First 50 Unit Bowl Game Goes Tonight

I'm Releasing My First 50-Unit College Bowl Game Of The Season Tonight, Come Hell Or High Water

Boise State (-16½) Silences Arrogant Trash-Talking Utah 26-3 With 25-Unit Victory In Las Vegas Bowl Pushing My Post-Season Record To 4-1

Best Bets Basketball Goes 3-0 With 10-Unit Win On New Mexico, 3-Unit Wins On George Mason, Gonzaga

Personal Best Club Highrollers Take Down Money With 25-Unit Bet On Northern Arizona Over Air Force

As Many As 11 Ohio State Players, Including Starting QB  May Be Suspended For Sugar Bowl Game With Arkansas


By Kelso Sturgeon

I will not be so bold as to suggest Utah was going to beat Boise State in last night's MAACO Las Vegas Bowl if it had merely kept its mouth shut in the days leading up to the game instead of berating the Broncos publically in every way it could, even referring to them as "Girlsie State", a "bunch of cheerleaders".  That seemed to be a rather foolish thing and the ultimate act of "tugging on Superman's cape" to do so since Boise State (11-1) was 60-5 over the past five seasons and included in its recent resume wins over such giants as Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, TCU and Oregon.

But stupid is, well, stupid.

After a slow start against the Utes, Boise State fired up and won 26-3 in a dominating performance over a 10-2 Utah team that had won nine straight bowl games and is heading to the PAC-10.

As a handicapper paying attention to all the little details that can produce pointspread winners, I sensed just how pissed off Boise was for the disrespect they were being shown. I knew for sure I was right when the team all at once became a silent and withdrawn visitor to Las Vegas. If the Broncos were not 100% determined to beat Utah before all the hoopla, which including shoving and pushing at the pre-silence social events, they certainly quickly became that.

I bring this up because it was the deciding factor in making Boise State (-16 ½) over Utah my second 25-unit play of the bowl season. The insults and arrogance of Utah really disturbed the Broncos and made me feel reasonably comfortable they would not only win but would cover the number, they did.

Picking winners, especially in the bowl games, involves far more than looking at all the data and reading the newspapers. The hidden factors produce the edges, as they did in this win.

For the record, I release a unit-rated play on every bowl game played each year. In the first five played this season I have gone 4-1 and am up 67 units with 30 more games to go.

I will be releasing tonight's Poinsettia Bowl between San Diego State (9-4) and Navy (9-3) as my first 50-unit play of the post season and, as noted in the headlines, it will be come hell or high water. I will explain all that in a moment, but first here are my bowl releases thus far.

Wednesday, Dec. 22
MAACO Las Vegas Bowl
25 Units - Boise State (-16 ½) 26, Utah 3 (Win)

Tuesday, Dec. 21
St. Petersburg Bowl
15 Units - Louisville (-2) 31, Southern Miss 28 (Win)

Saturday, Dec. 18
New Mexico Bowl
25 Units - BYU (-10 ½) 52, Texas-El Paso 24 (Win)

Humanitarian Bowl
5 Units - Northern Illinois-Fresno State Under 58 Points (Win)

New Orleans Bowl
3 Units - Ohio (+3) 21, Troy 48 (Lose)

50-Unit Play On San Diego State-Navy Tonight

Officials of tonight's Poinsettia Bowl from Qualcomm Stadium In San Diego tonight will be played, despite the fact at this writing the playing field is covered with water, as is the parking lot-a result of the torrential rains that have literally flooded much of California and definitely parts of San Diego.

The game matches San Diego State (8-4) which will be playing on its actual home field against a Navy (9-3) team that its coach, Ken Niumatalolo, says is built for playing in water. After all, this is the Navy. I am hoping the game will be played, since I have 50-units of strong feeling on the outcome of this one and will be releasing it as just that. Kickoff is set for 8:05 and the game will be televised nationally on ESPN.

Just as was last night's Boise State winner, several hidden elements demanded I release this game as my first 50-unit game of the bowl season. You can get it, along with tonight's Carolina Panthers at the Pittsburgh Steelers game that will be televised on the NFL Network, for just $50, charged to your major credit card.

Better yet, get on board for the entire bowl season for just $175 and, yes, that figure includes my 200-Unit College Bowl Game of the Year (a $100 value) and my 100-unit College Bowl Upset Game of the Year (a $50 value). Sign up for all services on this site or toll free at my office at 1-800-755-2255. There are 11 bowl games over the next week and you don't want to miss any of them.

Trouble Brewing At Ohio State

One of the most important things a handicapper must do in the bowl season is confirm what he got during the regular season is what he will get in the bowl season. Much can change during the time the last game was played until a team takes the field in the post-season.

For instance, we know for sure Syracuse will be minus seven players when it takes on Kansas State in the Tipoff Bowl in Yankee Stadium-and then there is the rumors and rumbles coming out of Columbus about Ohio State which will meet Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl.

I seldom react on the basis of rumors but will in this case since the bookmakers of the world took the Sugar Bowl game off the board. When it went down the Buckeyes were 3 ½-point favorites.

Rumors say as many as 11-12 team members, including starting quarterback Terrelle Pryor, violated NCAA rules by trading Ohio State gear-things such as sweatshirts-for tattoos. Of course the NCAA is treating this like Watergate or the Wiki-leaks scandal and will report their findings to the Buckeyes within the next few days.

Bowl handicappers must stay on top of these things, because, as noted, much can change in the weeks between a team's last regular season game and its bowl contest.






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