World Cup Soccer Bettors Wagering On Blind Faith, Matches Are Not Fixed

World Cup Soccer Bettors Wagering On Blind Faith, Matches Are Not Fixed

Insiders Say Crime Syndicates Have Taken Over Soccer And Call The Shots Fixing Games
While Corrupt FIFA Leadership Looks The Other Way

Report Says Fixers Pay From $170,000 To $500,000 To Leaders And Politicians To Fix A Single Game 

By Kelso Sturgeon

The cloud over World Cup soccer betting gets darker by the day as more investigations allege more than 750 games were fixed last year because powerful criminal syndicates in Europe, Africa and Asia are so entrenched in the game they are basically in charge of the outcome of many matches. They control team owners, officials, politicians and players who welcome the dirty money and who are quite willing to go along with the fix.

Payment to fix a single game runs between $175,000 and $500,000, according to recent published reports in England. News media in the United States have completely ignored this story and continues to present the World Cup games as great sporting events, pure as fresh fallen snow and as tasty as mama’s apple pie.

The latest allegation of fixing games appeared this past weekend in London’s The Telegraph and investigators with no connection to soccer reported after a six-month undercover study they have overwhelming evidence those connected to the Ghana team which the United States upset 2-1 in the opening round of the World Cup are knee-deep in scandal and have cooperated with the fixes in games leading up to the Cup.

Who knows what that means when Ghana and Portugal meet Thursday in Brazil, or what it means on that same day when the United States takes on powerful Germany. Portugal is the +126 favorite over Ghana (+182) while Germany (-139) is the overwhelming choice to beat the Americans (+921).

I will again watch the United States take on Germany and will enjoy the game, overjoyed if America wins it and know the sun will come up tomorrow if our boys lose. However, I will not bet a penny on the games. There is no reason to go looking for trouble, especially since it is common knowledge in the sport the crooks run it at every level.

International Criminals Have Taken Over Soccer

All the reports from the United Kingdom newspapers and the electronic and social media contend soccer is in the hands of powerful criminals and it is all about money, both for the fixers and the bookmakers.  The fabric of soccer today apparently is made up of these five elements.

  1. It’s all about betting money—millions of dollars of it.
  2. Criminal-controlled front companies—all appearing legitimate—worm their way into soccer by sponsoring games, events etc. and their only goal is to befriend everybody in the sport –usually by passing out lavish gifts such as a new Mercedes or Bentley and bags of money. Sometimes it as easy as giving the team the best uniforms, the best equipment and the best practice facilities.
  3. The criminal enterprises also add to their camp powerful politicians in Europe, Asia and Africa and grow even more powerful under their imprimatur.
  4. Bookmakers quickly learn which referees, coaches, players, FIFA big wigs and powerful politicians in mostly poor third-world countries are on the take.
  5. After that, bookmakers use all those individuals to make certain the game comes out in a way they bookies make all the money. The investigations show bookmakers can make $4-$5 million scores on a single popular international match.

Ghana Corruption Is Microcosm Of Soccer

                The Telegraph of London and London’s Channel 4 joined together in the six-month undercover investigation and reported it found the following.

  1. Christopher Forsythe, a registered FIFA agent, and Obed Nketiah, one of the leaders of the Ghanaian Football Association, met with officials from a phony front company put in place by the aforementioned London media, and acknowledge they had the power to fix any game in which the country’s soccer team played.
  2. The two then met in Miami with Kwesi Nyantakyi, president of the Ghana Football Association, right before Ghana played a pre-World Cup match before heading to Brazil, and a contract was signed that the African team would play in matches that were fixed.
  3. Nyantakyi agreed he would be paid $170,000 for each fixed game.
  4. The contract also said the front company could name all the officials.
  5. To make the front company look legitimate Nyantakyi also insisted it put on at least two more matches after the World Cup

After The Telegraph presented its evidence in publishing the story, all involved in agreeing to fix the games said it was all a big misunderstanding and that none of them intended to fix any games. Unfortunately, the contract and other documents are all there in black and white for all to see.

It appears there is no place to run and hide but FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) has in the past found ways to bury things such as this while at the same time demanding the world accept it as a legitimate enterprise, all evidence to the contrary.

The position of FIFA makes sense, since so many have their hands out.

This Is Biggest Scandal In Sports History

There is no doubt in my mind the growing soccer scandal is the biggest in sports history and only reinforces my belief the truth is the biggest lie of all. If that’s too heavy for you, think a bit about it.

I have written many times that my experience in the gambling world has taught me I cannot trust anyone—and I don’t, friend or foe alike. When there is money in the room, one can get a nice firm handshake and a knife in the back, all from the same individual.

In the gambling universe, I have my own way of going—and I am as friendly as possible doing my thing each day, whether dealing with friend or foe.

  1. I trust absolutely no one in the sports betting/gambling world. My experience has shown the finest and most respectable of men have the ability to sit at the feet of God and lie.
  2. I assume every telephone call is tapped.
  3. I assume every stranger is a cop.
  4. The least of all men in my the world of gambling is the person who is extremely friendly, dresses quite well, drives an expensive car and has a plus office. Most of all, NEVER open the door and let this guy in. He is up to no good.

I have been in the gambling business one way or another for more than four decades and I know some college football and basketball games are fixed, that the NBA stinks to the high heavens in the integrity department and that when it comes to betting totals in the NFL one must beware.

I once sat in on a meeting of Mafia big wigs in an off-the-beaten-path Italian restaurant in Brooklyn where these gentlemen were entertaining a leading harness driver from The Meadowlands—and, yes—they were in the process of fixing every single race on the card that night.

Money corrupts the best of men.

And against this background of this sometimes dark world I still beat the game—not because I am in the know, but because I know.

Yes, I will grab a cold one and watch the soccer games Thursday but you can again mark me absent.

You are on your own, ye of blind faith.


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