100-Unit AAC Game Of Year Wins Last Night As Underdog Central Florida (+14.5) Beats Louisville 38-35

100-Unit AAC Game Of Year Wins Last Night As Underdog Central Florida (+14.5) Beats Louisville 38-35

By Kelso Sturgeon

There are many things of which we are certain heading into Week VII of the college football season-that it is truly showdown time for Clemson and Florida State and UCLA and Stanford, that Ohio State will win its 19th straight as it hosts Iowa, that voodoo-cursed Southern Miss will suffer its 18th consecutive loss while visiting East Carolina and that betting lines are just as challenging as ever.

Now, add to the things we know for certain the fact I won my 100-Unit American Athletic Conference Game of the Year as underdog Central Florida (+14.5) pulled off the outright upset-just as I suggested the Knights might do-knocked off previously unbeaten Louisville, 38-35. It was obviously a nice win and there was a certain degree of satisfaction that we went against all the smart money and wiseguys in this one.

Louisville opened as a 10.5-point favorite and closed at -14.5 as the money poured in on the Cardinals. I always like to share the reasoning behind all releases, especially 100-unit plays, and here is exactly what I had to say on this game when it was released on the Internet.

Comments: "There is no reason to write a book about this game. The bottom line is simple-the betting line on Louisville is little short of ridiculous. Keep in mind I say that as one who has ranked Louisville #1 in my Top 25 the entire season and believe the Cardinals are the best college team in the country. When this game opened with Louisville a 10.5-point favorite I knew Central Florida was the side-and now it is out to +14. While Central Florida gets lost in the shuffle because it plays in the same state as Florida, Florida State and Miami, it is not lost on me just how good the Knights are. They have won at Penn State, 34-31, as a 4.5-point underdog and suffered their only loss at home to nationally-ranked South Carolina, 28-25, this time as a 6.5-point underdog. And, now, Central Florida is a 14-point 'dog at Louisville? Central Florida has the talent to take this one to the money and it is not out of the question that it could win the game straight up".

It was nice to be right again and you can expect more of the same today.

200-Unit, 100-Unit Plays Highlight Saturday's College Betting Menu

Going For 4th Straight 100-Unit College Game Of Week Winner Today
I won my 3rd straight 100-unit College Game of the Week last Saturday as Buffalo (-10.5) crushed Western Michigan, 33-0, and am going for my 4th straight winner with this game today. For the record, here are the last three releases:

10/12...100 Units...Buffalo (-10.5) 33, Western Michigan 0 (W)
10/5...100 Units...Texas Tech (-16.5) 54, Kansas 16 (W)
9/28...100 Units...Missouri (-21.5) 41, Arkansas State 19 (W)

My record in my 100-unit College Games of the Week speaks for itself-and has for the past five seasons and you can step in with confidence today and again go for the big money. Win the big one here for just $50.

FSU (5-0) at Clemson (6-0) Highlight Of 200-Unit College Triple Crown
I am releasing my annual 200-unit College Triple Crown today and I intend to again break the bank with it. Highlight of the Triple Crown will be the nationally televised (ABC) Saturday night classic battle that finds Florida State (5-0) at Clemson (6-0). I have a very strong opinion and this game, and the other two plays, and will be releasing all of them at the 50-unit level. Then, I intend to crush every bookmaker in the world by combining these teams in 10-unit 2-team parlays and then the big one, a 20-unit 3-team parlay that will pay off at 6-1 odds. Break the bank with me today for just $50. Charged to your major credit card. A Locktoberfest Play.

Best Bets Club Goes 7-2 Last Week - Wins 3 More Today
My Best Bets Football Investment Club went 7-2 last week (78% Winners) and is coming out firing again today with three more standout bets-a 15-unit play and two 10-unit games-and I most certainly intend to sweep the board. For the record here are last week's games that went 7-2.
10/14...15 Units...Under 51 in Colts-Chargers (28 Points Scored) Win
10/13...15 Units...Ravens (+3) 17, Packers 19 Win
10/13...10 Units...Seahawks (-13.5) 20, Titans 13 (Lose)
10/13...5 Units...Under 41 in Raiders-Chiefs (33 Points Scored) Win
10/12...15 Units...Northwestern (+11) 6, Wisconsin 35 (Lose)
10/12...10 Units...San Jose State (+3.5) 34, Colorado State 27 Win)
10/12...10 Units...Over 63.5 in Oregon St.-Wash. St. (76 Points Scored) Win
10/11...15 Units...Temple (+21) 20, Cincinnati 38 (Win)
10/10...10 Units...Rutgers (+19) 10, Louisville 24 (Win)

My record does all the talking and I am inviting you to join me today for another opportunity to go 3-0 for just $15.

Florida At Missouri Game Illustrates Confusion That Follows Injury To Key Skill Player

Bettors have to deal with injury reports every week and often find them difficult to evaluate and weigh in the analytical process. Nothing illustrates that more than the dilemma facing those handicapping Saturday's Florida (4-2) Southeastern Conference game at Missouri (6-0). Missouri would have been the favorite in this spot after upsetting Georgia, 41-26, in Athens last would but instead is a 3-point underdog to the Gators.

The switch from Missouri to Florida as the favorite rests on one single fact-the Tigers lost outstanding senior quarterback James Franklin to a shoulder injury in the fourth quarter of the Georgia game. His place was taken by red-shirt freshman Maty Mauk who will start in his place against Florida Saturday.

Does the loss of Franklin to Mauk justify a shift of six points on a game?

Whether Franklin or Mauk started against Florida was/is of little concern to the Gators. They do it all with defense and believe they can stop anybody. Their two losses came at unbeaten Miami (6-0), 21-16, and last week at LSU (6-1) and it is of note both Miami and LSU are ranked nationally in college football's Top Ten.

The defensive statistics Florida are truly outstanding. They are:

  • Ranked 3rd nationally in total defense, giving up just 235.3 yards per game.
  • Ranked 4th nationally in rushing defense, giving up a mere 83.3 yards per game.
  • Ranked 3rd nationally in pass defense, surrendering 152.0 yards per game.
  • Ranked 4th in defense against the score, with opponents averaging 13.0 points per game.

Now, let's get back to Mauk who came in against Georgia in the fourth quarter and on three offensive possessions led the Tigers to two touchdowns-quite an impressive feat for a rookie playing in Athens. In his short time on the field, he completed 5-of-6 passes. As good as he looked in this game, it is his high school credentials that woke me up.

Mauk attended high school in Kenton, OH, and as a senior was a prep All-American and was twice named Ohio Player of the Year. While playing in high school, Mauk set four national high school records that are almost mind-blowing.

The records:

  • He passed for a national high school record of 18,932 yards.
  • He passed for a national high school record of 219 touchdowns.
  • He completed a national high school record of 1,352 pass completions.
  • He finished high school with the national record for total offense-22,681 yards.

Needless to say, the loss of Franklin put the Tigers behind the eight ball, or did it. And this is the kind of dilemma facing bettors in more than 20 college and NFL games this weekend.

My suggestion is a simple one. Pay attention to injury reports and then weigh the consequences of them. While the Florida-Missouri game is yet to be played, would it be a giant surprise if Mauk kept the Tigers right on winning?

No one ever said this game was easy.


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