Miami Heat Solid 3-2 Favorite To Win NBA Title

Miami Heat Solid 3-2 Favorite To Win NBA Title
Chicago Bulls 2nd Choice At 7-2, Hawks 50-1

Oklahoma 4-1 Favorite To Win National Football Championship
With Alabama 2nd Choice at 6-1

Mavericks' 50-Unit Blowout Win Over Lakers
Proved What I Said Before NBA Playoffs Began

Another 50-Unit Baseball Parlay Wins Tuesday!
Next 50-Unit NBA Playoff Game Cashes Wednesday!  

By Kelso Sturgeon

I seldom say, "I told you so", but in the case of the Los Angeles Lakers I will make an exception. Before the NBA playoffs began I wrote in this column the Lakers were history's most over-rated favorite to win another championship. Too old, too slow, too little chemistry, too much infighting and finger-pointing-all the ingredients for failure, present and accounted for.

Yet those making betting lines finally made Los Angeles the 5-2 favorite to win it all and the public bought in, living in the past and completely out of touch for what the Lakers had become.

This lack of believe I had in the Lakers made it easy to release the Dallas Mavericks (-2) as a 50-unit play to beat them last night. Admittedly I had no idea Dallas would crush Los Angeles by 36-points, 122-86. My figures projected a final margin of 8-9 points but that was predicated on the feeling L.A. would at least show up, although they were already down 3-0 in the best-of-seven series.

Some bettors bit when Los Angeles superstar Kobe Bryant said he was confident the Lakers were about to do something 98 previous NBA could not do and that was to come back from a 3-0 deficit. Make it 0-99 for such teams.

Game four and that 36-point loss-the second worst loss in Coach Phil Jackson's coaching career-was as embarrassing as it gets for a team with a $91 million payroll-the biggest in the NBA.

   Lest I be remiss, may I again remind you I said many of these same things about the Boston Celtics a few days ago and that 97-81 blowout by Boston over Miami two days ago did nothing to change my mind.

With just seven teams of the original 16 playoff teams still in action, here are the current odds, along with opening lines to win it all, as posted at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Odds To Win NBA Championship  

Team    Opening Current
Miami Heat 9-5 3-2
Chicago Bulls 25-1 7-2
Dallas Mavericks 15-1 9-2
Oklahoma City Thunder 15-1 6-1
Boston Celtics 10-1 18-1
Memphis Grizzlies 50-1 20-1
Atlanta Hawks 40-1 50-1

For the record I am down on Memphis at 20-1 to get the best of Oklahoma City in their best-of-seven series and, yes, I collected on the Dallas Mavericks to beat L.A.

College Football Ready To Fill In Gaps

Bookmakers are getting nervous about the possibility there will be no NFL season because of the current owners vs. players contract dispute, but they need to relax and smell the roses. I have written here in the past there will be an NFL season because both sides love money and are not about to let principle get in the way of the filthy lucre.

With that said, the college teams are already talking to the television networks about filly all the gaps if the NFL does stay out. The NCAA wants to showcase its game and intends to play its usual Saturday schedule, with marquee games moved to Sunday (day and night) and Monday night. There also will be games played every Thursday and Friday.

There will be no absence of football in the 2011 season, period.

Odds To Win National Championship

The Oklahoma Sooners are now the 4-1 favorites to win college football's national championship this season, with Alabama holding down the second spot at 6-1. All other teams are in double-digits.

Here are the opening lines to win college football's national championship, followed by the current odds. The teams are listed alphabetically. Any team not listed here is part of the field at odds of 40-1.

Team Opening Current
Alabama 5-1 6-1
Arkansas 30-1 30-1
Auburn 100-1 100-1
Arizona 100-1 200-1
Arizona State 100-1 100-1
Baylor 100-1 200-1
Boise State 12-1 18-1
Boston College 300-1 300-1
BYU 200-1 200-1
California 100-1 200-1
Central Florida 200-1 200-1
Clemson 100-1 200-1
Florida 30-1 25-1
Florida State 20-1 10-1
Georgia 50-1 40-1
Georgia Tech 200-1 200-1
Illinois 200-1 200-1
Iowa 100-1 100-1
LSU 12-1 10-1
Maryland 100-1 300-1
Miami 100-1 60-1
Michigan 200-1 100-1
Michigan State 50-1 60-1
Missouri 60-1 60-1
Mississippi State 60-1 75-1
Nebraska 20-1 25-1
North Carolina 300-1 300-1
N.C. State 300-1 300-1
Notre Dame 20-1 20-1
Ohio State 20-1 20-1
Oklahoma 9-2 4-1
Oklahoma State 30-1 30-1
Oregon 8-1 10-1
Oregon State 200-1 300-1
Penn State 50-1 30-1
Pittsburgh 300-1 300-1
South Carolina 30-1 25-1
Stanford 20-1 15-1
TCU 40-1 50-1
Tennessee 100-1 100-1
Texas 20-1 30-1
Texas A&M 30-1 30-1
Texas Tech 100-1 200-1
UCLA 300-1 300-1
Utah 100-1 100-1
Virginia Tech 50-1 30-1
Washington 100-1 200-1
West Virginia 50-1 40-1
Wisconsin 40-1 40-1
Field (All Others) 30-1 40-1

*Southern California is on probation and not eligible for post-season play.

Big Game Plays Tuesday, Wednesday

This past Sunday I broke the bank with a winning 50-unit 2-team baseball parlay with the Detroit Tigers (+100) in their 5-2 win over the Toronto Raptors and with the Tampa Bay Rays (-120) in their 5-3 win over the Baltimore Orioles and am coming right back Tuesday night with a repeat performance.

Every single major league team is in action Tuesday and there are two games that grade out with a 95% chance to win and I'm going for it. Just as they were Sunday, both teams will be released as 20-unit plays and then tied up in a 10-unit parlay. Join me to get all the baseball money again tonight with this 50-unit parlay for just $25, charged to your major credit card.

On Wednesday night I will be going for my third straight 50-unit NBA playoff win with one of the two games scheduled-the Boston Celtics at the Miami Heat and the Memphis Grizzlies at the Oklahoma City Thunder. You can win this one for just $50, charged to your major credit card.

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