Dodgers a Dream Team for Streak Bettors

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I've said for years that you'll GET THE BEST OF IT over the long haul by betting on streaks to continue.

Dumb Vegas bettors love the 'due theory.' If a team just lost a bunch of games in a row, you bet on them to win. That's great, you might win once. But, you might keep losing four or five more! Doesn't it make more sense to try and string together betting victories that end with just one loss?

If a team is winning (I wait until it's at least three in a row), bet on them to keep winning. You'll lose one at the end...but you'll pocket a big profit if they do string together a nice streak.

If a team is losing, bet on them to keep losing. Same thing in reverse. We usually see a 10-game losing streak or more every year. Often a few. Those make up for the times a streak ends right away.

Betting the due theory is a sure way to ruin your bankroll. Eventually you run into the mother of all streaks that completely breaks you. You're trying to pick up one win at a time, and you're risking everything. Turn it around! Put yourself in position to profit from the long streaks, while only losing one bet at a time.

Vegas exists because dumb bettors chase the due theory in blackjack, at the roulette table, and in sports betting. Stop giving your money to sportsbooks and casinos...and start taking THEIR money!

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been a DREAM team for streak bettors this year. They were mostly choppy early in the season, not having a streak of any type until late April. That's when a 5-game losing streak had fans getting worried. The streak strategy went 2-1, including a big payoff on underdog Pittsburgh.

Soon after that, everyone got back on the same page again. They had a 3-game winning streak that unfortunately ended with the first bet. But followed that up with what just because an active 9-game winning streak through Tuesday Night's victory over Houston. By the time you read this, the streak may have ended. Or, it will still be going strong. 6-1 is a worst case scenario, which is 8-3 for the year with the Dodgers and the streak method.

Be sure you're keeping an eye out for streaks. It's easy to get lazy during a long season and stop paying attention for a week. That may be when the next big streak happens! We seem to be set up ideally for streaks this year because there are a lot of 'okay' kind of teams. If somebody puts the pieces together, they become better than everyone they're playing. If a team suffers injuries or has clubhouse turmoil, they become worse.

Parity is actually good for streaks because the handful of outliers can really last a long time.

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