100-Unit NIT Game Of Year Wins Thursday Night Baylor-Iowa Championship Game A Pick'em

100-Unit NIT Game Of Year Wins Thursday Night Baylor-Iowa Championship Game A Pick'em  

  • All Coaches Of Final Four Team Making Big Bucks And In Line For 6-figure Bonuses  

  • Baseball Underdogs, Road Teams Holding Their Own Thus Far  

  • One Did Not Need To Be A Genius To Follow 10.5 Point Line Move On Knicks-Heat Game   

By Kelso Sturgeon 

Those who bet the National Basketball Association know for certain it is again "pay-attention"time and when in a matter of hours a line moves 10.5 points on a game, get on it. Baseball bettors have quickly discovered underdogs and "unders"are in vogue just three days into the 2013 season. Last but not least, if you want to coax any of the NCAA Final Four coaches away from their current teams, you'd best stop off a Ft. Knox and grab a pallet of gold.

There were only three games on the NBA schedule yesterday and I used one and won it, releasing the Washington Wizards (-2.5) with their 90-86 victory over the Chicago Bulls. When I released the game, the number was Washington 1.5 but was followed by the modest 1-point move. But what about the New York Knicks at the Miami Heat-a game in which the number moved from Miami -8 to New York -2.5 in a matter of two hours?

The line move on Washington was certainly no eye-popper but the 10.5-point shift on the Knicks at Miami was just that and more. If you were paying attention to the NBA numbers, you had to jump all over the Knicks, laying whatever. A line move of this magnitude is screaming for action, and here is how it happened.

At 11:38 a.m. Tuesday, Miami was resting quietly as a solid 8-point favorite over the Knicks, and then all hell broke loose. One by one, the Heat announced guard Mario Chalmers (8.55 points, 2.18 rebounds and 3.41 assists per game) would miss the game with a foot injury.

A minute later, the Heat announced superstar guard Dwyane Wade (21.356 points, 4.97 rebounds and 5.05 assists per game) would sit out the game to get some rest.

A minute after that, the team said superstar forward LeBron James (26.9 points, 9.14 rebounds and 7.28 assists per game) would also not play, resting up for greater things.

The line started to run and it did not stop until it had moved 10.5 points, to New York -2.5. The total also dropped from 196.5 to 191. To no one's surprise, New York won, 102-90, as the Knicks Carmelo Anthony took advantage of the situation to score 50 points.

The handicapping lesson from that game is simple: NBA teams that are in the playoffs and have already assured themselves of a favorable seed will begin to rest players to get ready for the playoffs. Teams seldom give more than a few hours' notice they will rest layers, so it behooves bettors to pay attention and pounce when it happens. The earlier one gets down, the more favorable the number.

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15-Unit NBA Situation Play Cashes Again Tonight
My Best Bets Basketball Investment Club is 3-0 with its last three 15-unit plays and is going for another one tonight. Last night it was a winning 15-unit play on the Washington Wizards (-2.5) with their 90-86 victory over the Chicago Bulls. The night before I went 2-0 with two winning 15-unit underdogs-the San Antonio Spurs (+6) with their cover in a 2-point, 92-90, loss at Memphis and with the Indiana Pacers (+5) with their 109-106 upset win at the Los Angeles Clippers. There are 11 games on the NBA schedule tonight and in one of those contests there is a team playing in the perfect situation to get a solid 15-unit win, and I am going for it. Win this 15-unit NBA play tonight for just $20, charged to your major credit card.

25-Unit NBA Power Play Has 90% Chance To Cover Tonight
There are 11 games on the NBA schedule tonight and one of them has all the ingredients of a standout 25-unit power play, and I'm going for it. The team I am releasing has every single edge, grades out with a 90% chance to cover-an unusually high figure in the NBA-and should march right to the winner's circle. Win this one for just $25, charged to your major credit card.

Underdogs And The "Under"Off To Good Start In Major League Baseball

The smartest and most successful baseball bettor I have ever known is off to a dynamite start just three days into the season, using a formula that has made him hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past several years.

