Still a ?WGN Effect? with the Cubs

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The days of the "Superstation" are long gone in baseball. Sure, WGN and TBS still exist, but they don't hold sway over gamblers the way they used to. In past decades, the Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves were virtual "America's Teams" because of cable TV. Now, you can watch every game on the board from the comfort of your home if you're a fan, or even on the internet.

You should know though that many gamblers remember the Superstation days, and still have a habit of betting Cubs games and Braves games regardless of how times have changed. The Cubs are a virtual home team in Las Vegas even to this day! If you watch a lot of games in the sportsbooks, you'll hear a different kind of buzz when the Cubs are playing. There are a lot of transplanted Midwesterners out here too who grew up watching the Cubs.

Why am I telling you this? Because that Cub interest is still factored into the line! Chicago has been one of the biggest money losers in Vegas this year even though they're just a few games under .500. They're so expensive to take that you're generally GETTING THE BEST OF IT by going the other way. They might as well be the New York Yankees in terms of betting action.

  • If the Cubs are slumping, you HAVE to load up on the other teams. You're getting incredible value because it's rarely expensive to bet AGAINST the Cubs.
  • If the Cubs are playing well, you still have to pick your spots. They're usually too expensive at home. I'll only back them at home if they're on a winning streak and I'm playing my streak theory. The best time to take the Cubs when they're playing well is on the road. They're at least affordable outside of Wrigley.
  • If it's choppy waters for the Cubs, fading them every day will grind out a profit. It's like getting free points in football or basketball. You're getting free odds when you bet against the Cubs as a general rule. Any time they don't win their division, you're probably going to make money.

Here's what they've done in betting units in recent years:
2010: down about 10 units so far
2009: down about 15 units with a winning 83-78 record!
2008: up about 15 units, with a fantastic 97-64 record!
2007: down about 10 units with a winning 85-78 record!
2006: down about 25 units in a horrible season

Betting on the Cubs is a recipe for disaster unless they're going to make a run at 100 wins. And, even then, you won't make as much as you should. They were 33 games over .500 in that great 2008 season, yet only made 15 betting units because they were so expensive.

The Cubs will be in the news a lot this week because they're playing the LA Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals in Wrigley. Be sure you're playing it smart with the Cubs this week, and all through the season. I'm not saying to never bet on them. You'd better be darned sure you've got a winner though, because you're not GETTING THE BEST OF IT as a general rule on the moneyline. History has made it clear the value is in going the other way.

Have you been taking the worst of it this season...betting the wrong teams at horrible prices? There's a lot of that going around. People who loved Boston got hurt earlier this season. Yankees backers took some hits last week. You start to like a team and they cool off as soon as you bet them.

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A lot of baseball fans have developed losing habits over the years that they just can't kick. Many don't even realize what the Superstation era did to their bankrolls. It's time for you to develop WINNING HABITS so you can GET THE BEST OF IT!


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