Interleague Play


By Kelso Sturgeon 

Major League Baseball kicks off its 15th season of interleague play tonight with 14 games and there is no reason for bettors to get the shakes. Baseball is baseball and the only new factor that might impact game is the designated hitter rule.

The American League, which has dominated interleague play for the past seven years, permits a designated hitter to bat for the pitcher. The National League does not have this rule and that means the pitcher must also hit. In Interleague play, American League pitchers will have to take their turn at bat when playing in NL cities while NL teams can use a designated hitter when playing in AL parks.
The impact of this new situation remains a subject of discussion among baseball handicappers but there is not enough data to satisfy me and that means I can’t take a stand either way.

In the 14 previous seasons of interleague play, dating back to 1997, the American League has won 1,808 games while the National League has taken down the money in 1,652. The New York Yankees have the best record of all 30 teams in interleague games, standing 144-102, while the Chicago White Sox are in second place with a 143-104 mark. Florida has the best record among National League teams at 127-107, followed by the St. Louis Cardinals at 109-96.

Last season, the leading teams in interleague games were:

Chicago White Sox (15-3)
 Texas Rangers (14-4)
Boston Red Sox (13-5)
New York Mets (13-5)

Last season, the teams with the worst interleague records were:

Pittsburgh Pirates (2-13)
Houston Astros (3-12)
Los Angeles Dodgers (4-11)
Cleveland Indians (5-13)
Washington Nationals (5-13)

Interleague baseball does bring new elements to each game, but just remember, as noted above, this is still baseball and the same elements that win during "regular" play will win now. Here is how I am kicking off the American League vs. the National League tonight. All games are available on this website and toll free at 1-800-755-2255. And for your best value, take a look at my season-long packages, including my Highrollers Club, with the single best game of every night and my Best Bets Club, for action-oriented players and offering 2-3 plays per night.

25-Unit Interleague
Game Of Week Wins
Major League Baseball’s first round of Interleague play begins tonight and with it comes the opportunity to take down the money with a game in which one team has every single edge—an edge in pitching, an edge in hitting and an edge in current form. You can take out the bankroll and fire with confidence on this game—my 25-unit Interleague Game of the Week. Get this knockout winner for just $25.

10-Unit Baseball
Rivalry Game Tops
2-0 Interleague Play
There are 14 Interleague games on tonight’s baseball schedule and several of them are fierce rivalries where local pride and bragging rights are on the line. To name just a few, we have the Cincinnati Reds at the Cleveland Indians, the Washington Nationals at the Baltimore Orioles, the New York Mets at the New York Yankees and the Oakland Athletics at the San Francisco Giants. One of the big rivalry games of the day will be my top play—a 10-unit release. Get this 10-unit play, plus a second unit-rated game for just $15.

100-Unit NBA Playoff Game Of Year Wins Saturday

 I am pleased to report the winning run continues in the NBA playoffs, where I stand 9-4 over the past two weeks and with those betting $100-per-unit up $20,200 in that time frame. Those betting $10-per-unit are p $2,020 and that certain is not chopped liver either. The big-game winning continues this week with two more giant plays.

On Saturday, I am releasing my 100-unit NBA Playoff Game of the Year as the Dallas Mavericks and the host Oklahoma City Thunder get it on Saturday night on ESPN. The series is tied 1-1.
On Sunday night, it’s right back with a 50-unit side/total parlay on the Chicago Bulls at the Miami Heat contest. It will be 20 units on the side, 20 units on the total and 10 units on the parlay on this nationally televised (TNT) affair. This series also is tied 1-1.

Both games will be available on this site and toll free at 1-800-755-2255 for $50 each, charged to your major credit card. You also can purchase both games in a package for just $75, and save yourself $25.
As always I let my record do my talking and here it is.

Last Two Weeks Of NBA Handicapping
9-4…$100-Per-Unit Bettors Up $20,200

May 19—10 Units…Thunder (+5 ½) 106, Mavericks 100 (W)
May 18—10 Units…Bulls (-2) 75, Heat 85 (L)
May 17—50 Units…Thunder (+6) 112, Mavericks 121 (L)
May 15—50 Units…Bulls (-2) 103, Heat 82 (W)
May 13—50 Units…Grizzlies (-1 ½) 95, Thunder 83 (W)
May 12—15 Units…Hawks (+3 ½) 73, Bulls 83 (L)
May 11—50 Units…Heat (-7 ½) 97, Celtics 87 (W)
May 9—10 Units…Heat (-1 ½) 98 Celtics 90 (W)
May 9—5 Units…Grizzlies (-2) 123, Thunder 133 (L)
May 8—50 Units…Mavericks (-2) 122, Lakers 86 (W)
May 7—50 Units…Grizzlies (-2 ½) 101, Thunder 93 (W)
May 6—15 Units…Mavericks (-2) 98, Lakers 92 (W)
May 6—5 Units…Bulls (-2 ½) 99, Hawks 82 (W)

Get on board and let’s win some money together.


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