FBI, IRS Team Up With Las Vegas Casinos And Sports Books To View All Bets And Payouts

FBI, IRS Team Up With Las Vegas Casinos And Sports Books To View All Bets And Payouts As Government Is Showing Up Everywhere

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By Kelso Sturgeon

Unless you have been in a coma for the last month you are aware the Federal Government is spying on United States citizens in a manner that is nothing short of mind-blowing - tracking billions of telephone calls each day, reading millions of e-mails, having direct access to all the social networks, getting 100% cooperation from such on-line companies as Google to track our every movement and thought and even reading our e-mails as they are written. And that is just part of the picture.

So, why should the gambling business escape all of this?

Well, folks, it has not. Every time you make a bet or cash a ticket at a Las Vegas casino or sports book, the FBI and the IRS can witness the transaction. The casinos and sports books are even required to send an immediate alert, including your picture, to those federal agencies when any bet or payout exceeds certain modest limits, and certainly any move over $2,500.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is the advertising mantra of the town, but it is pure B.S. The government knows everything you do in the Paris of the Desert. Get yourself one of those "courtesy" cards from any casino, and use it, and every bet and payout you receive is recorded and available for scrutiny. And the casinos and that guy who gives you all the free comps will give you up in a second.

This intense surveillance is kept secret from the betting public but a source told me it is there and to warn any and all who wager.

This was not news to me, since I was raised on the wrong side of the tracks and learned early on the mantra of the street - that every stranger is a cop and every telephone one uses is tapped.

This is the suggested warning from the inside. I have nothing more to say on the matter, except to be ever mindful that in Las Vegas your every move is being monitored by people who assume you are potentially guilty of something.

A sad day, indeed.

Get Up To Date - Part 8 Of Football Betting Series

The most damaging thing a football bettor can make - whether he favors the college game or the National Football League - is to bet on the basis of what happened in the past, and especially on the events of the previous season. The rosters of college football teams change dramatically from one season to the next and free agency in the NFL alters the makeup of teams almost overnight.

Needless to say, betting on the talent of what a team is this season is extremely important. Equally significant is the constant upheaval of college conferences, and I will focus on that today.

The Big East Is Now The American Athletic Conference

The Big East is now the American Athletic Conference. It lost Syracuse and Pittsburgh to the Atlantic Coast Conference and has added Central Florida, Houston, Memphis and SMU from Conference-USA. Louisville is the favorite to win the first AAC championship and will be leaving at the end of the season for the ACC. Rutgers is playing its last season in the AAC before moving on to the Big Ten.

Looking ahead, the AAC will add East Carolina, Tulsa and Tulane from Conference-USA next season and Navy will become a football-only member in 2015.

The conference still has BCS status and if the winner finishes 1-2 in the final BCS standings will play for the national championship.

ACC Adds Syracuse and Pittsburgh

With the additions of Syracuse and Pittsburgh from the old Big East the ACC has become a 14-member conference and has been broken into two divisions and they are broken down like this:

Atlantic Division
Florida State
N.C. State
Boston College
Wake Forest

Coastal Division
Georgia Tech
Virginia Tech
North Carolina

Major Moves In Mountain West

When the Big East fell apart, Boise State and San Diego State decided to remain in the Mountain West Conference and will be joined by former Western Athletic Conference members Fresno State, San Jose State and Utah State. The 12-team conference will be broken into two divisions and will have a playoff game.

West Division
Fresno State
San Jose State
San Diego State

Mountain Division
Boise State
Utah State
Air Force
Colorado State
New Mexico

No Conference More Confusing Than This One

Conference-USA is a picture of confusing and taxes the mind to keep up with all the team movement. First of all, the conference lost Central Florida, Houston, Memphis and SMU to the new American Athletic Conference and three more of its teams - East Carolina, Tulane and Tulsa - are set to move to the AAC next season.

While losing these teams, Conference-USA added four teams from the Sun Belt Conference and two from the Western Athletic Conference. From the Sun Belt come Florida Atlantic, Florida International, Middle Tennessee and North Texas. From the WAC, it is Louisiana Tech and Texas-San Antonio.

The 14-team conference will be broken into these two divisions and will have a championship game.

East Division
East Carolina
Middle Tennessee
Southern Miss
Florida Atlantic
Florida International

West Division
Texas-El Paso
Louisiana Tech
North Texas
Texas-San Antonio

This is enough confusion for one day. I will continue the conference chaos later.


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