There Is A Reason I Have Gone 5-0 In NBA Playoffs Over The Past 10 Days

There Is A Reason I Have Gone 5-0 In NBA Playoffs With Five 50-Unit Plays Over The Past 10 Days

Bulls (-2) Latest 50-Unit Winner With 21-Point Blowout 103-92 Of Heat-The Favorite To Win It All

In These 50-Unit Winners, I Gave An Average Of 3.1 Points Per Game And Won them By An Average Of 17.4

When Thunder And Mavericks Meet On ESPN! 

By Kelso Sturgeon

I am not a walk-on-eggs gambler and that single factor separates me from the majority of people who live in the world of sports betting. I bet to win while the average player wagers in a manner he hopes will limit his losses. Believe it, it's the truth and there is a giant difference between betting to win and betting not to lose.

The former wins, the latter loses. Bank it.

It would be an outright lie to say I win them all but it would be quite accurate to say I win far more than I lose and that in the end my clients usually make a profit. For instance my NBA playoff clients have gone 8-2 over the past 10 days and those betting $100-per-unit on those ten games have won $25,800.

That is not a figment of anyone's imagination. It happened. People won big. People won a lot of money and they will get another chance Tuesday night when I go for my sixth consecutive 50-unit win on game one of the NBA Western Conference championship round when the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Dallas Mavericks.

While going 8-2 with my previous 10 playoff plays, it is of note I released five 50-unit bets and won them all, the last one coming Sunday night when the Chicago Bulls (-2) opened their quest for the NBA Eastern Conference championship with a 21-point, 103-82, victory over the Miami Heat-the favorites to win it all. It was just another aggressive bet in a spot where I had done my homework and believed I was right.

For the record, and as has been duly noted in this column over the past six weeks, I believe Chicago will win it all and am down for them to do that at prices of 16-1, 8-1, and 6-1, with each of these wagers made at important points on the schedule as the Bulls advanced. I also am down on Chicago to beat Miami in the best-of-seven series at +165.

It was easy to make the Bulls a 50-unit play in game one with that move based on the accumulated knowledge I had gained about Chicago heading into the post-season. What I will do in Wednesday night's rematch remains undecided at this point. Different circumstances, different game.

The Bulls are -2, with a total of 181.

I am an aggressive handicapper to the extreme, and for a handful of good reasons. After four decades in the arena of bet and sweat I know what I am doing-and that is a giant edge. I also believe I have developed an instinctive understanding of how circumstances rule the playoffs.

More than anything I have a handicapping process that reveals with reasonable accuracy whether a game should be rated 5 units or 50 units, or something in between. When the heavy-duty elements are all in line, it's 50-units and the aforementioned five big-game winners all had these factors working for them.

The bottom line: when I believe I am right, and have most of the edges, I send it in because I play to win.

It's All There To See

I have listed below all the games I have released over the past 10 days and you will find that in the 50-unit winners (all in bold face) I gave an average of 3.1 points and won by a rather remarkable average of 17.4 points.

May 15-50 Units...Bulls (-2) 103, Heat 82 (W)
May 13-50 Units...Grizzlies (-1 ½) 95, Thunder 83 (W)

May 12-15 Units...Hawks (+3 ½) 73, Bulls 83 (L)
May 11-50 Units...Heat (-7 ½) 97, Celtics 87 (W)
May 9-10 Units...Heat (-1 ½) 98 Celtics 90 (W)
May 9-5 Units...Grizzlies (-2) 123, Thunder 133 (L)
May 8-50 Units...Mavericks (-2) 122, Lakers 86 (W)
May 7-50 Units...Grizzlies (-2 ½) 101, Thunder 93 (W)

May 6-15 Units...Mavericks (-2) 98, Lakers 92 (W)
May 6-5 Units...Bulls (-2 ½) 99, Hawks 82 (W)

Again, if you bet $100-per-unit on each of these games you have won $25,800 in the past 10 days and I believe you can add on to that Tuesday night when Oklahoma City and Dallas open their best-of-seven series. Dallas opened as a 5-point home favorite, went to -5 ½ and is now -6, with a total of 192.

This nationally televised (ESPN) game is another 50-unit play that should easily get the money and you can win it for just $50, charged to your major credit card. The game will be released beginning mid-day Tuesday on this site and toll free at 1-800-755-2255.


25-Unit Baseball Power Play Wins Tuesday Night

There is an excellent baseball schedule tonight and I am releasing another 25-unit play for my Personal Best Club highrollers and a 2-game package, topped by a 10-unit play for my Best Bets Club. These games are available on this site and at the toll free number listed above-and the price is right. Here is Tuesday night's baseball schedule.
25-Unit American League Game Of Week

There is another outstanding Major League Baseball schedule tonight and one of the American League games grades out with better than  90% chance to get the cash and I am releasing it as my 25-unit AL Game of the Week. I won this game last week with the Cleveland Indians (-16) and their 5-4 victory over Seattle and intend to do an encore tonight. Win my 25-unit American League Game of the Week for just $25, charged to your major credit card.

10-Unit Best Bet Tops 2-0 Tuesday Night
Nationally Televised Phillies vs. Cardinals

My Best Bets Baseball Club just keeps winning and I am shooting for another 2-0 night with my top play being a 10-unit best bet on the nationally televised National League showdown game that finds the Philadelphia Phillies at the St. Louis Cardinals. On the mound for Philadelphia will be right-hander Roy Oswalt (3-1, 3.33) while St. Louis goes with lefty Jaime Garcia (5-0, 1.89). This one is baseball at its best and, despite the pending pitchers' duel, I have a very strong feeling on this game and am releasing with the utmost confidence. Win this 10-unit game, plus another 3-unit play, for just $15, charged to your major credit card.


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