Regular NFL Season Closes On 4-1 Note Including 100-Unit Win By Steelers

Regular NFL Season Closes On 4-1 Note Including 100-Unit Win By Steelers And Saturday’s Playoffs Will Begin With Another 100-Unit Play

Basketball Highrollers On 16-5-2 Run And Another 50-Unit Winner Gets It Done Tuesday

$100-Per Unit Bettors Up $56,500…$10 Bettors +$5,650

By Kelso Sturgeon

I have entered the New Year after more than four decades as a bettor, linesmaker and professional handicapper and over the years have witnessed this world looking down from the highest mountains and looking up from the deepest pits of betting hell—exhilarating as a trip to Nirvana and as agonizing as a 100-mile hike across Death Valley in the heat of summer. Two different worlds operating on the same planet.

One can live in both worlds as long as you win more than you lose and that begins with the understanding one cannot win them all. An individual who is afraid to lose can never win. As noted, win more money than you lose and the world is your apple.

It is at this time each year I stop and reflect on the past, present and future, study my mistakes and successes and make adjustments to keep up with all that is taking place on the other side of the counter. Most of all I ask myself whether I still enjoy what I am doing, knowing when the day comes I am no longer enthusiastic about handicapping and betting sports I will call it quits.

The New Year is now four days old and after hours of thought on the matter, I know I still love this game and will continue to win for myself and the sports betting world. Handicapping is my life; I want to do nothing else, ever. Football, basketball, baseball—bring it on. I will match my wits with those of bookmakers and know most of the time I can beat them, and that is something I prove over and again.

At the present time I am enjoying a dynamite year handicapping basketball and football right now, although I must admit I did not have the bowl season I usually enjoy, But there is still that national championship game next Monday between Clemson (14-0) and Alabama (13-1) left for redemption. Alabama is a strong 7-point favorite—a number that seems a bit high—but I thought the same thing New Year’s Eve when I took Michigan State (+10) over Alabama and got creamed, 38-0.

Here Is How I Did This Past Weekend In Football And Basketball

In NFL Sunday

100 Units…Steelers (-12) 28, Browns 12 (Won)
25 Units…Vikings (+3) 20, Packers 13 (Won)
15 Units…Bills (+3) 22, Jets 17 (Won)
10 Units…49ers-Rams Under 39.5 (Won)
10 Units…Patriots (-10) 10, Dolphins 20 (lost)

In College Bowls Saturday

25 Units…Arizona State (+2.5) 42, West Virginia 43 (Won)
10 Units…Georgia (-6) 24, Penn State 17 (Won)
10 Units…Oregon (-7) 41, TCU 47 (Lost)
*Blew 31-0 halftime lead in this one.

In Basketball Sunday

50 Units…Wichita State (-21) 85, Bradley 58 (Won)
25 Units…Raptors (-3.5) 113, Bulls 115 (Lost)
15 Units…UAB (-7) 62, Middle Tennessee (67)
10 Units…Wake Forest (+15) 57, Louisville 65 (Won)

In Basketball Saturday

100 Units…East Carolina (-8.5) 68, Central Florida 71 (Lost)
25 Units…Air Force (-9.5) 64, San Jose State 57 (Lost)
15 Units…Xavier (-4.5) 88, Butler 69 (Won)
10 Units…Kansas (-11) 17, Baylor 74 (Won)
10 Units…Iowa State (+8) 83, Oklahoma 87 (Won)


I Closed Out The NFL Regular Season With 100-Unit Winner
And Will Open Playoffs Saturday With Another 100-Unit Play

I closed out the NFL regular season on a 4-1 Sunday, including a 100-unit win by the Pittsburgh Steelers (-12) over the Cleveland Browns, 28-12, and am going to open the playoffs this Saturday with a 100-unit play on one of the two games - the Kansas City Chiefs (11-5) at the Houston Texans (9-7) or the Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6) at the Cincinnati Bengals (12-4) - and I am confident I will again get the money.

This 100-unit winner on Saturday will launch an NFL post-season that concludes Sunday, February 7, with Super Bowl #50, which will be played at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. From start to finish I will be offering plays on every post-season game, with them rated from 15 units to up to 400 units. There will be at least one more 100-unit play in the mix.

You can purchase my entire NFL playoff package for just $99 and includes as a free bonus my daily best bets in basketball right through the Super Bowl. I opened the season winning in the NFL and closed it in the same manner and the winning will continue. Click here to sign up for the NFL Playoff Package, or call toll free at the office, 1-800-755-2255.

