A Wild Winning Weekend

It Has Been Wild Winning Weekend
Saturday's 7-1 Results

UCLA Comes From 13 Points Down At Half To Win
100-Unit Play Over WSU 58-54 In Overtime

50-Unit Win With Wisconsin-Milwaukee Delivers
3-1 Day For March Madness Clients

Best Bets Club Goes Perfect 3-0 With Giant Wins
By Tar Heels, Notre Dame And Michigan

Chairman's Club Comes Off Winning NBA Parlay
With Syracuse's 15-Unit 107-59 Win Over DePaul

75-Unit Marquee TV Parlay Tops Today's Plays
Kentucky At Tennessee, Wisconsin at Ohio State
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By Kelso Sturgeon

Want to know what my secret is for beating the game of basketball? It is one thing, and one thing only--my firm belief I know what I am doing and because of that can rip the betting world in the same way a quiet and confident Warren Buffet grinds out the big money in the world of Wall Street.

No highs; now lows; just doing the same things each day that I know work and make money. As I have said many times, you could spend an entire basketball weekend with me and never know what teams I had bet, or whether I was winning or losing. Every game is the same with me. I expect to win them all and when I don't there is always a tomorrow.

I bring this up because Friday and Saturday have truly been days that would destroy one who did not believe in what one was doing. I went into Friday's college conference tournaments standing 6-1 and with my $100-per-unit highrollers up $8,970 in the first four days of March Madness--and I was now going for the kill, quite confident I would get it.

On Friday, I released Pepperdine (-4 1/2) over San Diego as my first 100-unit play of March Madness and with less than three minutes left in the game the Waves were up by 14 and I certainly liked my chances--and yours--of winning this game and in the process pushing the bankrolls of my highrollers to $18,970. My goal when the first post-season games were played on Tuesday was to get off to a start that would build all my clients a bankroll that would give them confidence to really go for it as we moved into the second week of March Madness. As many of you know, I keep reminding the world winning is never an accident with me. I plot, plan and scheme and always have Play A and Plan B to reach goals such as that.
Oh, by the way, Pepperdine had all the edges in the last three minutes of play, especially since all five San Diego starters had fouled out. That would seem to be the death knell for a team that had gone 6-23 during the regular season with their best players on the floor, but the God of Odds was not on the bench.

Pepperdine kept up its intensity but made mistake after mistake in the closing minutes, throwing the ball away, stepping on the out-of-bounds line etc. While all of this was going on, the San Diego second-stringers hit three long and desperate 3-point baskets--the last one three steps past the half-court line to cut the lead to two points, 83-81. Pepperdine ended up winning the game, 84-81.

Tough loss but still a loss, no less. Kiss that $10,000 good bye and move on. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow With Confidence

I had all my plans for tomorrow (Saturday) already in place before Pepperdine lost and I never gave any thought to backing up. As I said earlier, I believe I know what I am doing and have proved for years that if one keeps doing the right things day after day the money is there.

It is a reality of life that Sacs Fifth Avenue, Sears, Walmart and Target don't make a profit every day, giving them something in common with sports betting. It was full-speed ahead with Saturday's best bets and when the day was over I had again stung the bookmakers of the world with a 7-1 day, including a 100-unit winner for my highrollers and a 50-unit winner for my March Madness clients. That is what happens when one truly believes in what he is doing.

Here are the results of all my releases Friday and Saturday.

Saturday March 5

Personal Best Club
100 Units: UCLA (-2) 58, Washington State 54 (OT) (Win)
Chairman's Club
15 Units: Syracuse (-20) 107, DePaul 59 (Win)
Best Bets Club
10 Units: North Carolina (-2) 81, Duke 67 (Win)
5 Units: Michigan (-1) 70, Michigan State (Win)
5 Units: Notre Dame (+3) 70, Connecticut 67 (Win)
March Madness Package
50 Units: Wisconsin-Milwaukee (-1) 70, Valparaiso 63 (Win)
5 Units : Western Carolina (-7) 77, NC-Greensboro 66 (Win)
5 Units: Tennessee Tech (+8) 73, Morehead State 80 (Win)
5 Units: Denver (-4) 49, Florida International 53 (Lose)
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1 Unit: UAB (-11 1/2) 66, East Carolina 48 (Win)

Friday, March 4

Personal Best Club
No Play Today
Chairman's Club
2-Team NBA Parlay
10 Units: Chicago Bulls (+2) 89, Orlando Magic 81 (Win)
10 Units: San Antonio Spurs (-2) 125, Miami Heat 95 (Win)
5 Units: Parlay Of Bulls And Spurs (Win)
Best Bets Club
15 Units: Kent State (-3) 79, Akron 68 (Win)
March Madness Package
100 Units: Pepperdine (-4 1/2) 84, San Diego 81 (Lose)
10 Units: East Tennessee State (-7 1/2) 55, North Florida 59 (Lose
5 Units: Cleveland State (-3) 73, Wright State 59 (Win)
Free On Internet
1 Unit: Indiana Pacers (+8 1/2) 108, Dallas Mavericks 116 (Win)

As you can see, I do not win them all, but I do get the money and I am ready to do just that for you. Get on board right now for my March Madness Package for just $199 and starting winning today. Click here to sign up for March Madness on this site or toll free at 1-800-755-2255. All credit cards accepted and the winning starts today and goes all the way through April 4, the NCAA Final at Reliant Stadium in Houston.


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