Alabama Money Begins To Show In BCS Title Game, Number Moves Back To Tide -10

Alabama Money Begins To Show In BCS Title Game, Number Moves Back To Tide -10

  • Broncos, Patriots 5-2 Co-Favorites To Win Super Bowl, 49ers 3rd Choice At 9-2

  • Maryland, Appalachian State Top 8 College Teams Covering Better Than 80% Of Time

By Kelso Sturgeon

I don't want to make a big deal of it but is there anyone out there who can tell me why LSU did not simply run the ball on its final possession of the game, run out the clock and get the win over Clemson. Forget about the cover--that was already history, or was it--after the Tigers self-destructed, blew an 11-point fourth-quarter lead and lost, 25-24, on a 37-yard field goal as time expired.

Admittedly, LSU showed a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality against a relentless Clemson team, dominating in the first three quarters with the near-perfect execution of its traditional play-and-pounce game plan and then giving it up in the fourth period when it had exactly one yard of offense and no answers for Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd who sliced and diced the gentlemen from Baton Rouge with more efficiency than a cook at a Benihana Steak House.

The plays LSU ran the last minute and one-half it had the ball, and the lead, made absolutely no sense - unless someone was going for the cover. But, heavens, that could never be part of the equation. As said earlier, if you know something I do not know, please let me know.

And while we're at it - how about the official in the Outback Bowl who gave Michigan a phantom first down when the measurement, visible to all but the blind, showed the ball was about four inches short - a decision confirmed on review, as the sightless continued to prevail.

Where did this guy come from - the Mountain West Conference where anyone who can pass an eye test is automatically ruled ineligible to officiate games? In fact, the MWC policy automatically signs up as an official any breathing individual whose eye glasses have lenses a half-inch thick - no test of any kind required.

In the end, it made no difference because on the next play South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney in a split second blew away an offensive tackle, ran over the quarter and then blasted into the running back who fumbled and the Gamecocks recovered, proving once again one never wants to piss off a 6-6, 260-pound, lightning-fast super-star lineman with a bad attitude and a sense of justice.

Something was not right in both the above situations and while I am not a pessimist - just a long-time skeptic who knows the truth is the biggest lie of all - I would like a pair of explanations.

Weekend's NFL Playoff Lines Extremely Tight

The first hard fact about handicapping this weekend's four NFL wild-card games is the betting lines, all around key numbers and all tighter than white on rice.

On Saturday...
Houston is -4½ over Cincinnati
Green Bay is -7½ over Minnesota

On Sunday...
Baltimore is -6½ over Indianapolis
Seattle is -3 over Washington

You are a blessed bettor if your bookmaker lets you buy a half-point up or down on a key number, and I can promise you laying the -120 instead of the -110 to win $100 is well worth it. For instance, if you like Green Bay, and you can lay -7 instead of the 7½ you have taken quite an edge. Ditto for those who like Seattle and can lay -2½ instead of three or, if you are a Redskins backer, can get +3½ instead of +3.

On the Seattle-Washington game, bettors could lay 2½ with one bookmaker and take 3½ from another and go for the middle, where the payoff is 20-1 for your money if you hit because you will be out only the vigorish. Just some thoughts for you to consider.

Odds To Win Super Bowl
Playoff Teams Listed Alphabetically

Team Current Odds Season-Opening Odds
Atlanta Falcons 6-1 20-1
Baltimore Ravens 25-1 12-1
Cincinnati Bengals 50-1 40-1
Denver Broncos 5-2 50-1
Green Bay Packers 9-1 5-1
Houston Texans 20-1 15-1
Indianapolis Colts 100-1 40-1
Minnesota Vikings 80-1 100-1
New England Patriots 5-2 7-1
San Francisco 49ers 9-2 20-1
Seattle Seahawks 9-1 60-1
Washington Redskins 25-1 100-1

Terps, Appalachian State Win Big For Bettors

College basketball's pointspread winners come from all 360 degrees of the spectrum. For instance, Maryland is off to an 11-1 start and is 4-0-1 against the spread (ATS), covering at a 100% rate. Then there is Appalachian State, which is 4-8 straight up (SU) and 7-0 ATS - covering 100% of the time when it is on the board.

