Personal Best Baseball Making Profits


By Kelso Sturgeon

Every single sport is a potential profit center for bettors willing to immerse themselves in the details and put in the time it takes to actually handicap a game through a process of analysis that requires one to carefully consider the long list of factors that will find teams that have an excellent chance of winning. This is not to suggest winning is easy—only that is quite possible.

For me, there is no greater profit center than Major League Baseball where the winning edges are there every single day—something I have proved all season with my Best Bets Baseball Club for modest bettors and my Personal Best Baseball Club for those who bet in the thousands every single day.

My Personal Best Baseball Club has for those betting $100-per-unit turned a %15,375 profit over the past 16 days. Despite the fact my Best Bets Baseball Club has suffered through a run of bad luck this past week, losing two games in extra innings and four-of-five by a single run, it also shows a profit over the past 16 days.

The money is there for the taking, if you know what you are doing.

I have pointed out many times this season that baseball is the most predictable of all sports for two basic reasons—all you have to do to win is to win the game and it is a game in which the unknown factors that decide the outcome of each contest are limited.

There are dozens of unknown things that can cost the bettor the win in a football or basketball game but only a handful can impact the outcome of a baseball game.

In comparing just a two of the differences in football, basketball and baseball, keep these things in mind.

1. Each football or basketball team has the ability to use a special offense and a special defense in trying to win a game—and it varies from game to game. In baseball, you have and offense and a defense and it never changes. Every player lines up in the same position every day—and how he will play is very predictable.

2. Baseball puts the game in the hands of its pitchers and their routine is the same every single game—and they too are very predictable. Football and basketball defenses do different things to take an opponent out of its game plan. Nothing such as that exists in baseball.

One can certainly go deeply into the analysis process in football and baseball and make an educated guess of what one can expect and how effective each team will be in taking the other out of its game plan. In baseball, what you see on Monday is what you get on Tuesday, with only the pitchers changing.

There is not the slightest doubt in my mind you can make a fortune betting baseball and suggest that you get on board with one of my baseball clubs and start winning today.

But before you do that, please take a look at my baseball record for the past 16 days. It speaks volumes for making money.

Personal Best Club Results
10-4 Last 16 Days, Profit Of $15,370
For Those Betting $100-Per-Unit

June 5—25 Units…Giants (+105) 2, Rockies 1 (Win)
June 4—50 Units…Yankees (-140) 3, Angels 2 (Win
June 3—25 Units…Royals (-150) 2, Twins 5 (Lose)
June 2—No Play This Day
June 1—25 Units…Phillies (-155) 1, Nationals 2 (Lose)
Mau 31—25 Units…Mariners (-130)) 3, Orioles 2 (Win)
May 30—25 Units…Cardinals (-145) 3, Giants 7 (Lose)
May 29—25 Units…Yankees (-150) 7, Mariners 1 (Win)
May 28—25 Units…Boston over Detroit (PPD, Rain)
May 27—25 Units…Phillies (-140) 6, New York Mets 4 (Win)
May 26—25 Units…White Sox (+135) 3, Blue Jays 1 (Win)
May 25—25 Units…Cardinals (-120) 1, Padres 3 (Lose)
May 24—25 Units…Red Sox (-135) 4, Indians 2 (Win)
May 23—25 Units…Cardinals (-130) 3, Padres 1 (Win)
May 22—25 Units…Cardinals (-160) 9, Royals 8 (Win)
May 21—25 Units…Mariners (-120) 4, Padres 0 (Win)

Best Bet Club Results
11-6 Last 16 Days, Profit Of $384
For Those Betting $10-Per-Unit

June 5—15 Units…Marlins (-145) 5, Brewers 6 (Lose) (11 Innings)
June 4—15 Units…Twins (+140) 7, Royals 2 (Win)
June 3—15 Units…Phillies (-150) 1, Pirates 2 (Lose (12 Innings)
June 2—15 Units…Diamondbacks (-125) 1, Nationals 6 (Lose)
June 1—15 Units…Mariners (-165) 1, Orioles 2 (Lose)
May 31—15 Units…Rangers (-125) 4, Rays 5 (Lose)
May 30—15 Units…Angels (-120) 10, Royals 8 (Win)
May 29—10 Units…Diamondbacks (-115) 4, Astros 2 (Win)
May 29—3 Units….Phillies (-115) 5, Mets 9(Lose)
May 28—15 Units…Athletics (-150) 4, Orioles 2 (Win)
May 27—15 Units…Athletics (-160) 6, Orioles 2 (Win)
May 26—15 Units…Orioles (-150) 6, Royals 5 (Win)
May 25—15 Units…Tigers over Rays (PPD, Rain)
May 24—15 Units…Tigers (-160) 7, Rays 6 (Win)
May 23—15 Units…Phillies (-165) 10, Reds 3 (Win)
May 22---15 Units…Mariners (-130) 6, Padres 1 (Win)
May 21—10 Units…Braves (-115) 5, Angels 4 (Win)
May 21—3 Units…Brewers (-150) 3, Rockies 2 (Win)

The Winning Continues

As you can see, I have two outstanding baseball clubs and both are winning day after day. You can join either/both of those clubs for a modest fee, charged to your major credit card, and play every single day through the World Series in October. If you wish to test the waters first, daily Best Bet Club selections can be purchased for just $15 per day, while Personal Best Plays are $25. Again all major credit cards accepted.

Mavericks 3-Point Favorites Tuesday Night

The Miami Heat (72-28 straight up (SU) and 51-47 against the spread (ATS) is up 2-1 in its best-of-seven NBA championship series against the Dallas Mavericks (70-30 SU, 58-40 ATS) and finds itself a 3-point underdog, with a total of 186 ½, in Tuesday night's game in Dallas.

I think game four of this series is tailor-made for a side/total parlay and I am releasing it as just that—10 units on the side, 10 units on the total and 5-units on the side/total parlay. The game will be available on this website and toll free at 1-800-755-2255 for just $25, charged to your major credit card.

Of note is the fact that, after the first three games went under the total, bookmakers dropped the over/under to 186 ½ down from 189, 189 and 188 in those games.

Baseball Handicapping Insights

--It may come as a surprise to those who have not been paying attention but the Milwaukee Brewers are a major league best 16-9 May 9.
--The Cleveland Indians (33-24) and the Arizona Diamondbacks (33-27) have been the best friends of bettors this season. Had you wagered on every game Cleveland has played this season you would be plus 13.6 units. If you had wagered on Arizona in each game it has played you would be plus 9.0 units.
--The biggest losers are the Colorado Rockies (27-31), down 13.8 units, the Chicago Cubs (23-34), down 12.5 units, the Minnesota Twins (21-37), down 12.0 units and the Oakland Athletics (27-33), down 10.7 units.
--If you are a totals player, the New York Mets are tops in the 'over' department t with 64.3% of their games going over the total. The Mets are followed closely by the Cincinnati Reds who have seen 61.4% of their games go 'over'. The Los Angeles Angels, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Francisco Giants and the Tampa Bay Rays lead the 'under' category, with 57% of their games doing just that.


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