NFL Preseason in Two Weeks


Tavaris Jackson Heads To Seattle And May Start While Hasselbeck Lands Starting Role With Titans  - Vegas Bookmaker Posts NFL Win Totals

Getting Ready For 2011 Football Season Requires Bettors Have Plan With Realistic Expectations  - Get Entire Football Seasons, Plus Baseball, For Just $199

By Kelso Sturgeon

I am as expected a bit dizzy trying to keep up with all the trades, free-agent signings, cuts and hold-outs as the National Football League tries to get done in a new days what usually is accomplished over a five-month period. It is the price NFL players and owners pay for taking four lost months to get past a lockout and get a new labor contract in place.

All 32 training camps will be open for business between now and Sunday and the situation in many will require coaches and players to get acquainted. For instance the Philadelphia Eagles had 15 free agents on their depth chart and will not resign any of them, opting instead to bring in 15 new players in their places.

There have been dozens of personnel changes over the past two days, including long-time Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck using his free-agent status to sign with the Tennessee Titans where he will start and mentor first-round draft choice Jake Locker (Washington). Some-time Minnesota Vikings starter Tavaris Jackson, also a free agent, signed with the Seahawks and will compete with Charlie Whitehurst and Matt Leinhart for the starting job.

Reports say former Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins starter Donovan McNabb is headed for Minnesota and the Denver Broncos have put starting quarterback Kyle Orton on the trading block, signaling a commitment to second-year signal caller Tim Tebow.

And from the most classless organization in the NFL, Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown said quarterback Carson Palmer can consider himself retired-that he will not be released or traded. Palmer who has four years left on his contract and said he would retire if the Bengals did not trade him

Brown said it is all about principle, which may be the biggest crock that came out of this classless guy's mouth. We'll see but my money says Palmer will play in the NFL this season.

It is going to be early next week before we know the status of many free-agents and players cut loose by their teams but for certain the NFL pre-season will begin Thursday night, August 11, when the Seattle Seahawks and the San Diego Chargers meet on national television.

Las Vegas Sports Book Makes Gutsy Move On Win Totals

Competition among bookmakers in Las Vegas and in the off-shore community is always heated as each pulls out all the stops to get bettors to shift their allegiances. The MGM sports book in Las Vegas made a bold move yesterday in posting win total betting on the NFL, this before anyone knows for sure where many key players will be once the season starts.

It's dangerous for bookmakers or bettors to shoot from the hip and in the dark to boot, but the MGM had the balls to do it. There are many obvious weak spots in these projections and here they are. Study and bet.

NFL 2011 Win Futures

TeamProjected Win Totals

Green Bay Packers

11 ½

New England Patriots

11 ½

Baltimore Ravens


Pittsburgh Steelers


Atlanta Falcons

10 ½

Indianapolis Colts


New Orleans Saints


New York Jets


Philadelphia Eagles


San Diego Chargers


Chicago Bears

9 ½

New York Giants

9 ½

Dallas Cowboys


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

8 ½

Houston Texans


Kansas City Chiefs


Miami Dolphins


San Francisco 49ers


Cincinnati Bengals

7 ½

Detroit Lions

7 ½

Oakland Raiders


St. Louis Rams


Seattle Seahawks


Cleveland Browns

6 ½

Minnesota Vikings

6 ½

Tennessee Titans

6 ½

Washington Redskins

6 ½

Arizona Cardinals

6 ½

Denver Broncos


Jacksonville Jaguars


Buffalo Bills


Carolina Panthers

4 ½

Bettors can wager over or under on the win totals which are projections on the outcome of the 16 regular season games each team plays.

Preparing For 2011 Season The Right Way

I have been working on the 2011 football season the past four months in order to be ready for Day One in both the colleges and the NFL. Obviously, most football bettors have neither the time or desire to put in the hundreds of hours it takes to get ready for the launch. That is what I am here for.

However, bettors need to prepare in other ways.

  1. Bettors need to come up with a betting plan with a goal of just how much money they want to win during the 2011 season and then structure a program to get them there.
  2. All betting plans have to have realistic expectations. You are not going to win $1,000 a week with five $10 bets.
  3. Bettors need to get into the proper mindset and accept the fact that they are at risk with each bet they make, just as they are with their stock market investments.
  4. Winning and losing are each part of the game and the goal is to reach your goal, period, even if it means altering your betting program from time to time.
  5. Bettors need to understand if they are afraid of losing money they simply can't win.

Get ready.

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