Cavs/Lakers Having Trouble Covering

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Even though the public isn't betting as much this year as they have in the past, the public teams are still having trouble covering pointspreads.

That was true all season long, and it's true in the playoffs.

Cleveland 38-43-1
LA Lakers 33-46-3

That's 18 games under .500 for the two #1 playoff seeds combined, with the Lakers doing most of the damage with a horrible season ATS.

The Lakers were a truly awful 8-19 ATS their last 27 games. You probably know they slumped a bit at the end of the season. Did you know it was that bad? Of course you didn't. You were worrying about MARCH MADNESS and whether or not Duke was going to cover the points for you. Look at how much money you could have made this year fading the Lakers!

Cleveland was 6-14 ATS its last 20 games. Did you know that? They were 4-4 ATS just before that, making them 10-18 ATS during about the same time the Lakers were 8-19 ATS. Free money.

So far in the playoffs, it's been the same story:

  • The Lakers are either 0-2-1 ATS or 1-2 ATS depending on when Lakers backers invested. The closing line was Lakers by the late money did get a cover, BY HALF A POINT! It's not like the oddsmakers have unrealistic expectations. They just have the number too high by a little bit. The consistent Lakers keep missing by that little bit.
  • The Cavaliers are 1-2 ATS, barely covering the spread in the opener before failing to cover the next two games. Again, the lines are reasonably close here. I'm not saying that the Lakers and Cavs aren't top notch teams. They just have very high hurdles to clear every time they take the floor...and it's very difficult to keep doing that night after night.
  • Vegas prices good teams based on their best expectations rather than normal expectations. This is true in all sports. You see it with the Yankees in baseball. You saw it with the New England Patriots that season they were winning big early on. They didn't cover much at all in the second half of the season because the numbers got way too high. Teams can't play to their BEST expectation every time out.
  • The media always hypes the top teams. They're in the marketing business rather than the "telling it like it is" business. So, the league powers in all sports get an aura of invincibility about them. The public can't resist betting on teams who seem invincible! Since sportsbooks have to defend against one-sided public action, this makes the lines too high too.
  • And, as I'm always telling you, underdogs always bring their best game to face the big name teams! It's a chance to make a name for themselves against the most famous opponents on the planet. You beat Kobe Bryant or LeBron James, and you've accomplished something. The Lakers and Cavs always get the best effort from their opponents. That certainly helps explain those 8-19 ATS and 6-20 ATS finishes. The powers were saving themselves for the playoffs. Their opponents were showing up with peak motivation.

The edge won't be as big now as it was then because the Cavs and Lakers aren't saving themselves for anything. You'll get their best efforts too. But, the hurdles will still be too high. I think you'll be GETTING THE BEST OF IT by going against these teams the rest of the way. Maybe they'll cover or maybe they won't today and tomorrow against the Thunder and Bulls. When the playoffs are in the books, I expect their combined record to be under .500 against the Vegas numbers.

Keep that in mind as you make picks the rest of the way. And, see if you can find another team or two that are catching the fancy of the public. Somebody with a strong first round may become very overrated in the second round. Could that happen to Orlando against the winner of the Atlanta/Milwaukee series? Is there somebody besides the Lakers out West that's about to become overpriced?

You should always be looking for ways to GET THE BEST OF IT! That's how you make a living in Las Vegas. They call us advantage players because we keep finding advantages and making money. You may not be a HIGH ROLLER yet. You will be if you bet proven strategies and keep uncovering new approaches.

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League powerhouses always take the worst of it against the number. Make it a habit to go the other way so you're GETTING THE BEST OF IT!



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