3-0 Sweep Pushes My Bowl Record To 14-2 And That Means An Amazing 88.0% Winners

3-0 Sweep Pushes My Bowl Record To 14-2 And That Means An Amazing 88.0% Winners

Those Betting $100-Per-Unit Have Won $20,270 While Those Betting At $10 Level Are Up $2,027

100-Unit Bowl Underdog Game Of Year Wins Today And Grades Out With 90.0% Chance To Cover

By Kelso Sturgeon

I won all three college bowl games Wednesday in blowout fashion to push my record in the post-season to 14-2 and this blistering run continues today with four more games, highlighted by my 100-unit College Bowl Underdog Game of the Year. My analysis equation says this game has a 90% chance to cover the number.

The game is available on this site, or toll free at my office, 1-800-755-2255, for a modest fee of just $75, charged to your major credit card. Today's bowl package also includes the other three games. Keep in mind you can sign up for the rest of my bowl package for just $150, and that includes a play on every single game. Again you can sign up on this site or at the toll free number listed above.

When the college bowl season began, I felt I was better prepared than ever to beat it and the results speak for themselves-14-2 against the spread, with all the big games yet to come. I will be following up tonight's 100-unit upset play with my 200-unit Bowl Game of the Year Saturday.

At this point of the bowl season, those betting $100-per-unit on each play are up 195 units and have already won $20,270. Those wagering at the $10 level are up $2,027.

It really does not get better than that and I am confident I will take down my biggest bet of the bowl season tonight. I always am up front with my record, letting it speak for itself, and here are all the details of the 14-2 run. I have released:

  • A perfect 1-0 in 50-unit plays (a total)
  • A perfect 5-0 in 25-unit games.
  • A perfect 1-0 in 15-unit games.
  • A solid 2-1 in 10-unit plays.
  • A solid 3-1 in 3-unit games.

My 14-2 Record In 2010 Bowls

As always I let my record do my talking and here is where I stand after my first 10 releases. This is what you have to look forward to when you get on board.

Wednesday, Dec. 29
Eagle Bank Bowl
25 Units - Maryland (-7½) 51, East Carolina 20 (Win)

Alamo Bowl
5 Units - Oklahoma State (-4 ½) 36, Arizona 10 (Win)

Texas Bowl
3 Units - Illinois (-2 ½) 38, Baylor 14 (Win)

Tuesday, Dec. 28
Insight Bowl
10 Units - Missouri (-2 ½) 24, Iowa 27 (Lose)

Champs Sports Bowl
3 Units - N.C. State (+3) 23, West Virginia 7 (Win)

Monday, Dec. 27
25 Units - Air Force (-3) 14, Georgia Tech 7 (Win)

Sunday, Dec. 26
Little Caesars Bowl
3 Units - Florida International (-1) 34, Toledo 32 (Win)

Friday, Dec. 24
Hawaii Bowl
10 Units - Tulsa (+10) 62, Hawaii 35 (Win)
10 Units - Tulsa-Hawaii Over 74 ½ (Win)
5 Unit Parlay of Tulsa and Over (Win)

Thursday, Dec. 23
Poinsettia Bowl
50 Units - Navy San Diego State Under 59 Points (Win)

Wednesday, Dec. 22
Las Vegas Bowl
25 Units - Boise State (-16 ½) 26, Utah 3 (Win)

Tuesday, Dec. 21
St. Petersburg Bowl
15 Units - Louisville (-2) 31, Southern Miss 28 (Win)

Saturday, Dec. 18
New Mexico Bowl
25 Units - BYU (-10 ½) 52, Texas-El Paso 24 (Win)

Humanitarian Bowl
5 Units - Northern Illinois-Fresno State Under 58 Points (Win)

New Orleans Bowl
3 Units - Ohio (+3) 21, Troy 48 (Lose)

The Facts And Figures

When someone asks what the secret is for my success in bowl games, I just tell them the most important element needed to win is talent, as simple as that might sound. Talented teams with prime-time skill players have a tremendous edge in bowl games, period. There are certainly other factors that go into the handicapping process but none are as important that a team's overall level of talent.

More specifically, the team with the most proven blue-ribbon skill players-quarterbacks, running backs and receivers-has a far better chance to win and cover the number than those with mediocre skill players. Here are the facts and figures in the bowl games thus far.

  • Favorites are 11-3 against the spread.
  • In totals betting, the over has prevailed by an 8-6 margin
  • There have been three big money moves from insiders on the bowl games-Northern Illinois over Fresno State, Florida International over Toledo and Illinois over Baylor-and all of them have won.
  • There are been eight money moves on totals and they have split 4-4.

(Top 25 With Records, Comments)

  1. Duke (12-0)-Winning by average of 25.8 points per game
  2. Kansas (12-0)-Winning by 24.0
  3. Syracuse (14-0)-Winning by 18.1
  4. Ohio State (13-0)-Winning by 26.3
  5. San Diego State (14-0)-Might be best of all
  6. Georgetown (11-2) Only loss by 3 at Temple
  7. Missouri (12-1)-4-0 on road, only loss to Georgetown
  8. Pittsburgh (13-1)-Quietly winning by 19.6
  9. Cincinnati (13-0)-Winning by 21.4, season's big surprise
  10. BYU (12-1)-Has talent to go the distance
  11. Villanova (10-1)-Only loss to Tennessee
  12. Minnesota (11-2)-4-0 on road and best yet to come
  13. Kentucky (10-2)-Is going to be even better this season
  14. Texas A&M (11-1)-Might be better than this
  15. Cleveland State (13-1)-Sleeping giant, only loss at WVU
  16. Temple (9-2)-Covering in 72.7% of its games
  17. Connecticut (10-1)-Much to prove
  18. Kansas State (10-3)-Best yet to come
  19. Notre Dame (12-1)-Only loss to Kentucky
  20. Purdue (12-1)-Winning by 19.5, only loss to Richmond
  21. Wichita State (10-2)-Lost only to Connecticut, San Diego State
  22. Louisville (11-1)-Played only one away game this season.
  23.  UNLV (11-2)-Better than its record
  24. Vanderbilt (10-2)-Only losses by 3 at Missouri, 3 at WVU
  25. St. Mary's (11-2)-For certain, the real deal

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