Broncos, Panthers 7-4 Favorites To Win Conference Championships

Broncos, Panthers 7-4 Favorites To Win Conference Championships With Arizona Ironically The 3-1 Favorite To Win Super Bowl

Highrollers Go For Broke Tonight With 150-Unit 2-Team College Basketball Parlay
21-8-2 With Highroller Plays Since December 1

One Of The Most Under-Rated Teams In College Basketball Should Win Again Tonight And Highlights 3-0 Package Of Winners

By Kelso Sturgeon

It has forever been my opinion that if you are afraid to lose you can't win and that when you find the right spot to take a stand, have the confidence to take or admit you are simply a handicapping heretic carrying a heavy load of doubt that you really don't know what you're doing. That is not to suggest you win all the big bets, because there is always a risk when you put up your money. Lay -5 with a team that completely outclasses its opponent and then watch as that teams turns the ball over 22 times...well, you know what happens.

None of this should deter you sending it in when you know you're right. One cannot worry about the unpredictable.

Tonight I believe with 100% confidence I am right and am releasing, if memory over more than four decades of handicapping serves me right, my first ever 150-unit college basketball parlay.

I take nothing for granted in life or in basketball handicapping, where the risk vs. reward factor, is in play every single day. In fact, the first challenge I face each day in analyzing dozens of games is: Is the reward worth the risk of betting a particular team? Facing that issue, I use a formula to determine these factors and when the numbers say, bet, I send it in.

My Personal Best Basketball Investment Club for highrollers has been a prime beneficiary of this formula this season and won again last night with a 50-unit play on Evansville (-16.5) which got past Drake, 84-65. That was the only game that qualified for play Tuesday but tonight there are two such games on the schedule and I fully expect teams in both of them to win by comfortable margins.

The risk vs. reward factor says send it in on both games and I am releasing them in a 150-unit 2-team parlay - 50 units on each winning side and 50 units on the parlay. It's time to take a stand and I invite you to take it with me on this go-for-broke night in college basketball.

This is where the money is - GO FOR IT. Break the bank for just $50, charged to your major credit card.

Better yet, get on board for the entire NBA and college basketball seasons with a membership in my Personal Best Club - a service is designed for true highrollers who are looking for 4-5 of the highest-rated games to bet each week. Games are rated at 50-units, 100-units and 200-units. Cost for the entire college and NBA seasons is $999, or one can play for $299 per month. By-the-day players will pay $50 each day. Sign up on this website or toll free at my office, 1-800-755-2255. I will let my current record do the rest of the talking.

Personal Best Club Highrollers Record Since Dec. 1, 2015
21-8--2...72% Winners

1/12...50 Units...Evansville (-16.5) 84, Drake 65 (Won)
1/10...50 Units...VCU (-9) 72, Saint Louis 56 (Won)
1/9...50 Units...Evansville (-25) 67, Bradley 35 (Won)
1/9...50 Units...Miami (-9.5) 72, Florida State 59 (Won)
1/8...50 Units...Trail Blazers (+9.5) 108, Warriors 128 (Lost)
1/7...50 Units...Louisiana Tech (-3) 53, Old Dominion 56 (Lost)
1/6...50 Units...Fordham (-10) 66, La Salle 61 (Lost)
1/5...50 Units...Penn State (-5.5) 86, Minnesota 77 (Won)
1/3...50 Units...Wichita State (-21) 85, Bradley 58 (Won)
1/2...100 Units...East Carolina (-5) 68, Central Florida 71 (Lost)
12/31...50 Units...Harvard (-7) 77, Wofford 57 (Won)
12/30...50 Units...IUPU-Ft. Wayne (-4.5) 90, Oral Roberts 84 (Won)
12/29...50 Units...Kansas State (-12.5) 75, Saint Louis 47 (Won)
12/27...50 Units...Kings (-9) 94, Trail Blazers 98 (Lost)
12/23...50 Units...Thunder (-14) 120, Lakers 85 (Won)
12/22...50 Units...Fordham (-4) 55, Boston College 64 Lose)
12/21...50 Units...Southern Illinois (-2) 65, Saint Louis 52 (Won)
12/19...50 Units...Loyola-Chicago (-12.5) 64, Illinois-Chicago 47 (Won)
12/17...50 Units...Middle Tennessee (+1) 83, Belmont 62 (Won)
12/16...50 Units...Richmond (-4) 77, Old Dominion 61 (Won)
12/15...50 Units...Eastern Kentucky (-6.5) 80, FAU 73 (Won)
12/14...50 Units...Pistons (+2) 103, Clippers 105 (Push)
12/13...50 Units...South Dakota State (-9.5) 86, Cal-Santa Barbara 68 (Won)
12/12...100 Units...UNLV (-6) 73, Cal-Riverside 62 (Won)
12/11...50 Units...Spurs (-14.5) 109, Lakers 87 (Won)
12/9...50 Units...St. John's (-9) 48, Niagara 44 (Lost)
12/7...50 Units...Timberwolves (+4) 106, Clippers 110 (Push)
12/6...50 Units...Pistons (-9.5) 111, Lakers 91 (Won)
12/5...50 Units...Long Beach State (-1.5) 67, New Mexico State 53 (Won)
12/3...50 Units...Cal-Riverside (-16) 77, Northern Colorado 66 (Lost)
12/2...50 Units...Northeastern (-7.5) 80, Harvard 71 (Won)


Steelers May Be Handicapped With Big-Time Injury Problems Against Denver, Including Big Ben

The NFL Divisional semifinals will be played this weekend, with the Denver Broncos (12-4) the 7-4 favorite to win the American Football Conference title and with the NFC honor falling on the Carolina Panthers (15-1) at the same price. Ironically, the prices at many books have the Arizona Cardinals (13-3) 3-1 to win the Super Bowl.

I am still working diligently to handicap these games and will most likely again be offering at least one of them as a 100-unit play. I went a perfect 6-0 in last weekend's wild card round, with the highlight of it all being a 100-unit Wild Card Game of the Year winner with the Kansas City Chiefs (-3) with their 30-0 blowout win over the Houston Texans - and, yes, it was as easy as it looks.

Things get a bit dicey this weekend, but that does not scare me. If I believe I am right, we're going to send it in. More on this later.

Sunday 4-0 In NFL Wild Card Games
30 Units...Vikings (+4.5) 9, Seahawks 10 (Won)
15 Units...Vikings-Seahawks Under 39.5 Points (Won)
5 Units...Parlay of Vikings and Under (Won)
15 Units...Packers (+1.5) 35, Redskins 18 (Won)

Saturday 2-0 In NFL Wild Card Games
100 Units...Chiefs (-3) 30, Texans 0 (Won)
10 Units...Bengals (+2.5) 16, Steelers 18 (Won)

One Of The Most Under-Rated Teams In College Basketball Should Win Again Tonight And Highlights 3-0 Package Of Winners

Do not ask me why because I cannot explain why those making betting lines on college basketball simply ignore teams that are outrunning past form. That means there are at least 19-20 teams among the 351 on the betting board take the court for each game with a favorable betting line. Bookmakers must be remembering them from what they did in the past and simply overlooking the fact they are much better this time around.

We have just such a team on tonight's schedule - a team with a big pointspread edge - and I am releasing it as my top Best Bets Basketball Investment Club game of the night. You can win this 15-unit play with me, plus get two other 10-unit bets, for just $15, charged to your major credit card.

Better yet get on board for the entire Best Bets Basketball Investment Club college and NBA seasons for just $199 and receive 2-3 best bets each day, seven days a week. Sign up on this website or toll free at my office, 1-800-755-2255.



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