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You regulars know I focus much of my betting efforts on fading the general public. When the public is lined up on the same team, the sportsbooks have to shade their lines against the action. That gives us a couple of 'free points' by betting the other way. If you assume that the oddsmakers know what they're doing, those free points are going to win you money over the long haul.

That's the very essence of GETTING THE BEST OF IT.

The public has been less active than in the past this year because of the down economy. Things are definitely picking up in Vegas though as things turn around. The problem is, betting action was picking up in football and March Madness. The public really hasn't done much with the NBA, and won't until the playoffs start.

We don't know for sure who the public teams are because the public hasn't been betting much!

Here's my assessment of what to expect:

*The public loves FAVORITES, so you can assume they'll be focused on favorites even if they don't have a preferred team in a series.

*The public loves KOBE AND LEBRON, so the Lakers and Cavs will be bet heavily. I'd expect a free point or two whenever those teams are on the floor, probably more when they're playing at home. Los Angeles and Cleveland are going to be public teams, which could be very good news of they play to their seeds. Both could be around a long time.

*Orlando will get respect when not playing Cleveland, particularly at home. They won the East last year. And are usually high priced home favorites because of their tendency to win by big margins when things are going well. Orlando will be a public team in the first and second rounds.

*I'm guessing Boston will get some residual respect at home in their first series. I think the public is fully aware though that the best days are behind this least with the current roster.

Otherwise, it's a free-for-all. The West in particular has several very good teams, but nobody the public is going to blindly bet because of marquee value. They'll bet the Lakers against anybody. They won't bet the Spurs against anybody. Or the Jazz, or the Mavericks. This will create what is largely a set of 'fair' lines in early action. You can just handicap the teams without worrying about number pollution.

I will be paying attention to public preferences to see how they develop. But, you longtimers know THE TONY SALINAS ZIG-ZAG THEORY will be the heart and soul of my selection process once again. I'll outline that strategy for you later in the week. For now, it's best to say that the ZIG-ZAG determines who I should be betting, while the knowledge of public influences in the line determines the unit value of each bet. If the ZIG-ZAG says I should be betting the Lakers, I have to be conservative because I know the line is shaded against me. If the ZIG-ZAG says I should bet against a public team, I go in stronger because of the free points in my pocket.

I hope you'll sign up with me for my full playoff package. Many of you have been with me every year for as long as I can remember because of the success of the ZIG-ZAG. The number to call to sign up is 1-888-536-8880. You can also purchase the exact same games I'll be playing the biggest myself here at the website. It's the next best thing to standing in line with me at Caesar's Palace or the Wynn.

Sign up NOW and I'll include these last few days of the regular season at no additional charge. And, be sure to ask about baseball when you call. My 'all sport' players are up about 280 units since December 1st. What do you play per unit? Multiply that by about 300 and that's our profit! Talk about GETTING THE BEST OF IT!

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