50-Unit Play On NIT Championship Game Goes For Big Money Again Tonight

VCU, Butler Just More Proof College Basketball Needs
To Get Rid Of The Degrading Mid-Major Label

50-Unit Play On NIT Championship Game 
For Big Money Again Tonight On ESPN2

I Intend To Open Baseball Season Today 7-0
With Three Straight Bets, Four Parlays 

Bu Kelso Sturgeon 

 It's the scarlet letter of college basketball-those two letters, "M-M", as in mid-major. An M-M means you will forever stay where you are-on the wrong side of the tracks, and please don't ask why. You are in a caste system that would do India proud. Once a Braham, such as are the likes of Duke, Kentucky and Kansas, always a Braham-and you will always at the top in the stratified world of college basketball.
You're special.
If you carry the scarlet letter, such as do Virginia Commonwealth and Butler, you are a Shudra and in fourth place in the caste system-a level that includes artisans and farmers, but a level above the fifth and final designation-the untouchables. The M-M has to be a bitter pill for VCU and Butler who are both in the final four.
They are also special, with an asterisk.
How did they get here? Must have disguised themselves and snuck in the backdoor. Give them a table in the back.
This brings us the NCAA Final Four on Saturday which matches 11th seeded VCU (28-11) with 8th seeded Butler (27-9) in the first game and 3rd seeded Connecticut (30-9) and 4th seeded Kentucky (29-8) in the second game. The winners will play Monday night for the national championship.
Regardless of which school is victorious the championship game will match a Brahman and a Shudra and this brings me to the point of all of this.
When does a basketball team earn recognition as a "major"-a Braham?
Is a team stuck with that rather degrading M-M title forever, regardless of its success, its entire body of work?
Butler is playing in its second straight Final Four but is still a considered a mid-major. What is this all about? VCU was held in such low-esteem by the media most of the talking heads and beat writers screamed to the high heavens Virginia Commonwealth did not even belong in the tournament-especially since they believed both Virginia Tech and Colorado deserved that spot.

Win, Win Win And It Means Nothing

            Rest assured I am not writing this column in defense of anyone but am tired of reading about the unbeatable Brahmans and why it's little short of demeaning to even have to take the court and prove oneself against an M-M. Some idiot-an enthusiastic ignoramus of the highest order-wrote how offended he was VCU even both into the tournament.
            This after Virginia Commonwealth, which had to win a play-in game, to make the field of 64 had, in order, beaten 11th seeded Southern California, 59-46, 6th seeded Georgetown, 74-56, 3rd seeded Purdue, 94-76, 10th seeded Florida State, 72-71, and number-one seeded Kansas, 71-61.
                I would like to ask this fool what a team had to do to suggest it might belong in the tournament.
                Butler, which lost to Duke in the championship game last year, 61-59, has to wonder what it has to do to shake the mid-major label. Here is a team that has six straight seasons in which it has won 20 or more games (it was 33-5 last year)-and nothing.
            To get to the Final Four last year Butler knocked off the likes of Syracuse, Kansas State and Michigan State. This year the Bulldogs have beaten 9th seeded Ole Dominion, 60-58, number-one seeded Pittsburgh, 71-70, 4th seeded Wisconsin, 61-54, and 2nd seeded Florida, 74-71.
            It is of note that the media has so misled the media that VCU and Butler have been underdogs in every single game they have played to get to the Final Four. For the record Butler was an 8-point underdog to Pittsburgh and VCU was a 9 ½-point 'dog in its 18-point win over Purdue and an 11 ½-point underdog in its 10-point win over Kansas.
                When you handicap the Final Four games and the championship contest that follows, put that mid-major label in the trash can. All four teams are outstanding, all are big-time majors and I can assure you any one of them can beat any of the other three.
            At this writing, Butler is a 2 ½-point favorite over VCU while Kentucky is -2 ½ over Connecticut.
                I will be releasing my Final Four in a package for just $75. The top play on Saturday will be either a 50-unit play, or a 100-unit play. In the title game Monday, I am releasing the winner at 100 units, plus giving out a 15-unit play on the total and suggesting a 10-unit side/total parlay.
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50-Units On NIT Championship Game Tonight

            I kicked off the NIT Final Four by winning both games-a 50-unit play on Colorado (+2 ½) in its cover in a one-point, 62-61, loss and with a 5-unit play on Wichita State (-3) in its 75-44 blowout win over Washington State-and am coming right back tonight with a 50-unit play on the championship game between Wichita State (28-8) and Alabama (25-11).
On paper this game looks close, but two hidden factors may just make it a blowout and I know which team will be getting it done. Win this 50-unit play for just $50, charged to your major credit card. Purchase the game on this site or toll free at 1-800-755-2255.
Wichita State is a 1 ½-point favorite with a total of 129 in this game which will be played on a neutral floor at Madison Square Garden in New York.
The game will be televised nationally on ESPN2, with the tip-off set for 7:05 Eastern Time

Go 7-0 Today As Major League Baseball Begins

The 2011 Major League Baseball season begins today with six outstanding games and is my history I am coming out firing. I am ready to go and intend to begin this one with a 7-0 number.
 You read that right!
 I am coming out firing with 3 winning straight bets and then combining these 3 winners in three 2-team parlays and then a 3-teamer. It's a 7-0 day and you can get all the winners for just $15, charged to your major credit card. Better yet, get on board for the entire season and play right through the World Series for just $179. For the record, here is Thursday's schedule, with starting pitchers.
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Thursday's Schedule
Pitchers Record From 2010, Plus ERA

National League
Braves at Nationals
 Lowe (16-12, 4.00) vs. Hernandez (10-12, 3.66)
Brewers at Reds
Gallardo (14-7, 3.89) vs. Volquez (4-3, 4.31)
Padres at Cardinals
Stauffer (6-5, 1.85) vs. Carpenter (16-9, 3.22)
Giants at Dodgers
Lincecum (16-10, 3.43) vs. Kershaw (13-10, 2.91)

American League
Tigers at Yankees
Verlander (18-9, 3.37) vs. Sabathia (21-7, 3.18)
Angels at Royals
Weaver (13-12, 3.01) vs. Hochevar (6-6, 4.81)


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