A 9-1 Bowl Start

Get Last 21 Games For Just $150

I humbly am pleased to report I have kicked off the college football bowl season 9-1 against the number and there is no reason to think the winning will not continue. Winning in the college post-season is never easy and it is never an accident but is the results of a lot of long hours analyzing data and digging for the little things that make the difference in covering.

If you bet $100-per-unit on each of my bowl releases you have already won $15,270.
If you bet at the $10 level, you have already won $1,527.

And I promise you this is just the beginning.

On Thursday, I am releasing my 100-unit College Bowl Underdog Of the Year--and I am looking for a giant win.

On Saturday, it will be my annual 200-unit College Bowl Game of the Year--and my figures say this team will win in absolutely stunning blowout fashion.

There are a total of 11 bowl games between this Thursday and the following Wednesday and will be releasing my best bet play on each one of them, including one-two 50-unit plays, in addition to the big game plays on Thursday and Saturday.

For the record, at this writing bowl favorites are 7-1 against the spread (ATS) and the games have gone 'over' the total by a 6-2 margin. I do not expect either trend to continue and I'm ready for the change. As the bigger bowl games move front and center, the numbers are going to be tighter on both sides and totals.

Be certain as you handicap this week's bowl games that you check the basics.

  • Is the team you are betting the same one that played during the regular season? Several teams will go bowling without some of the key players who were major contributors during the season. Injuries and suspensions will most certainly impact some teams.
  • What will the weather be at game time? Inclement weather has already been a factor in several games, including the San Diego State-Navy game where I cashed a 50-unit play on under 59. The game was to be played in the mud, which is the most tiring surface on which a team can play and teams wear out in the second half--and that is just exactly what happened. In the first half 35 points were scored while just 14 were put on the board in the second half.
  • Check out a coach's record in the post-season. His won-lost record will tell you how seriously he takes the post season.

Talent, Talent, Talent

Just remember that in the end, the three most important elements of winning bowl games are talent, talent and talent. The more prime-time skill players a team has the better its chances to win and/or cover the number. There certainly are other factors--some of which we have mentioned--but the talent element is the foundation of getting the money.

While there will be bowl games almost every single day until Auburn (13-0) and Oregon (12-0) meet Monday night, January 10, in the BCS championship game in Phoenix, I want to focus on the next 11 games, beginning with Thursday.

There are four games scheduled on Thursday and one of them will be my 100-Unit College Bowl Upset Game of the Year. Here are those four games, with their records and their current betting lines.

Armed Forces Bowl
Army (6-5) vs. SMU (7-6)
Played On SMU Home Field
SMU is -7, with total of 52

Pinstripe Bowl
Syracuse (7-5) vs. Kansas State (7-5)
Played at Yankee Stadium
Syracuse is -1, with total of 47 1/2

Music City Bowl
North Carolina (7-5) vs. Tennessee (6-6)
Played in Nashville
North Carolina is -2, with total of 50

Holiday Bowl
Washington (6-6) vs. Nebraska (10-3)
Played in San Diego
Nebraska is -14, with total of 52 1/2

200-Units On Saturday

There are six games scheduled for Saturday, January 1 and one of them will be my 200-Unit College Bowl Game of the Year. Those five games are:

Dallas Football Classic
Texas Tech (7-5) vs. Northwestern (7-5)
Played at Cotton Bowl
Texas Tech is -9 1/2, with total of 60 1/2

Outback Bowl
Penn State (7-5) vs. Florida (7-5)
Played in Tampa
Florida is -7 1/2, with total of 48

Capital One Bowl
Michigan State (11-1) vs. Alabama (9-3)
Played in Orlando
Alabama is -10, with total of 52 1/2

Gator Bowl
Michigan (7-5) vs. Mississippi State (8-4)
Played in Jacksonville
Mississippi State is -4 1/2, with total of 60

Rose Bowl
TCU (12-0) vs. Wisconsin (11-1)
Played in Pasadena
TCU is -3, with total of 58

Fiesta Bowl
Oklahoma (11-2) vs. Connecticut (8-4)
Played in Phoenix
Oklahoma is -17, with total of 55

This Is Your Best Bet

I can tell you without fear of contradiction I could charge anything I wanted for my 100-unit play on Thursday and my 200-unit play on Saturday but I don't play that game and will be charging $50 for each of them, and there is no discount for purchasing them in a 2-game package. They are worth every single penny and I won't discount them.

However, there is a better way for you to go. You already know I am off to a 9-1 start with the college bowl games and have proved I can win them, so why not get on board for the remaining 21 bowl games, including my 100-unit College Bowl Upset Game of the year and my 200-unit College Bowl Game of the Year, for just $150, charged to your major credit card.

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My 9-1 Record In 2010 Bowls

As always I let my record do my talking and here is where I stand after my first 10 releases. This is what you have to look forward to when you get on board.

Sunday, Dec. 26
Little Caesars Bowl
3 Units
Florida International (-1) 34, Toledo 32 (Win)

Friday, Dec. 24
Hawaii Bowl
10 Units
Tulsa (+10) 62, Hawaii 35 (Win)
10 Units
Tulsa-Hawaii Over 74 1/2 (Win)
5 Units
Parlay of Tulsa and Over (Win)

Thursday, Dec. 23
Poinsettia Bowl
50 Units
Navy San Diego State Under 59 Points (Win)

Wednesday, Dec. 22
MAACO Las Vegas Bowl
25 Units
Boise State (-16 1/2) (Win)

Tuesday, Dec. 21
St. Petersburg Bowl
15 Units
Louisville (-2) 31, Southern Miss 28 (Win)

Saturday, Dec. 18
New Mexico Bowl
25 Units
BYU (-10 1/2) 52, Texas-El Paso 24 (Win)

Humanitarian Bowl
5 Units
Northern Illinois-Fresno State Under 58 Points (Win)

New Orleans Bowl
3 Units
Ohio (+3) 21, Troy 48 (Lose)


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