Refs And Umps Ruining Sports

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I've been telling you this for years, but it just keeps getting worse and worse.

*Wednesday afternoon, Joe West...a baseball umpire who loves reading about himself in the newspaper and has a new Country/Western CD he wants you to buy...threw Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen out of a game for challenging a balk call...then threw pitcher Mark Beurhle out of that game one inning later for the same thing.

You saw the replays. Where was the balk? That's the same motion Beurhle has been using for YEARS. Suddenly it's illegal? No, a big mouth who wants attention decides all the other umpires are wrong and makes himself feel like a big man by throwing his weight around.

*Wednesday Night, Eddie F. NBA referee with a short fuse called not one, but TWO questionable technical fouls on Kendrick Perkins of the Boston Celtics. The second one was one of the worst calls in the history of the league. That's not me talking. That's the TV announcers who said it! Perkins was tossed from the game on the spot for having two tech's. He was also temporarily suspended from the next game for reaching seven in the playoffs...though that was rescinded the next day by the league. Give the NBA credit for damage control. The league office tries to fix what they can. Major League Baseball should take some notes on how to do that.

How arrogant do you have to be to call a technical on a guy who's purposefully walking away from you so he doesn't draw a technical? Perkins did exactly what he was supposed to do for AVOIDING a technical. Rush called it anyway. Apparently he can read lips through the back of somebody's head.

Regardless of who I bet on in these games, it's ridiculous for umpires and referees to put themselves so prominently in important situations. Sure, White Sox/Indians is just a generic weekday matinee. Celtics/Magic is for the NBA Eastern Conference championship. Tossing Perkins may have swung the series away from Boston and toward Orlando. You don't know who would have won for sure if Perkins stayed around. The game was still close when he had to leave the floor. Referees shouldn't decide who wins championships! Or cover spreads!

You regulars know over the years that I've done my best to channel my rage at referees and umpires into my handicapping. That's paid off most with my 'umpire totals' in Major League Baseball. I don't play any Over/Under in the bases until I know the weather, and the home plate umpire. This is how I get the last laugh when arrogant blowhards are trying to ruin sports! The guys who have it in for pitchers help me win my Over bets. The guys who have it in for hitters help me win my Under bets.


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