First 100-Unit College Basketball Game Of Season Set To Win In Blowout Fashion Saturday

First 100-Unit College Basketball Game Of Season Set To Win In Blowout Fashion Saturday  

Weather Could Again Play Major Role In NFL And Basketball This Weekend  

100-Unit Special NFL Play Gets Big Win Sunday  

Annual 100-Unit NFL Triple Crown Wins Sunday 

By Kelso Sturgeon

I do not mean to be an "I-told-you-so" kind of guy but just as I said earlier the National Football League playoff picture is as clear as mud, and even more so heading into Sunday's game. The San Diego Chargers (a 50-unit play for my clients) upset the Denver Broncos 27-20 Thursday night to add another heavy dose of confusion to the post-season.

Heading into that game, it was a given the Broncos would beat the Chargers and then waste both Houston (2-11) and Oakland (4-9) in back-to-back road wins. With the loss to San Diego, Denver (now 11-3) opened the door to the Kansas City Chiefs (10-3) to win the American Football Conference West and gave hope to the New England Patriots (10-3) to gain home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

This does not mean Denver will not prevail and win the AFC West and get the home field advantage but it now means neither is for certain. On a positive note, it is interesting the Broncos have a win percentage of 72.7 off a win and 1.000 off a loss.

Kansas City is a 5-point favorite Sunday at Oakland and gets Indianapolis at home next week and will close out the season at San Diego in its final game.

New England is a 1-point favorite at Miami Sunday and next play at Baltimore before closing out against Buffalo alone.

The list of playoff scenarios is so long, I am not going to list them, but bettors need to individually need to check out what it means for a team to win or lose.

NFL  Injury/Personnel Report

Washington - QB Kirk Cousins (None) expected to start Sunday vs. Atlanta.
Chicago - QB Jay Cutler (Ankle) is upgraded to expected to start Sunday vs. Cleveland.
Jacksonville - RB Maurice Jones-Drew (Hamstring) is downgraded to doubtful Sunday vs. Buffalo.
New England - TE Rob Gronkowski (ACL) out for season.
Minnesota - QB Matt Cassel (None) expected to start Sunday vs. Philadelphia.
Minnesota - RB Adrian Peterson (Foot) is downgraded to doubtful Sunday vs. Philadelphia.
Green Bay - QB Aaron Rodgers (Collarbone) is downgraded to doubtful Sunday vs. Dallas.

Sunday's NFL Betting Menu

100-Unit NFL Knockout Situation Play Wins Sunday
I am a strong believer in the power of the situation and circumstances under which NFL games are played at this point of the season-and that means San Diego's win over Denver created a scenario that makes one team still alive for the playoffs a 100-unit play Sunday. This game was not on my original menu but will now be my strongest play of the day. You can win this 100-unit knockout NFL play for just $50, charged to your major credit card.

100-Unit NFL Triple Crown Goes 7-0 Sunday
I intend to break the bank today with my 100-unit NFL Triple Crown, an annual event I have won for three of the past four seasons. The NFL Triple Crown is made up of three 25-unit winners and then 25 units in four parlays. Get all the cash with me today for just $50, charged to your major credit card. Do not miss this GIANT PLAY - Click here.

50-Unit NFL Blowout Crushes The Number Sunday
There is one team on today's schedule that will win in blowout fashion, and I am releasing the winning team as a 50-unit play. A modest favorite grades out as a 17-21-point winner, and you can win this 50-unit NFL blowout for just $50, click here.

Best Bets Club Set To Go 3-0 In The NFL Sunday - Topped By My 15-Unit Solid Gold Play
Won Monday night with a 25-unit play on the Bears (+1) 45-28 over the Cowboys
My Best Bets Football Investment Club clients stumbled last Sunday, but all season long have been on the plus side, and will add more profits with three more standout plays. Click here to win the 15-unit game, plus two more 10-unit NFL plays, for $15

Monday Night Football 9-2-1 Last 6 Weeks - 25-Unit Score On Ravens-Lions
I have been on a very solid run in Monday Night Football over the past six weeks, and intend to take down the money again tonight with a 25-unit play on the Baltimore Ravens (7-7) at the Detroit Lions (7-6) game and am quite confident I will again get the money. Win this 25-unit play with me for just $25. Click here to see Kelso's 9-2-1 MNF record over the past five weeks.

Weather In Play In Football, Basketball Betting Saturday And Sunday

Every passing day brings another development that makes this hysterical threat of global warming and here is the latest, even though the beginning of winter does not arrive until next Saturday, Dec. 21.

The second major snow storm of the year is moving across the Midwest and East Coast and is a threat to football games such as the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia and the Seattle Seahawks at the New York Giants and Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers games. The storm is spread across 18 states and has the potential to disrupt teams traveling to Saturday and Sunday games-never a positive thing for the road team.

It just makes sense to pay attention to weather this weekend.

And why we are supposedly living at a time the existence of mankind supposedly is threatened by global warming let me share this additional news.

At a conference in San Diego this weekend, NASA report that in August it recorded the coldest temperature ever on any place on earth when in Antarctica 135.8 degrees below zero.

It is snowing in Cairo, Egypt, for the first time in 112 years.

Saturday's Basketball Betting Menu

100-Unit College Basketball Revenge Game Of The Year Wins Saturday
The team I am releasing has every single edge and while a modest favorite really wants to win this game in dominating fashion and get revenge for last season's loss. I know for a fact the team I am releasing will bring its "A" game seeking revenge. Win my 100-unit College Basketball Revenge Game of the Year for just $50..

15-Unit Play On Nationally Televised Game Tops 3-0 College Basketball Saturday
This past Saturday I went a perfect 3-0 in College Basketball, winning with a 15-unit play on Colorado that slipped by Kansas, 75-72, and with back-to-back 10-unit plays on Southern Miss and South Florida and I intend to repeat that performance today. I am releasing to my Best Bets Basketball Investment Club three games highlighted by a 15-unit play on the nationally televised (ESPN) showdown that has Kentucky at North Carolina. Go 3-0 for just $15, charged to your major credit card.

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