100 Unit Conference Tournament Game of Year Wins Tonight

Highlights 4-0 Thursday…Has 90% Chance To Win And Cover

Tomorrow I Will Explain Why I Released This 100-Unit Play Knowing It Would Win

New Handicapping Rules And Dynamics Now In Play In College Conference Tournaments

By Kelso Sturgeon

I have a long and successful history of knowing when to take a major stand on a college basketball game and tonight am doing that with complete confidence I will win my 100-Unit College Conference Tournament Game of the Year. I promise you this is the rarest of opportunities to take a stand - and it may not repeat itself until the NCAA Tournament begins.

As noted above the team I am releasing tonight grades out with a 90% chance to win and cover the number. I promise you this is one game you do not want to miss.

I am so confident I will win this game tonight I am going to give you a detail by detail explanation tomorrow as to why I chose this team. The explanation will be one of the most important handicapping lessons you will ever receive.

Wednesday Results
25 Units…Air Force (+11) 102, UNLV 108 (3 OT) (Won)
10 Units…Marquette (-7) 101, St. John's 93 (Won)
10 Units…Virginia Tech (+3) 96, Florida State 85 (Won)
10 Units…Texas Tech (-8.5) 66, TCU 67 (Lost)

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  • The rest of the college basketball post-season tournaments.
  • The entire NCAA Tournament.
  • The entire NIT, CIT and CBI post-season tournaments.
  • The rest of the NBA season

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Dynamics of Handicapping Are Changing As True Showdown Time Hits College Tournaments

The world of handicapping college basketball changed in a big way last night as the conference tournaments reached a true showdown time, mostly made up of win-or-go-home games. The three biggest changes are long-standing facts about beating your bookmaker at this time of the season.

  1. When a big underdog pulls off an upset win in its first post-season game, there is a strong change it will lose its next game as it steps up in class against an even better team.
  2. Any team, favorite or underdog, pushed to the limit to win a game at any point of the conference tournaments will have trouble covering the number in its next game.

That is as basic as it gets but one must give added weight to the impact these conditions will have when these teams again take the floor. There are many other hidden dynamics now in play - including bench depth, experience and a team's road record straight up and against the spread and its coach and they too are a part of numbers 1 and 2 above.

Always keep in mind that the lose-one-and-you're-out is something some teams can handle while most others cannot. One can't put a numerical rating on this factor but is there and it must be considered.

Baseball Season Begins April 3 And Cubs Are Legitimate 3-1 Choice To Win World Series

It has for decades been the belief in Las Vegas sports books that Chicago Cubs fans carry their support on their sleeves and in their hearts and hundreds of them have a long history of stepping up to the window and firing away in the world of futures. The Cubs might open as a 100-1 shot to win the World Series and eventually would be bet down to 15-1-to-20-1 by their devoted fans.

In short, bookmakers could have made them any lower price they wished and Cubs fans would be on them.

Last year the Cubs made a lot of noise, going 97-65 during the regular season and made it to the National League Championship Series before losing out to the New York Mets. Bookmakers say the noise will continue this season and they have made Chicago the 7-4 favorite to win the NL pennant and 3-1 to win it all.

The Cubs have not made it to the World Series the past 70 years and have not won the classic event since 1908.

In looking at the futures wagering it is also significant bookmakers have listed the Cubs as the team to win the most games this season. You can bet over or under 92.5 games. The closest teams to them in that category - all listed at 89.5 wins - are the San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets and Washington Nationals.

The defending World Series champion Kansas City Royals are the 11-2 second choice behind the Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays and Houston Astros - all offered at 9-2 - to win the American League Pennant

I am ready for the baseball season and will again be offering three services, each designed to accommodate all levels of players - from those who bet $10 a game to those who bet $1,000 and up. More on this later.

Back-To-Back 25-Unit NBA Blowout Winners Take Down The Cash And Another One Crushes Number Tonight

Last night it was the underdog New York Knicks (+2) scoring a 31-point blowout, 128-97, win at Phoenix. The night before it was the San Antonio (-10.5) taking down the Timberwolves by 25 points, 116-91, in Minneapolis.

Another curtain call is set for tonight as I go for my 3rd straight 25-unit blowout winner with a team that should win just as easily as did the Knicks and Spurs and you can get the cash again for just $20, charged to your major credit card.



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