Big Money Coming In On Cowboys

Insiders Sending In Big Money On Cowboys Because Of Doubts About Packers' Rodgers
Price On Green Bay Drops To -5.5...May Go Lower

50-Unit NBA Game Of Week Set To Crush The Number Friday Night

100-Unit NFL Divisional Playoff Game Of Year Highlights 4-0 Weekend...5-1 In Wild-Card Round Last Week

100-Unit College Blowout Has 90% Chance To Win And Cover The Number Saturday 

By Kelso Sturgeon

LAS VEGAS - Las Vegas bookmakers were taken by surprise the past two days when the National Football League known insiders and the wisest of the wiseguys showed up to bet their money on the Dallas Cowboys over the Green Bay Packers in one of Sunday's Divisional Playoff games. So much "smart money" has hit the town in past 36 hours, the number on the favored Packers has dropped from -6.5 to -5.5 - and some bookmakers say it might go lower.

Monday speaks loudly in this town and the move on Green Bay is screaming that the smart money guys do not believe Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers who injured his calf in the last regular game of the season, is going to be healthy for the game and, even if he starts, will perform at a subpar level. Rodgers has not practiced since that game - played on December 28 - but was supposed to be on the field today.

The situation has also created a place where bookmakers to not want to be - looking right into the eyes at a "middle. Those who took +6.5 earlier can now come back and lay the -5.5 and hope the game falls on 6, giving them two winning bets.

This columnist is working overtime to confirm the status of Rodgers but do not wish to mislead anyone. I have no first-hand knowledge of Rodgers' condition, other than to say it is not a good sign he has not practiced. Just pay attention and bet this game as late as you can.

100-Unit Play Highlights 4-0 NFL Playoff Weekend

I opened the NFL playoffs with a 5-1 record on wild-card weekend (see record below) and am confident the winning will continue this Saturday and Sunday. While the number figures to be in play in each of the four games, I believe I have found one of the eight teams with three specific e edges that translates into a big winner and I will be releasing that team as a 100-unit play
The weekend NFL playoff package for Saturday and Sunday will be priced at $75, or you can play each individual day for $50 each. All major credit cards accepted.

The Weekend's Divisional Playoffs

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (12-4) -7 over Baltimore Ravens (11-6)
SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (12-4) -10.5 over Carolina Panthers (8-8)
GREEN BAY PACKERS (12-4) -5.5 over Dallas Cowboys
DENVER BRONCOS (12-4) -7 over Indianapolis Colts (12-5)

My 5-1 NFL Wild-Card Weekend
Sunday, Jan. 4
15 Units...Colts (-3.5) 26, Bengals 10 WON)
10 Units...Lions (+6.5) 20, Cowboys 24 (WON)
5 Units...Colts-Bengals Under 48.5 Points (WON)
5 Units...Parlay of Colts and Under (WON)
Saturday, Jan 3
50 Units...Ravens (+3) 30, Steelers 17 (WON)
10 Units...Panthers-Cardinals Under 37.5 (Lost)

Game Day Weather Forecasts In Host Cities

In Foxboro: Sunny with high temperature of 23, low of 7. (New England QB Tom Brady has a 34-4 post-season record when the temperatures are below 40 degrees. Baltimore QB Joe Flacco is 10-5 under those same circumstances)

In Seattle: Cloudy with high temperature of 49, low of 42, and with possibility of showers during the game.

In Green Bay: Bitter cold with high temperature of 23 and low of 9. No snow is in the forecast.

In Denver:High temperature of 46, low of 23, with game-time temperatures in mid 30s. No snow forecast. (It is of note Denver QB Peyton Manning, as good as he is, has a career playoff record of 0-4 in post-season games in which temperatures are below 40 degrees. The Colts are a dome team playing outdoors)

Early Bettors Taking Money Line Stand,On Ohio State For Monday's National Championship Game

While the betting line on Mondays national championship game between Ohio State (13-1) and Oregon (13-1) has dropped a half point, with the Ducks now favored by 6.5 points, bookmakers say most of the big bets they have taken have been money line plays on Ohio State. Right now, Oregon is -220 on the money line while Ohio State is +185.

Somewhere between 75-80% of all totals betting on the game has been on the "over". In the last 24 hours that number has been pushed from 73.5 to 75.5.

I will be releasing the game as a 100-unit side/total play.

Kansas Has Played Toughest Schedule

As a basketball handicapper, I check two things about the teams in each game - (1). Its RPI rating and (2) the strength of its schedule. The RPI is the NCAA's way of evaluating each of the 351 teams playing under its Division I banner. Here is a list of the teams that have played the 20th toughest schedules in the country, ranking them from 1-20, including their current record.

  1. Kansas 12-2
  2. VCU 12-3
  3. 3. Long Beach State 6-10
  4. Kentucky 14-0
  5. Georgia 9-4
  6. Virginia 14-0
  7. Charlotte 6-7
  8. UNLV 9-6
  9. St. John's 11-4
  10. Massachusetts 8-7
  11. Villanova 14-1
  12. Wisconsin 15-1
  13. Michigan State 10-5
  14. North Carolina 11-4
  15. George Mason 6-7
  16. Georgia Tech 9-5
  17. Providence 12-4
  18. Wichita State 13-2
  19. McNeese State 6-7
  20. Butler 11-5

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