St. Valentine's Day Package Starts Saturday

200-Unit College Basketball Game Of Year Wins Saturday
Kicks Off 9-Day Big-Game St. Valentine's Package

Texas May Be Final Four Team But Gets No Respect
Longhorns An Amazing 15-4 ATS Despite Being 21-3 SU

Cleveland Cavaliers 0-26 In Last 26 Games, 1-36 In Last 37
And Yet They Were -1 1/2-Point Favorites Over Detroit
Was There Something I Missed

50-Unit NBA Game Of Week Gets The Cash Tonight
50-Unit NBA Parlay Sunday Set To Break Bank

By Kelso Sturgeon

There are some things in sports that simply defy explanation. For instance I will never forget the day my college football coach told me teach another player the dynamics of being a long-snapper. What? How do you do that? Isn't this one of those things that either you've got it, or you don't?

I told this player that being a long-snapper required just two things--getting the ball to the punter or the holder in a timely and perfect manner and blocking the guy in front of you. Is that all there is to it, he asked, and I told them there were certain techniques that had to be mastered but that the two elements were basic.

'If there was a third step, what would it be, he asked? 'Well', I said, when the play is over and you extract your head from your rectum (I actually used a more generic term), clear the cobwebs, try to figure out where you are and try then try not to embarrass yourself by going to the wrong sideline.' He tried but he never made it at a position that requires both skill and an instinctive mindset that makes it happen. It is hard to explain, as is the daily world of basketball. Things just happen and only a fool would try to make sense of it.

That is not to suggest that handicapping basketball is a crap-shoot. Far from it. It all goes back to my two universal rules of handicapping:

  1. You can do everything right and still be wrong.
  2. There is an exception to every rule.

The first thing I find it impossible to explain is the status of the Texas Longhorns. There is no question Texas is an outstanding basketball team--one that could easily make it to the Final Four--yet the 21-3 Longhorns are one of the most under-valued teams in the country--a fact driven home by the fact they are 15-4 against the number.

How a popular prime-time team that has won 88% of its games straight up and covered 79% of the time can exist in this information-driven world has no explanation. As a point of comparison, three other teams with the popularity of Texas offer bettors no edges.

Undefeated Ohio State (24-0) is just 11-10 against the number.
Kansas (23-1) is 12-10 against the spread while Pittsburgh (22-2) stands 10-9.

Don't fight it. Just accept it and ride the trend until it ends. There is no explanation.

50-Unit NBA Game Of Week Set To Win Tonight

As most of you know I broke out of my one-week slump in basketball and went right back to winning this week, especially in big-game plays. On Tuesday night my Personal Best Club for Highrollers took down all the money with a 25-unit play on San Diego State (-17 1/2) in its 32-point blowout win over Utah and then came right back Wednesday night with a 50-unit win on Virginia Commonwealth(-6) in its double-overtime win at Delaware, 84-74.

That set the stage for tonight's 50-unit NBA Game of the Week--and the figures say this will be one of the easiest 50-unit wins of the season. The team I am releasing has every single edge, is at the top of its game and should simply rock and roll.

You can click here get signed up for this game or toll free at 1-800-755-2255,for just $50, charged to your major credit card. The winning continues and I can assure you that you do not want to miss this big score.

Biggest Basketball Game Of Year Wins Saturday

I am kicking off my nine-day big-game St. Valentine's Package Saturday with my biggest single play of the college basketball season--my 200-unit College Basketball Game of the Year. It goes without saying I am looking for a giant winner in this spot and am confident I will get it.

There are exactly 101 college basketball games on the schedule and included in that number is this one single game for which I have waited all season--a game in which one team has every single edge and grades out with better than a 90% chance to cover the number.
The team I am releasing is (1) ready to play its best game of the season, (2) is playing in just the right situation to get an easy win, (3) is being offered with the softest betting line I have seen in months and (4) is meeting a team that is simply out of gas and that is not as good as it records.

You can win this game--plus get three nationally televised marquee college games. The three TV games are contests in which I have found definite winning edges. They are Kentucky (17-6) at Vanderbilt (17-6) on CBS, Ohio State (24-0) at Wisconsin (18-5) on ESPN2) and San Diego State (24-1) at UNLV (18-6)--and I intend to win them all.

As noted, this game is just the first play in my St. Valentine's Package that runs for nine straight days. You can click here and purchase the game, plus the Marquee TV Triple Crown for just $50 or click here get the entire package for just $175, or toll free at 1-800-755-2255.

The Unexplainable In The NBA

If there is no answer for the success of Texas in the betting world but that situation actually must take a backseat to what happened to the Cleveland Cavaliers when they hosted the Detroit Pistons this week.

First, the facts:

--Heading into Wednesday night's home game against the Pistons, Cleveland had lost 25 straight games and had not won since it beat Memphis, 106-87, way back on December 27.
--Heading into that game, Cleveland was 1-35 in its last 36 games.
--In those 25 consecutive losses the Cavaliers were 7-16-2 against the spread.
--And Cleveland was the 1 1/2-point favorite after being an underdog in 17 straight games.

I ducked the game because I thought it must be fixed. It was no surprise underdog Detroit won 103-94. There is no explanation for Cleveland being the favorite, period, and it is of note in that loss, the Cavaliers 26th straight, tied the Tampa Bay Buccaneers expansion football team for the longest winning streak ever by a professional team. Cleveland is as 3 1/2-point home 'dog to the Los Angeles Clippers tonight and can be expected to break the tie with Tampa Bay tonight.


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