His formula, which I have reported on many times in the past, is to take games in which, according to his analysis, the favorite and the underdog have a 50-50 chance of winning-and then bet the 'dog.

After just three days of play, here is how things have broken down in baseball.

Underdogs have prevailed by a 11-9 margin.

Road teams are up by a 12-8 margin.

The "under"has prevailed by a 12-8 margin.

It is too early to say these numbers reveal a trend, but at least you know how things are breaking right now.

Get Entire Baseball Season For Just $199
You can play by the day ($15) in Major League Baseball, or get the entire season of daily best bets right through the World Series for just $199. Sign up on this site or toll free at 1-800-755-2255. All major credit cards accepted.

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Nationally Televised Play On Giants-Dodgers Tops 2-0 Night
I split my Major League Baseball doubleheader last night, winning with the Texas Rangers with their 7-0 win over the Houston Astros while losing with the Toronto Blue Jays who were upstaged by the Cleveland Indians, 4-1, but I expect to bounce back and go 2-0 tonight. My top play will be a 10-unit move on the San Francisco Giants at the Los Angeles Dodgers game, with a second game a 5-unit play. Win both of these games for just $15, charged to your major credit card. Better yet, get on board for the entire baseball season for just $199 and play daily right through the World Series.

100-Unit NIT Game Of Year Wins Thursday Night
I split my two National Invitation Tournament semifinal games last night, winning a 15-unit play on Baylor (-3.5) with its 76-70 win over BYU while losing a 15-unit play on Maryland (+3) in its 71-60 loss to Iowa but tomorrow night (Thursday) I will be going for the big bucks with my 100-Unit NIT Game of the Year.

The nationally televised (ESPN) game from New York's Madison Square Garden matches Baylor 22-14) from the Big 12 Conference and Iowa (25-12) from the Big Ten Conference and bookmakers are offering the game to the public as a "pick'em"affair. I know I have the edges to get the money in this one and you can win it with me for just $50, charged to your major credit card, and build up your bankroll for this weekend's NCAA Final Four.

NCAA Final Four Coaches Make Big Money
I lived in Wichita, Kansas, for almost all of my childhood and teenage years and have forever followed the Wichita State basketball program from the days Hall of Fame Coach Ralph Miller ran the show before leaving for Iowa and then Oregon State. I have only two prejudices in college sports, Kansas State football and Wichita State basketball.

Maybe that is always interesting to me when the media refers to Wichita State has somewhat of an off-the-beaten-path college basketball team that through some miracle has ridden the wings of gods to the Final Four. That is rather insulting for a school that has a long history of outstanding basketball-a university that produced such NBA stars as Antoine Carr, Xavier McDaniel, Cliff Levingston and Dave Stallworth.

It also is interesting the media makes head Coach Gregg Marshall a strong candidate to take over every so-called big-time coaching job that opens up. This is not to say Marshall would never leave Wichita State but it won't be because of money. While it is implied he is poorly paid for the job he does for the Shockers, Marshall makes $1,482,000 per year in salary and is set to take down an additional $352,000 in bonus incentives. In other words, he will take home $1,834,00 this season.

Money will never be an issue as long as Marshall is at Wichita State. The program is backed by the Koch Brothers (Charles G. and David H.) who are both from Wichita and who own privately-held Koch Industries, a conglomerate with annual income of $93 billion and which is the 16th largest company in the world. The arena in which the Shockers play is named after them.

So, if you want him, bring money and a multitude of good reasons why he should leave one of the best jobs in the game.

Here is a rundown of the salaries of the Final Four coaches:

  • Rick Pitino, Louisville, $4,812,769 (Plus potential bonuses of $575,000)
  • John Beilein, Michigan, $2,225,930 (Plus potential bonuses of $200,000)
  • Jim Boeheim, Syracuse, $1,521,000 (Bonus package unavailable)
  • Gregg Marshall, Wichita State, $1,482,000 (Plus potential bonus package of $352,000)

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