The Media Makes It Easy

Handicapping Tips From Legendary High Roller TONY SALINAS!


I'd like to personally thank the mainstream media for making my handicapping work so easy.

PLEASE keep acting shocked when big name teams like Duke and North Carolina lose. I'm rich because the public thinks the powerhouses should be huge favorites every time they take the floor. North Carolina isn't a powerhouse this year, but they're priced like they are because the public can't believe they keep losing. As long as the media stays in 'shock' about their poor play, the line value will be there. I heard somebody say it was 'unbelievable' that Duke had lost a few road games. Really? Unbelievable? BIG NAME TEAMS LOSE ROAD GAMES EVERY YEAR! I had a big winner on NC State last week as a home dog vs. Duke. COVERED BY 25 POINTS!

PLEASE keep marveling at how highly ranked teams in the polls become upset victims as soon as they get someplace they've never been before. It's only been happening for 30 years. Please keep your history books shut and act amazed whenever somebody like Texas loses at Kansas State, or Purdue loses in a few spots. My clients and I had Kansas State over Texas last week on Big Monday. The cover was never in doubt.

PLEASE keep talking about how great all the big name coaches are, even if their kids keep forcing up bad shots, playing spotty defense, or losing the ball on turnovers 18-20 times a game. Drive those pointspreads up higher and higher! Big name coaches must be geniuses because they've been around so long. Please keep the squares thinking that way!

PLEASE keep everyone thinking the non-powerhouses just don't have the resources or coaching quality to compete. It doesn't matter that people CAN SEE WITH THEIR OWN EYES that there's not much of a difference between 'pretty good' teams and the powers with all the media hype. North Carolina State has no chance to compete with Duke (thanks for my gift blowout cover on the Wolfpack). It's a down year for Pittsburgh. The SEC race is over already. Keep misleading your viewers!

TV announcers are a smart bettor's best friend, and a dumb bettor's worst enemy. In the old days it was just the play-by-play guy and the color analyst helping us out. Now we've got all of those studio shows with former players and coaches giving us a boost as well. They all say the same things. They all hype the same teams. They all celebrate the same coaches. The public believes what they hear...and bets accordingly. Sportbooks shade the line against public action, and my clients and I are right there to step in and take the free points.

The only thing better than a smart bet is a smart bet where they're giving you extra points for free!

I'm on fire once again in college basketball. It's a season where sportsbooks are literally giving away free money because the reality of the season isn't matching what the experts were expecting. Instead of telling it like it is, the media is pretending that 'amazing miracles' are happening, but everything will be settling down again soon. It won't. The overrated teams will stay overrated. The underrated teams will stay underrated. LIKE ALWAYS!

I've recommended you do this in the past. It may be more important now than ever. Pay attention to what the TV guys are saying, then go the other way. Take notes! As soon as they start talking somebody up, that team gets a target on their backs that they can't shake until they lose. As soon as somebody makes a jump in the polls, opponents will want to take their legs out.

There are many games each week where you don't even have to know the strengths and weaknesses of the teams, the lookahead/letdown stuff, who rebounds and who doesn't. You just have to know that one team is overrated and their opponent is fired up to take them down. This is happening all over the card. EVERY DAY!

Of course, matchup handicapping and the lookahead/letdown angles will help you with money management...finding the very best spots to hit hard for BIG MONEY. I don't want you to give up handicapping...I want you to add the edges from TV hype to what you're already doing. You'll win more games...and you'll make more money with your winners.


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