NBA Playoff Underdogs Covering 69% Of Time And Bookmakers Are Not Going To Stand For It

100-Unit NBA Showdown Game Of Week Wins As Underdog Wizards Upset Bulls 75-69  

Highrollers Club gets It Done Again With 100-Unit Win By Royals (-135) 10-7 Over Blue Jays - Now 8-3 Last 11 Plays  

NBA Playoff Underdogs Covering 69% Of Time And Bookmakers Are Not Going To Stand For It - Favorites Just 9-25-2 Against Number 


By Kelso Sturgeon 

               This simply cannot be happening but it is—this almost unbelievable run of underdog covers in the NBA playoffs. Let these figures soak in. There are 36 first-round playoff games in the book and the favorites have covered the number nine—yes, just 9 times, meaning underdogs stand 25-9-2 against the spread (ATS) for a 69% success rate.

                One thing is immediately obvious. With underdogs covering at this rate a trend has been established and bookmakers, who hate trends bettors, are certain to make adjustments to counter the heavy money that is now being wagered on the ‘dogs. Underdogs will certainly continue to cover but handicappers and bettors must deal with the reality that 69% cover number will not stand.

                For the record my NBA playoff clients last night won a 100-unit play on one of those underdogs as the Washington Wizards (+4.5) rolled into Chicago and knocked off the Bulls, 75-69, to advance to the Eastern Conference semifinals.

                The reality is bettors wagering the same amount of money on each game have only to hit 52.38% winners to break even. Winning underdog bets at a 69% rate would quickly break bookmakers. That’s now over, my friend, and bookies will bring to a close the automatic betting on the ‘dogs. It is now back to the real world of handicapping.

                During the regular college season, it became obvious after about one week of handicapping bookmakers had worked overtime to more accurately define the true numerical value of each of the 345 teams on which we bet. NBA betting lines were also tight, but never as hard as they are right now.

                It is apparent bookmakers and bettors put some of the more “pubic” NBA teams on a pedestal and bet them, pushed in that direction by unrealistic fairy land media hype that may be good for picking winners and quite misleading when predicting covers.

                My advice to handicappers is to pay careful attention to betting lines that from day-to-day reflect changing numerical ratings on which pointspreads are based and to realize after no more than the first two games of a series—maybe even after one—the dynamics change and “situation” handicap takes over.

Miami 2-5 To Win Eastern Conference 3-2 To Win It All

                The Miami Heat, who knocked off the Charlotte Bobcats 4-0 in their best-of-7 series, are now 2-5 to win the Eastern Conference championship and the 3-2 favorite to win their third-straight NBA championship. Oklahoma City 3-2 and San Antonio are co-favorites to win the Western Conference championship with the Clippers listed at 9-2

                Oklahoma City and the Spurs are 7-2 co-favorites to win the NBA title, while the Clippers are 10-1.

                As for handicapping Clippers games amid the chaos brought about by team owner Donald Sterling’s ignorant and offensive racist comments, it’s red-flag caution for me until I see how the team performs under this major distraction. They obviously played well last night when as 7.5-point favorites beat the Golden State Warriors, 113-103, but I need to see more.

                As for my feelings about Sterling, Snoop Dogg expressed them in the proper terms and, if you want to know, what he had to say, just google him on the internet where he is speaking for me. I would share them here but I do not want to offend anyone with the rather strong language he used.

                Let me just say that he certainly got it right.

Baseball Highrollers Go To 8-3 With Royals 100-Unit Win

                I am pleased to report all three of my baseball services continue to win with consistency and there is little question my Personal Best Baseball Investment Club for highrollers is really rocking bookmakers. The club took down the big money again last night with a winning 100-unit play on the Kansas City Royals (-135) who knocked off the Toronto Blue Jays, 10-7.

                That win pushed the club’s record to 8-3 over the past 12 days.

                You can get the highroller plays for just $25 per day, or sign up for the season package at a true bargain price and play daily through the World Series in October and save a fortune. Get all the details on this website or toll free at 1-800-755-2255. The price is right and all major credit cards accepted.

                Here are the games in that 8-3 big-game run.

The Current 8-3 Highrollers Run

4/28…100 Units…Royals (-135) 10, Blue Jays 7 (Win)
4/28…50 Units…Angels (-123) 6, Indians 3 (Win)
4/27…50-Unit Play Rained Out
4/26…50 Units…Mets (-140) 6, Marlins 7 (Lose)
4/25…50 Units…Tigers (-130)…10, Twins 6 (Win)
4/24…50 Units…Nationals (-160) 3, Padres 4 (12) (Lose)
4/23…Dodgers (-165) 5, Phillies 2 (Win)
4/22…Brewers (-140) 1, Padres 2 (12 Innings) (Lose)
4/21…Texas Rangers (-125) 4, Oakland Athletics 3 (Win)
4/20…50 Units…Red Sox (-155) 6, Orioles 5 (Win)
4/19…50 Units…Dodgers (-2.5 Runs +11) 8, Diamondbacks 6 (Win)
4/18…50 Units…Rangers (-160) 12, White Sox 0 (Win) 

The Wednesday Night Betting Menu

25-Unit American League Game Of Week Wins Tonight For Just $15

                This past Tuesday my Best Bets Baseball Investment Club Clients won a nice 25-unit National League Game of the Week as the underdog Colorado Rockies (+115) knocked off the Arizona Diamondbacks 8-5 and tonight I am going for my 25-unit American League Game of the Week, quite confident I will cash the big ticket in this one just as easily as I did with the Rockies.

There are six American League Games on the schedule games and one of them involves a team that meets all the requirements for being a Best Bets Club game of the week—and I intend to take down the money with a 25-unit play on that team. We have all the edges in this one and you can win my 25-unit American League Best Bets Club Game of the Week for just $15, charged to your major credit card.

Highrollers Baseball Continues To Sizzle Tonight With 50-Unit Winner

                As noted above my Personal Best Baseball Investment Club for highrollers is 8-3 over the past 12 days and should keep right on rolling with another 50-unit play that should win in dominating fashion. Please note that record could easily be 10-0 in that time frame, with all three losses coming by a single run, but that’s history. There is team on tonight’s schedule that grades out with better than a 90% chance to win and I am going for the big money again. Get this 50-unit baseball winner for just $25, charged to your major credit card. 

50-Unit 2-Team NBA Parlay Set To Break Bank Tonight

                There are three games on the NBA playoffs schedule tonight—Brooklyn Nets at Toronto Raptors, Dallas Mavericks at San Antonio Spurs and Portland Trail Blazers at Houston Rockets—and my figures say two of these teams grade out as solid covers and I am taking advantage of the situation to make a major 50-unit score. I am releasing the two winners as 20-uni plays and then tying them up in a 10-unit parlay. Get all the cash tonight for just $25, charged to your major credit card.


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