NBA Playoff Style Means Unders

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I know many of you are waiting for the NBA playoffs to get here before you commit to more basketball. You've had fun through March Madness (particularly if you've been one of my clients!). You want to take a little break until the pro playoffs start in a few weeks.

Big mistake!

Here's a quick example of how a handicapping fundamental that's ALWAYS paid off is paying off again in pro hoops.

Playoff style basketball means Unders. Oddsmakers have adjusted to this some in the postseason. But, you still generally see the most IMPORTANT playoff games go Under because the pace slows way down and the referees swallow their whistles. I'll take advantage of this by saving my Under plays until the latter stages of a series.

In the regular season, we often see playoff "style" games between contenders where you can POUND the Under and feel very confident. You won't win them all, but you'll GET THE BEST OF IT over the full sampling of opportunities.

The MILWAUKEE BUCKS have been playing playoff "style" basketball for about 30 games now. That's why they've been winning. That's why they've been dominating lesser teams. That's why they're going to be IN THE PLAYOFFS!

Milwaukee last 29 games (through Monday Night)

  • 22-7 Straight Up
  • 9-20 to the Under

That's about two-thirds of their games going Under. And, amazingly, the tendency is actually even stronger than that record makes it sound!

  • Milwaukee would have stayed Under last week vs. Memphis, but the game went Over in overtime.
  • Milwaukee would have stayed Under back on March 19th vs. Sacramento, but that game also went overtime.
  • Within the 29-game sampling, there was a THIRD game that was Under in regulation (2/28 at Atlanta).

If not for overtimes, Milwaukee would be 6-23 to the Under! That's almost 80% Unders in 48-minute regulation in terms of the tendency we're discussing. Oh, they also had another game that only went Over by half a point.

Oddsmakers were slow to realize how well Milwaukee was playing this year. And, when coach Scott Skiles really emphasized playoff style basketball with this players, oddsmakers were slow to adjust the totals. Playoff style basketball games go Under. Oddsmakers don't adjust properly now...just like they didn't 10 years go, 20 years ago, or when they started posting NBA totals!

With two weeks left in the season, and teams jockeying for seeding position, or thinking about "sending messages" about the postseason, we're going to see several games like this in the next several days. I think you'll find that a lot more of those go Under rather than Over, and that's at the heart of what GETTING THE BEST OF IT is all about.

See what you can learn (and profit from) just by paying attention!
We have many possible playoff style games coming up on the immediate horizon. Milwaukee plays Cleveland Wednesday Night. There are some big TV games later in the week and over the weekend. The league itself and the TV networks want to get you excited about the coming playoffs...which means you'll have plenty of opportunity to take advantage of today's topic in these next couple of weeks.

I've been on one of my hottest streaks ever lately in the baskets. I have no intention of slowing down just because the colleges are about done. Call 1-888-536-8880 right now to sign up for my HIGH ROLLER service. Be sure to ask about baseball when you call. I'm looking forward to talking about weather totals and umpire totals again with you next week. Game day releases and packages can also be purchased here at the website. You can get the exact same plays I'm betting myself just by making a few clicks and having your credit card ready.

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