Only Bet NBA Dogs That Care

Handicapping Tips From Legendary High Roller TONY SALINAS!


You regular readers here at the website know I emphasize underdogs in my personal and professional betting. Over time, you GET THE BEST OF IT by taking points rather than laying them as a general rule. There are some spots where the favorite is underpriced, and I'm not afraid to step in. Most of the time, they're OVER-priced, and you want to put those free points in your pocket because they pay off over the long haul.

During the stretch run of the NBA season, I've found it's best to avoid underdogs who have nothing to play for. If a team isn't going to show up, oddsmakers can't make a line that's high enough. Bad teams who don't care will lose by 15 points, 20 points, even 30 points if they're bench doesn't do much in garbage time. You're not getting value with 1-2 free points if your team is going to hand away 10 points on dunks and layups.

Here are the dogs I like to take in the last few weeks of the season:

*I want DOGS in the 'virtual' playoff games, where playoff caliber teams are contending and it's going to have a postseason feel. These matchups often go right down to the wire, and you'll win your fair share of them outright. You can't go wrong with QUALITY underdogs over the long haul.

*I want DOGS who are catching a tired favorite. Let's say the team laying points is playing in a back-to-back spot...or is on a long road trip. It's very tough for tired favorites to cover the spread this deep in the season. You're getting value with most fresh dogs. I'll only avoid teams who have CLEARLY thrown in the towel on the season in this kind of schedule spot.

*I want DOGS who are playing at Boston, at the LA Lakers, and sometimes at Cleveland too. Even the most dysfunctional teams will get up for these special occasions. You only get so many shots at Kobe or LeBron. Underdogs will play badly for 4-5 games, get fired up for the marquee opponent, then go back to playing badly again. Nothing wrong with taking a high price in the game they're going to show up for.

*I want DOGS who are clearly playing well now, no matter what they're full season record is. Not everyone throws in the towel if they're out of the playoff race. Some young teams in particularly don't really gel into the second half of the season. The Indiana Pacers are about 20 games under .500, but they just covered eight games in a row! Oddsmakers are using their Power Ratings to make numbers, then inflating the line some against the non-playoff teams. This turned Indiana into an absolute STEAL during that hot run. The New York Knicks weren't doing it every day. But, they were holding their own for the most part and had impressive outright victories over Dallas and Denver within the last couple of weeks.

I know many of you are starting to think about the NBA since MARCH MADNESS is winding down. You'll be betting the playoffs because those are your favorite games to watch on TV. Well, you should be building your bankrolls NOW for the playoffs because the pro lines are very beatable.

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