Do Umpires Hate Being Out in the Sun?

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Some of the highlight packages have been hilarious.

Between ESPN's daily recaps, and those on the new MLB TV station…we're seeing a lot of this:

*A batter takes a pitch that's at least a few inches off the plate or out of the strike zone.

*The umpire calls it STRIKE THREE and rings the batter up.

*The hitter starts to argue, but doesn't want to get thrown out so he walks back to the dugout yelling over his shoulder.

*A half inning later a guy on the other team is doing the same thing!

If the umpire is doing this to both teams, that helps the UNDERS without really deciding who wins the game. Hitters have to take their cuts against an expanded strike zone. You see a lot of low scoring, fast moving games. I've noticed lately a lot of these are happening in DAY games.

*Some of the most widely shown clips were from midday games last week.

*There were more Sunday. You might want to go count up the number of Overs and Unders on Sunday when you get a chance.

Are umpires vampires (you only have to change a few letters) who can't stand being out in the daylight? What's more likely is that this stuff is happening in get-away games where the umpires have a plane to catch after the game. Umpires never stay in the same city on a homestand, so the season finale is always a get-away for the umpires.

Look at what happened Sunday in the handful of games where BOTH teams had a plane to catch in addition to the umpire (meaning both the hosts and visitors were playing in another city the next night).

Colorado beat Washington 2-1 (in a high scoring park!)
San Francisco beat Houston 4-3
Philadelphia beat Milwaukee 4-2 (at night, but both had to travel)
Kansas City beat the White Sox 5-3 (staying Under 9)
The LA Angels beat Oakland 4-0

Not a high scoring game in the group.

I've been telling you for years in these web articles that umpires have a huge impact in baseball. If you've been paying attention to the sport lately, you've seen exactly what I mean. They're forcing hitters to swing. If a pitcher has his stuff, then you're going to see Unders. If the pitcher doesn't have anything, the game will see early scoring, but then calm down after that. I'm not saying every matchup will stay Under. There's bound to be more Unders than Overs when EVERYONE on the field has a plane to catch. Be sure you're looking for ways to GET THE BEST OF IT!

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I love it when the umpire has a plane to catch. Whenever that happens, I know exactly how to GET THE BEST OF IT!

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