk guarantees you're not going to get much offense.

*Van Gundy refused to push the pace, even though guys like Magic Johnson were saying in the first game that he needed to run the ball more. Boston is old. Wear them down! Orlando has a deep bench. Use the fresh legs! Van Gundy played right into Boston's hands by playing Boston's style. Dumb coaching!

*Van Gundy seemed to think 'coaching' was trying to keep everybody motivated. You don't think the Celtics were motivated too? You're going to win the Eastern championship by sounding like an aerobics infomercial? The players wanted leadership. They tuned out the preaching. Van Gundy just kept yelling variations of 'you can do it.'

*Van Gundy has no idea how to get something on the board late in close games. Orlando made a run at Boston in the first game only to fall short. They lost Game Two by three points. They fell apart in the fourth quarter of Game Four, but finally put up some points in overtime. Coaches show their true colors in crunch time.

Orlando was lucky not to be swept in four games. A team with this much talent should never be that kind of position. Yes, Boston is playing better now than in the regular season. And, Orlando isn't as good as everyone thought. Still, the coach is supposed to be there to help, not hurt!

Stan Van Gundy...for not preparing your team...for not making adjustments...for even recognizing that big changes had to be made in some of the most important games of your win the BONEHEAD OF THE MONTH award!

Hopefully some of you readers can learn a lesson here. Be prepared when you're challenging Vegas oddsmakers. You can't just show up and hope for the best. If you're losing, make adjustments! Don't keep trying for slam dunks with big favorites. That will kill you in the long run. As Van Gundy just proved, you can't GET THE BEST OF IT by being a BONEHEAD!

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