People Still Complaining About NBA Refs!

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I'm glad I'm not alone!

I've been complaining about NBA officials for years. I think they're ruining the game. Actually, I think they RUINED the game a few years ago, and the league tried to make some changes to get things back on track. Things are better than they were a couple of years ago. Scoring is up. Fans are excited about the coming playoffs even if they're not very excited about the regular season. Still...

*Stars keep getting injured because they're constantly MUGGED in the paint. How can you maintain interest over a long season if all the marquee guys are missing time with injuries? A marquee team like the Lakers has been battling injuries all season. They're a popular target for the muggings...and refs don't do enough to protect them.

*Inconsistency is still a big issue. Some refs call EVERYTHING, even the little ticky tack stuff. Others let you bang a guy into the stands and they'll call it incidental contact. That's why players get hurt. Nobody knows what's a foul any more and what isn't. It's usually illegal to rest your hand on a guy's back, but legal to try and hack off his arm when he's dribbling.

*Too many games are being decided by unfair free throw totals. You saw that twice in the past week in a couple of very extreme cases:

Oklahoma City beat Boston 109-104 with a 28-13 edge in made free throws (34-17 in attempts). Kevin Durant made more free throws than the entire Boston team. At least the refs were trying to protect him from injury! You want to tell me that Boston's offense doesn't know how to draw fouls?

Cleveland beat Milwaukee 101-98, with a 29-8 edge in made free throws (a ridiculous 45-9 edge in attempts!).

The refs decided who won those games, not the players. It's happening a lot in games where the free throw totals aren't that extreme too.

As handicappers, it's important to remember that you'll win some games because of the refs, and you'll lose some. It's out of your control unless you have the ability to track where all the officiating crews are going to be (some betting syndicates do find out just before tipoff and bet according to past tendencies).

With the playoffs coming up, I wanted to outline a few notes for you about playoff officiating.

*Refs tend to call a lot of fouls early in a series to keep things under control. That leads to a lot of free throws, and increased scoring because defenders have to back off. Be careful with playoff Unders early in a series.

*Refs to swallow their whistles more later in a series, because they don't want an entire series determined by a mistaken call. Scoring goes down because defenders have more leeway, and there are fewer free points from the charity stripe.

*Refs are barely on the court in a Game Seven! These often go WAY Under because only the most blatant fouls get called. Oddsmakers drop the totals some because this has become so obvious, but they usually don't drop them enough.

I'm looking forward to these last two weeks of the regular season and the upcoming playoffs. The West is going to be crazy with so many evenly matched teams. The final four in the East should be really good too.

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We can complain all we want about the officials. They're too stubborn to listen! If you want to win money betting basketball, understanding officiating tendencies is a very helpful way to GET THE BEST OF IT!

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