The Wild-Card Weekend Menu

Saturday, January 9
Kansas City (11-5) at Houston (9-7): Kickoff at 4:35 Eastern…Televised on ABC
Pittsburgh (10-6) at Cincinnati (12-4): Kickoff at 8:15 Eastern…Televised on CBS

Sunday, January 10
Seattle (10-6) at Minnesota (11-5): Kickoff at 1:05 Eastern…Televised on NBC
Green Bay (10-6) at Washington (9-7): Kickoff at 4:40 Eastern…FOX 


Basketball Highrollers On 16-5-2 Run And Another 50-Unit Winner Gets It Done Tuesday
$100-Per Unit Bettors Up $56,500…$10 Bettors +$5,650

There is no more profitable club in all of basketball than my Personal Best Basketball Investment club that is specifically designed for highrollers. If you had bet $100-per-unit on each of the 23 games released since December 1 you have a profit of $56,500. If you were a $10 player, you pocked $5,650.

The winning continues Tuesday night when I release another 50-unit play and it goes without saying I am confident I will win another big-game play. You can win it with me for just $35, charged to your major credit card.

Better yet, get on board for the entire NBA and college basketball seasons with a membership in my Personal Best Club—a service is designed for true highrollers who are looking for 4-5 of the highest-rated games to bet each week. Games are rated at 50-units, 100-units and 200-units. Cost for the entire college and NBA seasons is $1,299, or one can play for $399 per month. By-the-day players will pay from $25 to $50 each day. Sign up on this website or toll free at my office, 1-800-755-2255.

All Personal Best releases face stiff factors to qualify for play, with the tell-tale requirement that a team must grade out at an 80% chance to cover. That is an obvious winning reality since in the month of December that number sits at 76%. I will let my current record do the rest of the talking.

Personal Best Club Highrollers December Record: 14-4--2…78% Winners

1/3…50 Units…Wichita State (-21) 85, Bradley 58 (Won)
1/2…100 Units…East Carolina (-5) 68, Central Florida 71 (Lost)
12/31…50 Units…Harvard (-7) 77, Wofford 57 (Won)
12/30…50 Units…IUPU-Ft. Wayne (-4.5) 90, Oral Roberts 84 (Won)
12/29…50 Units…Kansas State (-12.5) 75, Saint Louis 47 (Won)
12/27…50 Units…Kings (-9) 94, Trail Blazers 98 (Lost)
12/23…50 Units…Thunder (-14) 120, Lakers 85 (Won)
12/22…50 Units…Fordham (-4) 55, Boston College 64( Lost)
12/21…50 Units…Southern Illinois (-2) 65, Saint Louis 52 (Won)
12/19…50 Units…Loyola-Chicago (-12.5) 64, Illinois-Chicago 47 (Won)
12/17…50 Units…Middle Tennessee (+1) 83, Belmont 62 (Won)
12/16…50 Units…Richmond (-4) 77, Old Dominion 61 (Won)
12/15…50 Units…Eastern Kentucky (-6.5) 80, FAU 73 (Won)
12/14…50 Units…Pistons (+2) 103, Clippers 105 (Push)
12/13…50 Units…South Dakota State (-9.5) 86, Cal-Santa Barbara 68 (Won)
12/12…100 Units…UNLV (-6) 73, Cal-Riverside 62 (Won)
12/11…50 Units…Spurs (-14.5) 109, Lakers 87 (Won)
12/9…50 Units…St. John’s (-9) 48, Niagara 44 (Lost)
12/7…50 Units…Timberwolves (+4) 106, Clippers 110 (Push)
12/6…50 Units…Pistons (-9.5) 111, Lakers 91 (Won)
12/5…50 Units…Long Beach State (-1.5) 67, New Mexico State 53 (Won)
12/3…50 Units…Cal-Riverside (-16) 77, Northern Colorado 66 (Lost)
12/2…50 Units…Northeastern (-7.5) 80, Harvard 71 (Won)


Best Bets Basketball Club Goes 4-1 Over Weekend, Shoots For 2 More Winners Tonight

My Best Bets Basketball Investment Club just finished a 4-1 weekend and is jumping right back into the fire tonight with two more knockout winners with teams that have all the important edges to get it done. My top play of the night will be a 15-unit move on a team primed to play its best game of the year. You can win this game, plus a second unit-rated play, for just $15, charged to your major credit card. While you can win these two games for just $15, keep in mind you can get the entire Best Bets Basketball Investment Club season (college and NBA games) for just $199 and receive 2-3 best bets each day. Again, all major credit cards accepted. Sign up on this website or toll free at my office, 1-800-755-2255.

Best Bets Club 4-1 Over Weekend

1/3/16…15 Units…UAB (-7) 62, Middle Tennessee 67 (Lost)
1/3/16…Wake Forest (+15) 57, Louisville 65 (Won)
1/2/16…15 Units…Xavier (-4.5) 88, Butler 69 (Won)
1/2/16…10 Units…Kansas (-11) 107, Baylor 74 (Won)
1/2/16…Iowa State (+8) 83, Oklahoma 87 (Won)


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