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The intense “Fast Break Football” approach mastered at the college level by Chip Kelly of Oregon is either going to take over the NFL by storm...or it’s going to show why the approach can’t possibly work at the professional level. Exhibit A in the debate will come Monday Night when Kelly and his Philadelphia Eagles take on the Washington Redskins in a huge NFC East battle.

We’ve seen speeded up football for years in the NFL. The two-minute drill goes back forever. Turning the two-minute drill into your normal offense has been approximated by Tom Brady and Peyton Manning for much of their careers. What’s different about Kelly’s approach is that he’s asking his quarterback to RUN the ball in addition to throwing it. And, he’s really emphasizing playing QUICKLY so that the opposing defense runs out of gas in the fourth quarter.

If it works...then “Eagles and Over” is going to make a lot of money for backers this year. But…if playing that fast just leads to zillions of mistakes by your own team…a team that had big turnover troubles the year before at a slower pace…then “Opponents and Over” is going to cash in quite a bit. And, if Michael Vick suffers an injury on one of his runs…who knows what’s going to happen with backups that aren’t particularly well-suited to this style?

During the Preseason, Philadelphia had a lot of yardage, and a lot of turnovers. You can see why this style is so dangerous when it’s hitting on all cylinders. If it rarely hits on all cylinders, what’s the point?

A lot for handicappers to think about as they ponder the first Monday Night game of the season. Let’s provide a quick backdrop for the Eagles tradition, while reminding everyone why the Redskins were a playoff team in 2013.


Philadelphia: 4-12, -24 turnovers, #7 ranked schedule

Washington: 10-6, +17 turnovers, #11 ranked schedule

See what we mean about turnover troubles?! You’re going to ask THAT team to play faster?! Washington was very conservative last year with rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. That allowed them to win the risk/reward elements while sneaking into the playoffs. Let’s check the other indicator stats to see if they were as good as that 10-6 record suggests.

Yards-Per Play

Philadelphia: 5.3 on offense, 5.5 on defense

Washington: 6.2 on offense, 5.9 on defense

That’s at least Wildcard caliber in terms of YPP differential. Washington was on the right size of zero while also winning turnovers. Philadelphia wasn’t as bad as that 4-12 record would have suggested. They were basically a 7-9 caliber team that posted a worse record because of all the turnovers.

Means TWO WINS for the Price of ONE!

Eagles at Redskins & Texans at Chargers

The Network was the master of Mondays last year, going 11-6 (64.7%) and we'll do so again this year. We've got the right edges to make sure we get the money on the football weekend's final day. When teams play on the Monday Night stage you need to know how they'll react to the pressure. You need to know which players will thrive in the bright lights of prime-time and which ones will wilt. And you need Vegas connections to know how to react to the pointspread.

Will the public bet RGIII in his comeback game beyond the point where the line is sustainable? How will the new Philly coach Chip Kelly's uptempo offense run in the pros...will it work as well as it did at Oregon?

Is this the year the Texans stay healthy and make a Super Bowl run? How will San Diego react to their new coach and new system?  Are either the Eagles or Chargers a live dog, ready to jump up and be the NFL's next surprise team? Or will the totals be the best way to get the money. We know!

You can get with us and either cap off a profitable weekend (if you're a regular client) or use our connections to double down and recoup your losses if you played it your own way on Sunday.

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Third Down Conversions

Philadelphia: 37% on offense, 41% on defense

Washington: 36% on offense, 44% on defense

Big troubles here…particularly on defense. We saw this in our Sunday Night preview for the Giants and Cowboys, too. NFC East defenses need to get much better on third downs. This is why Washington settled in at 10-6 even with a positive YPP differential and a huge turnover edge. They couldn’t move the chains…which means they weren’t maximizing their offensive yards. And, that 44% on defense could turn out to be a real headache for Washington if Chip Kelly can get his engine running. Washington needs to get stops or their defense will be huffing and puffing all night.

Current Line: Washington by 3.5, total of 52

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Back with you tomorrow to review important developments in college football from this past weekend (there may be too many to review!). We’ll talk more football Wednesday…then pick back up with TV game previews Thursday Night when the New York Jets visit the New England Patriots in a battle of undefeateds. Friday will bring an early look at the Alabama/Texas A&M game that everyone’s been waiting months for.

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