NCAA Working Hard To Make College Football Non-Violent Spiritless Sport

NCAA Working Hard To Make College Football Non-Violent Spiritless Sport For Girlie Men

Sportsmanship Rules Change Big Time In 2011 And There Is Even Talk To Abolish Kickoffs - This Is Not Joke-It's Under Consideration 

By Kelso Sturgeon

I love college football, warts and all, and appreciate what it requires of and does to and for those who accept its demands, its challenges and the price one must pay to play it. It is violent to the extreme, sometimes even downright dangerous, but those who compete on the field neither care nor worry about such things.

This is a man's game and at the college level only real men can play it. Sorry, girls, it is just not made for you-I don't care how much your mom and dad told you could do it, you can't. Maybe at some point up/down the evolutionary chain.

If you think I am being disrespectful, please visit a college locker room as the team is getting dressed. You will find those 300-pound offensive linemen are big, yes, really big, and not one of them looks like that "big ole Teddy bear" you thought they might be. They for the most part have faces of stone and will actually look like they might want to hurt you.

Then go stand on the sidelines during an actual game and I guarantee you the popping and hitting and the violence will scare the hell out of you.

This is a serious sport for serious players and it pains me to say the NCAA is working overtime to make it a game for tap dancers, ballet tootsies and girlie men. Forgive me for saying that but I think political correctness sucks.

Back to the NCAA and its football rules committee.

Football can bring out super-human performances by individuals and teams and any single play or game can bring surprising and uncontrollable boiling primitive bursts of emotion impossible to contain, even from the most stoic and hard-nosed offensive lineman on the field.

There is not a defensive lineman or back who doesn't get the greatest of highs when stopping an opponent on the six-inch line on fourth down. Is it not exciting to run back a punt 100 yards for a touchdown or to break six or seven tackles on the way to the end zone? What kind of a thrill does a quarterback feel when he threads to needle with the winning touchdown pass with no time left on the clock?

All these emotional reactions are normal, but come the 2011 college football season, you better keep it to yourself, or you will pay a price, even costing your team a touchdown-maybe even what would have been the winning one. (Take it to the bank folks will burn down a stadium or two when that happens)

And you thought those European and South American soccer crowds were nuts.

Wait 'til Alabama gets the winning touchdown against Auburn called back in this new day and age of Miss Manners.

Miss Manners Will Rule The Day

Miss Manners will rule college football this coming season. Sportsmanship will become the name of the game. You must learn to enunciate the words "please, thank you and oh, my goodness, I am so sorry you got grass stains and a bit of dirt on your jersey" when I knocked you on your ass.

Under the new sportsmanship rules, college football players will have to keep their traditional chatter and emotions to themselves or pay the consequences. No emotion, no chatter, please. I guess if you really get excited and can't keep it in you can piss your pants after a great play. So far there is not NCAA rule against that.

As a football handicapper, I have a great dislike for most officials and the biases they bring with them to every game. Don't believe it? Just follow BYU for the entire season and you will on several occasions feel like something is wrong-that every close call goes to the Cougars and, when needed, the flag comes out for a timely phantom infraction, usually when an opposing player scores a 50-yard touchdown.

BYU is not the only team that has its "own" officials but is an outstanding example of what a bettor has to beat when he goes against the gentlemen from Provo.

At last report, I had some confidence in the ability of officials to call off-side infractions, roughing the quarterback, backfield in motion and some pass interference situations. All bets were off on all other rules.

This is not to suggest officials do not try. They usually do the best they can but that falls far short of being efficient. "Block in the back"? Are you kidding me? Dumbest rule in football, but I do not have the time or space right now to get into my other beefs.

As noted earlier, the NCAA has now changed to sportsmanship rules to make calls in that category all judgment calls. We have officials who can't spot the ball in the right place and they are now going to govern over and enforce the new sportsman ship rules which are open to boundless interpretation.

New Sportsmanship Rules

These are the added hazards both fans and bettors will face this season.

"No player, substitute, coach or other person subject to the rules shall use abusive, threatening or obscene language or gestures, or engage in such acts that provoke ill will or are demeaning to an opponent, to game officials or to the image of the game, including but not limited to:
(a) Pointing the finger(s), hand(s), arm(s) or ball at an opponent, or imitating the slashing of the throat.
(b) Taunting, baiting or ridiculing an opponent verbally.
(c) Inciting an opponent or spectators in any other way, such as simulating the firing of a weapon or placing a hand by the ear to request recognition.
(d) Any delayed, excessive, prolonged or choreographed act by which a player (or players) attempts to focus attention upon himself (or themselves).
(e) An unopposed ball carrier obviously altering stride as he approaches the opponent's goal line or diving into the end zone.
(f) Removal of a player's helmet before he is in the team area
(Exceptions: Team, media or injury timeouts; equipment adjustment; through play; between periods; and during a measurement for a first down).
(g) Punching one's own chest or crossing one's arms in front of the chest while standing over a prone player.
(h) Going into the stands to interact with spectators, or bowing at the waist after a good play."

It sounds good but what is not pointed out in these rules is that most of them can nullify a touchdown, with the team given an immediate 15-yard penalty. In the past penalties of this nature the touchdown stood and the team was penalized on the kick off.

It's a big change and just another "x-the unknown" bettors will have to deal with. Nobody approves of unsportsmanlike conduct, but there are times the legitimate excitement of the moment is overwhelming and players do natural things such as celebrate. Don't smile. Just piss your pants.

Getting Ready For Football

Let this serve as a reminder that, if you have not yet begun to get ready for the college football season, you are already behind schedule. With 123 NCAA Division I teams to analyze, an early start is a must, since only fools will bet the beginning weeks of the 2011 season off what happened last year. That is a bad habit that will cost you a fortune.

I have been working for weeks on the coming football season an d know already that I will release my first 100-unit play of the college season on Thursday night, Sept. 1. And you can bet all you want.

For the record, you can sign up for the college and National Football League season right now for $199, and get free Best Bet Club baseball selections every day until the season begins. The Best Bets Club Package, which also includes four 100-unit game of the year plays, plus my 200-unit college game of the year, will later sell for $349.

Sign up now on this website or toll free at 1-800-755-2255 and start winning in baseball right now. All major credit cards are accepted. Best Bets Football Club membership at this early-bird price of $199 is the bargain of the year. Keep in mind, the baseball you receive in this package is worth $199.

As I have noted in this space, and on my football videos on this website, there will be an NFL season. Insider reports I have received say the lockout will end as soon as the small market teams such as Buffalo get a little more than is currently being offered.

The NFL regular season will start on time.

Please tune in this Friday and Saturday for two more insightful and informative football handicapping classes on the video page on this website. As you did last week, bring a pencil and take the notes that will help you get ready to win.

Coming Up: College football is considering doing away with the kickoff because it has all at once become too dangerous.


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