Sunday Scoring Linked To Temps

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I'm always telling you to pay close attention to game time temperatures in Major League Baseball. On a recent Sunday, unseasonably cool weather had turned the whole country into Seattle. We saw a lot of Unders as a result (cool weather means Unders!).

This past Sunday, temperatures were higher in many places, and the scoring went right up with them.

12-4 in the Toronto/Arizona game (near 80 degrees)
13-0 in the Florida/CWS game (near 80 degrees)
11-7 in the Colorado/Kansas City game (near 80 degrees)
6-5 in the LA Angels/St. Louis game (mid 80's)

5-4 in the Chicago Cubs/Texas game (missed by half a run even though it was 4-3 in the 4th inning.

4-3 in the Milwaukee/Minnesota game (near 80, but never had a chance).

Those are the six Sunday afternoon games that had temperatures near 80 degrees or more. The four Overs all cleared easily (going Over in the 5th, 6th, 5th, and 5th innings in the order listed). One of the Unders should have been an Over. That's 67% success on the warm weather Overs with some bad luck thrown in!

It wasn't hot everywhere though. It was still relatively cool (low 70's or less) in six locales...

3-2 in the Atlanta/Pittsburgh game (near 70)
4-3 in the Baltimore/Washington game (near 70)
3-0 in the San Francisco/Oakland game (near 60)
6-2 in the Detroit/LA Dodgers game (mid 60's, push because of 2 in the 9th!)

8-3 in the Boston/Philadelphia game (near 70, Boston hits Halladay hard)
8-1 in the San Diego/Seattle game (near 60, lost because of a 5-run 8th !)

That's Unders going 3-2-1 in temperatures around 70 or less, and again bad luck came into play. It should have been 5-1! Very late runs at Chavez Ravine and in Seattle turned Unders into Overs. Still, 3-2-1 is 60% winners against the number, which is more than GETTING THE BEST OF IT. The two angles combined for 7-4-1, which is 64%. They easily could have gone 10-2 without bad luck!

I've been telling people to pay attention to weather for YEARS. I still can't believe how many bettors think that handicapping totals involves looking at the pitchers and nothing else. Pitchers matter. Offenses matter. Ballparks matter. Umpires matter. Oddsmakers know the pitchers and the offenses. They've studied the ballparks enough to know that a game with a total of 9 in a normal park should be more like 7.5 in San Diego or Seattle. Umpires still aren't reflected enough. You saw on Sunday that weather is a distant afterthought for oddsmakers and bettors.

You won't always have days like Sunday. But, you'll be GETTING THE BEST OF IT if you incorporate game time temperatures and wind conditions into your analysis.

Look back at the scores again. Some of those Overs FLEW over the total. Some of the Unders in cooler temperatures were virtually sure things the whole way. If you like playing the 5-inning lines ('first half' lines like they have in football and basketball), you would have won even more money.

I guarantee you that you'll improve your winning percentage on totals if you start looking at weather forecasts. If you don't have the time and resources to find the data you need...the next best thing is signing up with TONY SALINAS!

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