Network Football 2017

Our Middle Name is Boots on the Ground. 
Jim Hurley started the revolution 32 years ago. It was new: Scouts who were there on the practice fields - so they could see who was hot and who was hurt. Who had the need and who had the footspeed. Think of it: Stringers, ex-pros, computer nerds comparing notes and swapping angles. How could they NOT pick more winners? That's just what happened. Jim Hurley's Network zoomed to the top of the charts. Today, they do it with laptops and I-phones, but the idea is the same: It's information that wins ball games - including a TON of nifty covers, lopsided laughers and lots of outright upsets. Get our two best on Saturday and Sunday and learn why we're still here after 32 years!

NOT Might-win or Could-win but MUST-win!
Those are the marching orders. So we canvas all games, weed out the question marks in search of the best college and NFL games that absolutely cannot lose. We pull out our whole tool kit: We do the fundamental match ups, x's and o's. Peaks and valleys. Intangible. We tweak for everything. The schedule. Travel angles.  We do worst case scenarios. We play "what if" till it cries "mama!" Swap numbers with the most respected wise guys. We stop at nothing. Because we have a 32 year winning history to maintain. When it's a Blue Ribbon game, all arrows point in the same direction: the biggest W and the biggest bucks.

Wherever information is critical and top secret - say the Pentagon or Silicon Valley - they communicate via private radio, or closed circuit to protect their secrets. So does Jim Hurley's Network. Using advanced analytic tools, we do computer simulations "what if" scenarios - we challenge one another - whatever it takes, Jim and his top guns break down the most promising matchups to zero in on the safest, juiciest play on the boards - so YOU can place the safest, biggest bet of your life!


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