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Red-Hot Rangers Go For 13th Straight Win, while Ice-Cold Mariners Facing 11th Straight Loss

Best Bets Baseball Club 15-1 With Last 16 Plays, And Early Bird Football Clients Got All Those Winners FREE!

By Kelso Sturgeon

The big news for baseball handicappers is that the defending American League-champion Texas Rangers have no intention of surrendering their title to the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees or anyone else. It's also big news the Seattle Mariners have fallen off the edge of the world and have become bettors' current go-against team. But the biggest news of all comes from yours truly.

It certainly is important Texas (56-41) has won 12 straight and goes for its 13th consecutive win at the Los Angeles Angels tonight in Anaheim. The Rangers were favored in the 12 previous losses and, if you were riding them in every game of the streak, betting at the $100 level, you are up $1,200 since their last lost-to Florida-on July 3

As for Seattle-the current go-against team-it has not won a game since beating Oakland July 5. The Mariners were underdogs in nine of those games and just a modest -105 against the Los Angeles Angels the only time they were favored. If you happened too hook on and bet against them in each of the previous 10 contests, you are up $995, based on a $100 bet, since July 5.

The Rangers got their 12th straight win last night with a 7-0 victory at the Angels and the victory told a simply story of what Texas is all about. In its last 12 games, its pitching staff has an ERA of 1.80 and its booming bats have seen the gentlemen from the Lone Star State outscore the opposition, 77-24.

It goes without say a team that is getting this kind of pitching and hitting is a strong candidate to keep on getting it done, since the charts kept on form cycles say with Texas the Rangers have not yet peaked on this upward cycle.

As for Seattle, it is a simple matter of the inability to hit. The Mariners pitching is the second best in the American League with a collective earned Run average of 3.26 but their team batting average is a major league worst .222. This is a team looking for an offensive miracle but the figures say it will not come anytime soon, and the Mariners remain a solid go-against team.

But That 15-1 Is The Best News

There is no magic in handicapping baseball, just a lot of hard work and a sophisticated formula to spot winners-and standout winners. When my Best Bets Baseball Club cashed two more tickets last night, winning a 10-unit play with the San Francisco Giants (-140) over the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-3 and with a winning 3-unit play on the Milwaukee Brewers (-120) in their 11-3 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks, my BBBC record went to 15-1 with my past 16 bets, dating back to July 10. Several things stand out about this 15-1 run.

  1. A 15-1 record in any sport is remarkable.

  2. It is almost impossible to hit 94% winners over any time frame.

  3. Those betting just $10-per-unit on these 16 games won $980.

  4. If you bet at the $100-per-unit level, you won $9,800.


I have never asked anyone to buy a pig in a poke and in fact have always insisted I prove myself to you, which I have been doing for more than four decades. My offer of the entire college and NFL season for just $199 including the entire baseball season, right through the World Series, was not necessarily out of the generosity of my heart but a good-will gesture that, in these trying economic times, could build up your bankroll betting baseball.

I said I would do it and I have.

You can still get on board for my Early Bird Football Package for just $199 and get the rest of the baseball season free. You can win on me each day and week and have a bankroll when football arrives on Thursday, September 1-just six weeks away. My Early Bird Best Bets Football Package is made up of the following components.

  1. My 100-unit College Blowout on the first weekend of the season.

  2. At least two more 100-unit college winners

  3. My 200-unit College Game of the Year

  4. My 200-unit NFL Game of the Year

  5. At least two 50-unit bonus plays

  6. An average of 3 college best bets every Saturday

  7. An average of 2-3 NFL best bets every Sunday

  8. Most Monday Night Games

  9. Many mid-week college games

  10. The rest of the baseball season, right through the World Series, free.

I can't make it any easier, or less expensive than that. This is a $1,000 package at a bargain basement price. Before you sign up today for the $199 price, please take a look the 15-1 run in baseball. It's real. I did it. It is representative of the kinds of games you will receive during the baseball season.

Here Is The 13-Day Run

July 19-10 Units...Giants (-140) 5, Angels 3 (W)

July 19-3 Units...Brewers (-120) 11, Diamondbacks 3 (W)

July 18-10 Units...Yankees (-135) 5, Rays 4 (W)

July 18-3 Un its...Nationals (-110) 5, Astros 2 (W)

July 17-10 Units...Red Sox (-140) 1, Rays 9 (W)

July 17-3 Units...Twins (-130) 4, Royals 3 (W)

July 16-5 Units...Rays (-140) 5, Red Sox 9 (L)

July 16-5 Units...Cardinals (-120) 4, Reds 1 (W)

July 15-10 Units...Pirates (+100) 4, Astros (W)

July 15-3 Units...Indians 6 (+100) 6, Orioles 5 (W)

July 14-10 Units...Indians (-115) 8, Orioles 4 (W)

July 13-No Games Scheduled

July 12-10 Units...NL (+115) 5, AL 1 (W)

July 12-10 Units...All-Star Game Under 8 ½ W)

July 12-5 Units...Parlay of NL And Over (W)

July 11-No Games Scheduled

July 10-10 Units...Giants (-160) 4, Mets 2 (W)

July 10-3 Units...Pirates (-125) 9, Cubs 1 (W)

It's real. It's happening. You can make a fortune right now.

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