The BCS Mess

BCS Is Just Another Lying Whorehouse Operation

Kansas, Underdogs Syracuse, St. Bonaventure Lead 4-0 Night In College Basketball

The Winners
15 Units-Pepperdine (+11) 60, Utah 67 (W)
5 Units-St. Bonaventure (+14) 67, St. John's 66 (W)
5 Units-Kansas (-11) 81, Memphis 68 (W)
5 Units-Syracuse (+4) 72, Michigan State 58 (W)

Notre Dame-Kentucky Tops 3-0 Best Bets Plays Tonight 

By Kelso Sturgeon

I come from the wrong side of the tracks and there were three specific things I learned growing up in that particular neighborhood-trust no one, every stranger is a cop and all telephone calls are tapped. That might sound a little over the edge to most but that is me and it has served me well for four decades in the fog-bound world of sports betting.

Welcome to the universe of a man who believes the truth is the biggest lie of all.

Truth for the average person died and was buried years ago and the world of sports did not escape this disaster. Regular sports fans can enjoy and laugh about all the things they read in their local newspapers and see on television. Sports bettors cannot.

There is no source of information as tainted and misleading as that produced by the media, be it local or national.

As I have written many times in this space, those who cover the sports industry are simply publicity arms of all teams and organizations that run the various games. For instance everybody knows the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) that decides the supposed national football championship is an absolute fraud.

But it still flies under the imprimatur of honesty and decency and the flag of authority that goes with it. It is anything but that.

It was founded for all the wrong reasons. There is nothing right about the BCS.

Yes, some in the media say a few negative things about the BCS, but nobody-and I mean nobody-has ever researched the back-room history of the BCS and why it was formed. The BCS did not come about for any good reason but the world has been brainwashed into believing it is an honorable operation.

In truth the BCS is the mafia of college football. It stands alone, cannot even be reined by the NCAA-an organization almost as corrupt-and what it says is, regardless of how nonsensical it is. The lapdog media falls in line, supports its every move and does not have the intellectual insight to realize it is being played.

The Real Truth About The BCS

I have no doubt the BCS chose the two correct teams to play for the championship this season-Auburn (13-0) and Oregon (12-0)-but I think it is reasonable to say 99.9% of the country's village idiots would have drawn the same conclusion.

 It gets a little murky after that.

For instance we have Big East champion Connecticut (8-4) meeting Big 12 champion Oklahoma (11-2) in the Fiesta Bowl. Both Connecticut and Oklahoma come from two of the six BCS conferences and the Fiesta is a BCS game which rewards each participant with $12 for playing.

Meantime, Boise State (11-1), which a bookmaker told me would be a three-touchdown favorite over UConn, will be meeting Utah (10-2) in the minor Las Vegas Bowl, where the payoff is $1 million for each team.

This game alone speaks to the reality of the BCS.

For those who have never been exposed to what the BCS is all about, here are the facts.

The BCS was the idea of a handful of major college football coaches who realized with the NCAA announced it was going to limit teams to just 85 scholarship players that there was a good chance they were going to lose their standing. The rule of 85 meant the 25-30 additional players they stockpiled each year just to keep other teams from having them were going to go to the "have-nots" of college football-and they were right.

These players ended up at places like Boise State, BYU, Utah, TCU, Central Florida, South Florida, just to name a few, and these schools became fellow giants in the major college football universe. It did not matter, however, because the self-proclaimed BCS conferences were in charge and had the kidnapped authority to shut them out of the BCS bowl games.

The Real Truth, Chapter II

While the BCS was forced by public opinion to revise its rules and leave an opening for a possible at-large team from a non-BCS reach a BCS game. Never the championship game-but maybe a game

They quickly regretted this rules change in 2006 when they decided to teach Boise State (12-0) a lesson and invited the Broncos to meet Oklahoma (11-2) in the Fiesta Bowl.  In one of the greatest football games in history at-large Boise State shocked the Sooners, 43-42.

In 2008, the BCS could not ignore Utah (12-0) and invited the Utes to meet powerful Alabama (12-1) in the Sugar Bowl. Utah was a 9 ½-point underdog in that game and I will never forget how catty the TV announcers, led by former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer, were about how ridiculous it was for Utah to even be playing there.

The BCS was about to teach a non-BCS school a lesson in real football.

Switzer even went so far to really degrade Utah by saying, "I really don't want to say this, but Utah does not have a single player that could even make the Alabama football team."

That might have been so, but Utah gave Alabama the ass-whipping of a lifetime, beating the Sooners, 31-17, in a game it dominated from start to finish and which was never as close as the final score.

The BCS faces another such situation this year as unbeaten TCU (12-0) from the Mountain West Conference takes on BCS member Wisconsin (11-1) in the BCS Rose Bowl. TCU is a 3-point favorite in this one.

The bottom line on the BCS is clear. It was founded to make certain a handful of schools playing in six conferences controlled all the money and power of the game and in the process make certain the "have nots" were shut out of the process, especially the title game.

All efforts to get the NCAA to offer the same championship playoff format offered at the Division I-AA, Division III and in the NAIA to the Division I teams have been ignored, saying while the lesser schools can do it, it would be just too much and make the season too long for the big boys.

That makes sense, does it not?

The real reason there is no playoff is the simple fact the BCS does not wish to share the money with anybody, because that money is going to do just one thing-give more teams the opportunity to become national powers.

The BCS will have none of that.
The BCS championship game will be played on January 10, or six weeks after the regular season was over.
The lie and the fraud continues for these two-bit whores.

Kelso's College Basketball Top 25

  1. Duke (8-0) Winning by 23.3 points per game
  2. Kansas (8-0) Winning by 30.4 points per game
  3. Ohio State (6-0) Winning by 25.5 points per game
  4. Arizona (7-1) Lost only to Kansas, winning by 24.6
  5. San Diego State (8-0) Might be better than this, +13.9
  6. Pittsburgh (9-0) Winning by 20.7 points per game
  7. Kansas State 8-1) Win at Washington State says it all
  8. Syracuse (9-0) Just reloads and keeps firing
  9. Louisville (6-0) Under-rated and winning by 25.2
  10. Purdue (8-1) 2nd best team in Big 10, +19.7
  11. Connecticut (7-0) Best is yet to come, +15.3
  12. Illinois (8-1) Buried Gonzaga in Seattle, +15.3
  13. UNLV (8-0) Great defense, winning by 20.1
  14. Georgetown (8-0) May be better, +13.6
  15. Baylor (6-0) Real Sleeper, winning by 21.7
  16. Tennessee (6-0) Just finds was to win, +13.0
  17. BYU (8-0) Winning by 21.0 points per game
  18. Villanova (6-1) Winning by 18.1 points per game
  19. Notre Dame (8-0) Winning by 19.8 points per game
  20. Texas A&M (7-1) Winning by 17.9 points per game
  21. Cleveland State (10-0) See story on page 2
  22. Wichita State (5-2) Lost only to UConn and San Diego State
  23. Washington (6-2) Winning by 23.9 points per game
  24. Saint Mary's (7-2) Winning by 25.0 points per game
  25. Michigan State (6-3) Need to see more, +12.1



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