February Is The Finest Month

Handicapping Tips From Legendary High Roller TONY SALINAS!


You've already seen a lot of look-ahead and letdown situations this year in college basketball. Teams are focused for a huge TV game coming up, or are flat because they just had a huge TV win...and they play way below expectations as a result.

It happened again last week when Connecticut lost to Providence 81-66 as a 4-point favorite right after beating Texas in a big TV game. If I started to list all the examples, I wouldn't know when to stop there's been so many. And those would be games from January! February is here, and February is the single BEST month to take advantage of the TV angle.

Here's why:

*Lesser teams already know they're not qualifying for March Madness unless they get lucky and win their postseason conference tournament. We've played enough of the schedule now so that most teams know where they stand. If you're in the bottom half of your conference, what would make your season meaningful? A big win on TV, that's what! If you have a big TV game scheduled against your conference power, then you're either going to be flat just before that game because you got caught looking ahead. Or, you're going to be flat right afterward because you partied too hard after a win, or got demoralized after a loss.

*Top teams are starting to think about March. February games don't seem to matter as much because they know tournament thrills are now just a month away. If a power has a big TV game on the schedule this week, they're going to treat THAT game like a tournament preview. They'll be much less interested right before and right after (as UCONN wasn't very interested in playing hard at Providence right after they upset Texas...and Kansas State had that same problem, losing to Oklahoma State after upsetting Texas). If a game that has a tournament feel to it is on the schedule for big TV coverage, the games that AREN'T as exciting will see flat efforts.

*The TV networks themselves are starting to intensify their coverage. ESPN now has 'GameDay' shows at a campus every Saturday Night. CBS is showing a lot of hoops on the weekend now that football is over. Big Monday has always been big...but now those games get more attention because basketball is the only game in town (outside of Super Sunday). The spotlight has been turned on! Players love being in the spotlight. They're often flat just before the spotlight game, and just after.

I want you to go through your schedules right now and circle every big TV game coming up the next few weeks. The Saturday Night games on ESPN that will have the GameDay crew on site. The stuff on Big Monday. Any classic rivalry games set for national coverage on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. If CBS has a great game on Saturday or Sunday, particularly a non-conference game that looks like an Elite Eight type matchup (or better) in the Dance...circle that one. That's your starting sample. Look to bet against these teams just before, and just after they play in those marquee spots.

Next, go through and circle the games involving one TV regular, and one lesser team that doesn't get much coverage. THIS is where you'll find some true gems. Those teams who aren't on TV much are going to get sky high for their shot at Duke, Kentucky, Texas, Syracuse, or whoever. Look to bet against those lesser lights before and after their big TV appearances.

Will you win all the time? No. You can't win all the time. We're trying to GET THE BEST OF IT by betting situations that are proven winners. Over time, this approach will hit 55%, 60%, maybe better in some years. Sometimes you'll lose. Sometimes you'll lose a blowout. This is sports betting. You're trying to hit better than 52.5%. Playing these look-ahead and letdown spots, particularly in FEBRUARY (the strongest month for the angle) will allow you to do so based on my experience as a sports handicapper the past few decades.

Hey, I saw the rise of TV hoops from the beginning! I was betting sports in Las Vegas when ESPN was created! I've been winning with this approach since Dick Vitale had hair.

If you'd like some help finding the very best spots for your biggest Las Vegas bets, sign up for my HIGH ROLLER service by calling 1-888-536-8880. Sign up for February or seasonal service and I'll include my very strong Super Bowl plays at no additional charge.

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I want to thank all of you who were with me last week when we closed out January with some GAME OF THE MONTH winners.

*My NBA GAME OF THE MONTH for January won with Indiana (+5.5) over Philadelphia 109-98...

*My ACC GAME OF THE MONTH for January won with Boston College (+3) over Clemson 75-69...

*My COLLEGE TOTAL OF THE MONTH for January won with Virginia Tech/Virginia Over 127, a blowout cover in the 76-71 finish...

If history is any indicator (and it always is!), some big name teams are about to take the worst of it because they can't maintain peak intensity due to TV distractions. That means you should study the schedules to make sure you GET THE BEST OF IT!

'GETTING THE BEST OF IT' is an ongoing series presented by VegasSportsMasters.com and legendary high roller TONY SALINAS. For more information on TONY'S handicapping packages, call 1-888-536-8880.


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