Golden State Has To Win Its Last 4 Games To Break Bulls’ Single Season Record Of 72 Wins

Golden State Has To Win Its Last 4 Games To Break Bulls' Single Season Record Of 72 Wins

The Major League Baseball Season Is Just 4 Days Old And Thus Far Lines Heavily Favor The Bettor

By Kelso Sturgeon

It's just my humble opinion but the Golden State Warriors (69-9) have severely compromised their chances for winning a second straight NBA championship because of the toll their focused pursuit to break the Chicago Bulls record of winning 72 regular season games has taken. The best team in the NBA is playing its worst basketball right now and after being upset at home by the Minnesota Timberwolves, 124-117, as 14.5-point favorites in overtime must now win their last four games to break the record.

Since two of Oakland's remaining four games are against the second-best team in the league - the always-powerful San Antonio Spurs (65-12) - the odds say it won't happen. Golden State is 1-2 at home in its last three games and meets the Spurs (8-2 in their last 10 and 4-0 in their last four) tomorrow night in Oakland and no win is every assured against the gentlemen from south Texas.

The Warriors are at the fading Memphis Grizzlies (42-36) Saturday night and then land in San Antonio the next day to meet the Spurs who at this point are an unbeaten 39-0 at home this season. Then it's back home to meet the Grizzlies three nights later.

This scenario has created a negative atmosphere for Golden State in the regular season. The talk for the last two months has been all about the Warriors and their chance to beat the Chicago record of 72-10. In the process, the day-to-day focus - intense focus - has been on that goal and has left the team drained physically and emotionally. Nothing illustrates this point more than Tuesday's loss to Minnesota in a game where Golden State turned the ball over 24 times and blew a 17-point lead.

There is no question that at the top of its game, Golden State is the best team in the NBA. The two-part question facing the team, fans and bettors is just how much gas is left in the tank. Is the tank 100% full (no chance), 80% full (maybe), or 75% full (not out of the question)? The second part of that question is can a Golden State team with less than a full tank handle teams such as Cleveland (56-22), San Antonio, Oklahoma City (54-24) that will hit the post-season fully gassed up and ready to go?

From the standpoint of betting and handicapping, this may not be a factor in the first round of play but the deeper the Warriors get into the playoffs, the less gas they are going to have for each succeeding game.

Bookmakers are still demanding bettors play a big price to wager on Golden State and for that reason the Warriors are 3-7 against the spread in their last 10 games. The red flags are up and it is again pay attention time.

Baseball Betting Lines Amazingly Inviting As Long Season Opens

All through the basketball and football seasons it is a major challenge to find favorable or soft betting lines. The factors that produce winners are there but it quires seven 10-hour days every week to uncover them and use them to take an edge. In the past things were even more difficult in baseball where bookmakers operate on a 2.0% hold and know a mistake or two can put them in the poor house, even taking the spoils of football and basketball - but not this season.

Successful baseball bettors have to always be aware of the risk vs. reward factor in their daily analysis. Is the reward worth the risk when one lays -260 to win $100, or even -180? Winning money in the challenging world of baseball requires the ability to (1) find teams that grade out with a solid chance to win and (2) the judgement to determine if the price is right. For me any team meeting the first requirement and is being offered at -160 and less has the makings of a bet.

One never wants to be so arrogant as to disrespect bookmakers and their betting lines. With that said, I have never seen more opportunities that combine the two elements of win and price than I have seen in the first four days of the season. To me it is a surprising scenario and I am taking advantage of it. The winners are there for the taking right now and I will dance to this song as long as it lasts.

Highrollers Go For 3rd Straight 50-Unit Win - It's Another Team With a 95% Chance To Win

My Personal Best Baseball Investment Club for highrollers (those betting $1,000 or more per game) is off to a perfect 2-0 start with back-to-back winning 50-unit plays and is going for its third straight tonight. Last night it was The San Francisco Giants (-153) knocking off the Milwaukee Brewers in my National League Game of the Week and the night before it was the Chicago Cubs taking care of business against the Los Angeles Angels, winning 9-0.

There are 11 games on tonight's schedule but only one has a team that meets the two requirements for play - (1) a 95% chance to win and (2) and is being offered at the right price (no -200 plays, ever). Win it with me for just $20, charged to your major credit card.

To qualify as a Personal Best release, a team must grade out on top in all 10 elements I use to analyze games and must have a dominating pitcher who is in peak form...and he must be backed up by a powerful bullpen loaded with pitchers who shut teams down 1-2-3.

I will release an average of 3-4 of these games each week and all will be rated from 50 units to 100-units. On the days there are no qualifying games, Personal Best clients will receive Chairman's Club games.

The success of this club for highrollers has its foundation in the risk vs. reward element and the risk must be 1 and the reward at a 9. That ratio is so powerful it almost guarantees one can make a fortune during the baseball season.

The fortune is there waiting for you here online and you can win it for just $699 and play right through the final game of the World Series. These games are also available on a Monthly Trial basis for just $300.

Best Bets Club 2-0 Tuesday With The Astros & Cubs And Gets Cash Again Tonight With 2 More Dominating Winners

There are 11 games on the Major League Baseball schedule tonight and I am confident I will again do as I did last night - win two of them for my Best Bets Baseball Investment Club clients. I am releasing two teams that have the edges to win and are firing with pitchers that have been outstanding in the exhibition season.

Get all the cash with these 15-unit Best Bets Club plays, for just $10, charged to your major credit card. Better yet, get on board for the entire Best Bets Club season for just $299 and play seven days a week right through the World Series.

Best Bets Club 2016 Record
4/5...15 Units...Astros (-123) 5, Yankees 3 (Won)
4/5...10 Units...Cubs (-125) 6, Angels 1 (Won)
4/4...Nationals (-1.5 Runs -120) 4, Braves 3 (Lost)
4/4...10 Units...Mariners (+100) 2, Rangers 3 (Lost)
4/3...10 Units...Blue Jays (+110) 5, Rays 3 (Won)
4/3...Royals (+110) 4, Mets 3 (Won)

NBA Game Of Week Crushes Line Tonight Wih This Dominating 50-Unit Winner

With the NBA playoffs just days away (they begin on April 16) most of the league's 30 teams have developed a season-ending profile, with some teams still trying and others just going through the motions. As I have said many times, this situation offers bettors several new winning edges not heretofore available. Needless to say, it certainly sets the table for big-game winners.

Tonight I am releasing my 50-unit NBA Game of the Week and am confident I will get the money with the team I am releasing. All the edges belong to those on this side of the counter and consider this an invitation to join me and get the money again tonight. This 50-uniit winner is yours for just $35, charged to your major credit card. Don't miss it.

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