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Saying Of The Day
If you must play, decide on three things at the start: the rules of
the game, the stakes and the quitting time—Chinese Proverb

By Kelso Sturgeon

Thirty college football teams kick off their 2010 season Thursday night, looking to win or at least look respectable as they embark on a run they hope will lead to a conference championship and post-season play. As these 30 teams get ready to perform in these 15 games, millions of bettors and thousands of bookmakers will also begin their annual battle of wits.

For the latter it is not who win, but who covers in a world where success is marked by winning money. Bookmakers are mostly ready for the competition to begin. Few bettors are even close and will not awaken until their alarm goes off about October 1 and they find themselves discouraged and broke.

This not a put-down for football bettors but it does speak to reality. Most bettors either did not have the time to get ready for 2011, just as they did not have time to prepare for 2010, 2009 or 2008, or where simply too lazy to do it.

Unprepared bettors can look at Thursday night and see that national power Wisconsin is hosting UNLV in Madison and is a 35 ½-point favorite. There is not the slightest doubt this very talented Wisconsin team will beat UNLV. That is an accurate observation but it has nothing to do with getting the cover. One can say the same thing about Mississippi State at Memphis and Kentucky at Western Kentucky.

Picking a winner is easy. Getting the cover is not and requires literally hours of study. If you have not done it, here is a crash course in how to get ready for the first week of college football.

  1. Do not try to handicap all 78 games scheduled between Thursday and Monday but focus on a handful of teams—and learn everything about them. Bet no team in the dark.
  2. Find teams that have talent, depth and experience, blue-chip players at the skill positions and a good coach and bet them if they are playing against an opponent that has little or none of the aforementioned.
  3. Just remember nothing is ever as easy as it looks.
  4. The hardest numbers on the board are on nationally televised games. Bookmakers make few mistakes in these spots because they know people will be betting heavily on them.
  5. Be patient and do not try to win it all on the first week of the season. We will be doing this until February—plenty of time to score.

To paraphrase the late Damon Runyon and Ecclesiastes 9:11 from the Holy Bible (Runyon always read well and kept good company), the race does not belong to the quickest or fastest but to the one who can endure. Keep that in mind when you are tempted to go all-in on the first week of the season. The bet and sweat game is not a now or never production.

100-Unit Kickoff Blowout Thursday

I have been working on the 2011 football season since May and know I am as usual 100% prepared to start winning from day one and I intend to do that Thursday night when I release my annual 100-Unit College Kickoff Blowout Game of the Year. I am releasing a team that has 100% chance to win straight up and a 95% chance to cover—and I am looking for a 45-50-point win.

The game will be offered on this website for $50, charged to your major credit card, or is free as part of my Early Bird Football Package that includes the entire college and NFL seasons, plus the rest of Major League Baseball (9-4 last 13 plays) right through the World Series in October. The package is priced at $199 and, as noted, all major credit cards are accepted.

You also can receive free on Thursday night my 50-Unit NFL Pre-Season Blowout Game of the Year, or pay $50 for it. It too is part of my Early Bird Football package.

There is much said about betting the fourth week of the NFL pre-season but I've beaten it big time for the past several years. Winning in Week IV always begins with how a coach has performed in the final week.

Coaches With Good Week IV Records

Cincinnati's Marvin Lewis…..7-1
Jacksonville's Jack Del Rio…..7-1
Pittsburgh's Mike Tomlin…..4-0
San Diego's Norv Turner…..5-1
Washington's Mike Shanahan (10-3)
(Detroit's Jim Swartz, New York Jets' Rex Ryan and St. Louis' Steve Spagnuolo are all 2-0 in Week IV games)

Coaches With Poor Week IV Records

Arizona's Ken Whisenhunt…..1-3
Green Bay's Mike McCarthy…..0-5
New Orleans' Sean Payton…..1-4
Philadelphia's Andy Reid…..2-10

                At least the numbers are a start in handicapping this week's final pre-season games.

My Early-Bird Football Package

            I have again put together a tremendous Early Bird Football Package that is priced at just $199, and here is what it includes:

  1. The final 50-unit play of the NFL pre-season.
  2. The entire college football season that includes an average of 3 games each Saturday and many of the mid-week games.
  3. The entire NFL season that includes an average of 3 games every Sunday and most of the  Monday night and mid-week games
  4. The rest of the baseball season right through the World Series in October. For the record those getting free baseball with their Early-Bird Package are 9-4 with my last 13 best bets.

Plus These Bonus Big Game Plays

--My 100-unit College Kick-Off Blowout Game of the Year Sept. 1—just three weeks away.
--At least two more 100-unit college winners
--My 200-unit College Game of the Year
--My 200-unit NFL Game of the Year
--At least two 50-unit bonus plays

And just remember, all of this is yours for just $199, charged to your major credit card. Sign up win immediately.


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