Bookmakers Say Only 11 Legitimate Contenders For NCAA Football Championship

Bookmakers Say Only 11 Legitimate Contenders For NCAA Football Championship

Alabama Now Solid 8-5 Favorite To Win 3rd National Championship In Four Years, But You Can Get 10,000-1 On Michigan, Missouri

Big Betting Money Hits Vegas On San Diego State, Michigan State, Arizona-And It's All Smart

By Kelso Sturgeon

Football betting lines and futures numbers moved wildly in Las Vegas today-some of them understandable, some seemingly off the wall, some to save the delusional, drunks and dopers from themselves-and all of them made sense. This is to be expected in the universe of 11-to-10 where in the National Football League the New Orleans Saints are 0-4 and the Arizona Cardinals are 4-0, and in college football where Alabama is solidly the 8-5 favorite to win the national championship and where the optimistic can get 10,000-1 on Michigan or Missouri to capture that honor.

The futures betting lines at the Las Vegas Hotel, formerly the Las Vegas Hilton, have finally got on board with what I have been saying all season-that the Houston Texas (4-0 straight up and 4-0 against the spread)-are the best team in the NFL. The Super Book now posts them as the 7-2 favorite, after opening them at 15-1, with the San Francisco 49ers the second choice at 6-1 and the Atlanta Falcons in the third spot at 7-1. Both the latter opened at 2-1.

Green Bay (2-2) opened as the 5-1 favorite to win it all and is now 9-1 while New Orleans Saints (0-4) who opened at 6-1 are now 80-1.

It also caught my eye that the St. Louis Rams, who are 3-1, are 300-1 to win the Super bowl while the Detroit Lions (1-3) are 60-1. The New England Patriots opened at 7-1 and are now 10-1.

Action was not confined to the futures arena. The wiseguys stepped in Monday and made bit line-moving bets on San Diego State (2-3) over Hawaii (1-3), pushing the number from the Aztecs -19 to -21.5 and -22, on Arizona (3-2) at Stanford (3-1), dropping the number from the Cardinal -13 to -10 and, last but not least, on Michigan State (3-2) over Indiana (2-2), moving that line from MSU -14.5 to -16.5.

I will admit I was already down on Michigan State at -14.5 before the sharp money came in. Keep in mind it is never a criminal offense to bet a game five-six days before it's played. One must take what he believes is the best number he will get and this game will never again see two touchdowns and the hook.

Bookmakers Accommodate Drunk And Delusional

I have always said one must be very sneaky and have a bit of larceny in his heart to be successful in the sports betting arena, especially in football. It just levels the playing field with one's bookmaker who with hisnumbersattempts to trap his clients by giving them reasons to bet on what he considers the losing side.

The English bookmaker William Hill, which now operates several sports books in Nevada, made a noble gesture this past week, telling those who got robbed in the Green Bay-Seattle game on the worst call in NFL history that they would get a refund if they bet on the Packers. It was a nice gesture but it was made two days after the incident, giving bettors ample time to tear up and throw away their tickets. It was simply another example of the combined elements of good business and larceny.

The Las Vegas Hilton came up with a kindly gesture of them own to protect the clueless from themselves by taking Arkansas (1-4), Auburn (1-3), California (1-4), Illinois (2-3), South Florida (2-3), Virginia (2-3) and Washington State (2-3) off the futures betting board. However, you can still get 10,000-1 on Boston College (1-3), BYU (3-2), Georgia Tech (2-3), Michigan (2-2), Missouri (3-2), Utah (2-2) and Wake Forest (3-2).

If you have occasionally thought you might be losing your mind, you can move across the aisle and confirm it once and for all by taking 30-1 on the New York Jets to win the Super Bowl.

Bookmakers Say 11Teams Alive For BCS Title

Bookmakers take quite seriously their rolls as sports accountants and have declared themselves as to which teams they believe have a legitimate chance to win the national championship. Here they are, with their current futures odds

Team Odds
Alabama 8-5
LSU 4-1
FloridaState 6-1
Georgia 7-1
Oregon 8-1
USC 12-1
South Carolina 20-1
West Virginia 25-1
Texas 30-1
Florida 40-1
Kansas State 50-1

It is of note LSU is a 3-point favorite at Florida Saturday, while Texas is -7 over West Virginia in Austin and South Carolina is -3 over Georgia in Columbia. Something will have to give.

This is going to be a dynamite week for football bettors, with the next plays coming on Thursday night when the Arizona Cardinals (4-0) play on national television (NFL Network) and the equally surprising St. Louis Rams (3-1) and when three college games on are the schedule, highlighted by the nationally televised (ESPN) PAC-12 showdown that finds Southern California at Utah.

On Friday night there are two more outstanding college games, both on ESPN-Pittsburgh at Syracuse and Utah State at BYU.

I will definitely be releasing all the television games to my various clubs but have not yet decided on unit ratings.

Also, on Saturday I may release my 200-unit College Game of the Year. I am just waiting on some additional information to make that decision. This past Saturday I won my 200-unit College Blowout Game of the Year as LA-Monroe (-20) crushed Tulane, 63-10. I hope to do it again Saturday, but more on that later.

Keep in mind all my football and baseball services are available on this site and toll free at 1-800-755-2255 and I do take all major credit cards. Get on board and win tonight.


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