The bottom line is that teams with good records can win for bettors, just as can those who have bad straight-up records. In fact a team with a winning record is not always a money-maker for bettors. Here are the seven teams from a total of 347 that are beating the spread by at least 80% of the time.

Team SU ATS Cover %
Appalachian State 4-8 7-0-0 100.0%
Maryland 11-1 4-0-1 100.0%
Wyoming 13-0 8-1-1 88.0%
Creighton 13-1 10-2-0 83.0%
CS-Northridge 9-4 9-2-0 81.8%
Western Illinois 10-3 9-2-0 81.8%
Rice 3-9 4-1-1 80.0%

For the record, two teams, Marshall and Dartmouth have not covered in a single game this season. Marshall is 7-6 SU and 0-8-1 ATS while Dartmouth is 2-9 and 0-4-0.

Best Bets Basketball Investment Club Stays Red-Hot...10-3 Last 13 Plays

My Best Bets Basketball Investment Club heads into the weekend on a 10-3 run and will be going for 6-7 more winners Friday, Saturday and Sunday and my record says I should get the job done on what is one of the most attractive weekend betting cards of the season.

The Current 10-3 Run Day By Day
1/3...15 Units...Utah State (-13½) 75, Seattle 66 (L)
1/3...10 Units...Colorado (+12½) 83, Arizona 92 (OT) (W)
1/2...15 Units...Villanova (-6½) 98, St. John's 86 (OT) (W)
1/2...10 Units...Texas-El Paso (+10½) 58, Colorado State 62 (W)
1/1...15 Units...Maryland (-22½) 81, IUPUI 63 (L)
12/31...15 Units...Minnesota (-5½) 76, Michigan State 63 (W)
12/31...10 Units...Boston College (-12) 79, Dartmouth 58 (W)
12/30...10 Units...Dayton (+3) 61, USC 63 (OT) (W)
12/29...15 Units...Louisville (-8) 80, Kentucky 77 (L)
12/29...10 Units...Western Kentucky (-4) 70, North Texas 64 (W)
12/29...10 Units...Cal-Santa Barbara (+8) 79, CS-Fullerton 86 (W)
12/28...15 Units...Missouri (+4) 94, UCLA 97 OOT) (W)
12/28...5 Units...Iona (+8) 91, St. Joseph's 96 (W)

My record says it all. You can get these standout 5-15 unit plays for just $20 per day, or get on board for the entire season for just $199. Better yet, come aboard for my Chairman's Club Basketball (one 25 to 50 unit play daily) and get the Best Bets Club FREE

Chairman's Club 8-3 Last 11

My Chairman's Basketball Investment Club just keeps winning, is 8-3 with its last 11 plays and is set to win two more 25-unit games Saturday and Sunday. As always I let me record do all the talking.

My 8-3 Chairman's Club Run
1/3...25 Units...Canisius (-4) 45, Fairfield 66 (L)
1/2...25 Units...Indiana State (+7½) 65, Northern Iowa 61 (W)
1/1...25 Units...Clippers (+1) 78, Nuggets 92 (L)
12/31...25 Units...Rider (+7½) 66, Delaware 73 (W)
12/30...25 Units...Indiana State (+4) 77, Illinois State 75 (W)
12/29...25 Units...Long Beach State (-4½) 67, Pacific 63 (L)
12/28...25 Units...Utah Valley State (-2) 84, Austin Peay 77 (W)
12/27...No Play
12.26...No Play
12/25...25 Units...San Diego State (+5½) 67, Arizona 68 (W)
12/24...No Play
12.23...No Play
12/22...25 Units...UNLV (-14) 89, Canisius 74 (W)
12/21...25 Units...Delaware (-11½) 83, Penn 60 (W)
12/20...25 Units...Portland State (-7½) 63, Idaho State 49 (W)

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